Inga Enna Solludhu (TAMIL)


Starring: VTV Ganesh, Meera Jasmine, Simbhu, Santhanam, Andrea and many more
Editing: Antony
Cinematography: Rajasekar
Music : Dharan
Written by : VTV Ganesh
Directed by: V.Selva

VTV Ganesh forms into a actor from character artiste in this film where he has written the screenplay of the film and also the lyrics. What gives the film the extra push is the backing up of Sun Pictures. So is the film deserves the worth of the names involved in it?

Ganesh (VTV Ganesh) is a middle aged bachelor who spends his life just like that without anything for him. The entire film is based upon the happenings which took place in his life. Apart from this there is nothing to be said as story even we expect there might be some twists later but that also goes down. Instead the film does involve as many cameo appearances as the main characters. All the cameos have been executed well.

VTV Ganesh fails in all his departments he has involved in the film. The usual Ganesh’s comedy is missing. Meera Jasmine (surprised that how she accepted to play this role) is okay and rest other characters have given decent performances. Santhanam is not entertaining and this makes the film even bad. The only sole of the film is Simbhu’s character and his screen presence. The time he appears on the screen moves the film a bit much fast. Other cameos comes in the form of Andrea, KS Ravikumar, Swarnmalya. All of them are just present nothing else to mention.

First half looks dumb like scenes coming here and there and even though the film is mere two hours it feels bored for most of the film. Antony’s editing is fine and Rajasekar’s camera work is neat. Dharan’s music is energetic which is the other plus point in the otherways boring movie. This is one more film which goes dumb after getting many expectations. Somewhat a tweaked screenplay could have made things different. Otherwise this film is a muted one which can be given a miss.!! 🙂


Jilla (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay, Mohanlal, Kajal, Soori, Sampath and many more
Editing: Don Max
Cinematography: Ganesh Rajavelu
Music : Imman
Written and Directed by : Neason

A film which has 2 bigwigs from different film fraternity, huge expectations, releasing on a festival all these makes Jilla a look after film. But has the film met that expectations is a big question mark. Lets see what Vijay has to offer this time for us.

Sivan (Mohanlal) is a big don like man in Madurai. He broughts up Shakthi (Vijay) like his own son when his dad is killed by the police. So Shakthi hates police and once he is grown he falls for Kajal and there comes a comedy when he comes to know that she is a cop. On the other side, Mohanlal wants Vijay to join in police department so that he can take the entire control of the city. Once Vijay becomes as police, he decides to change his dad and make him clean. What happens between the father and son duo is what Jilla offers. Guess nothing new in this, right..? 🙂

Vijay and Mohanlal are the fire crackers of the film. Both excels well in the film. Kajal looks very dull and just fits in for the songs. Soori tries to make us laugh. Sampath is a nice choice for villain. Burrrpppp… Yaaawwwnnnn.. This what i felt in most of the film. I dont know whats happening in the screen in the name of comedy.. what was there in the film and where is the screenplay… That too the film is veeeryyyy big as 3 hours. Only saving factor was the charisma of Mohanlal and his pairing with Vijay. The narration is damn dragging and placing of songs are quite boring.

Imman has given his best for the film and the songs are best of best in recent times. But whats the need of that item number is not known. Editing is really a need for this film. Many scenes just comes and go like how many characters do. Camera is nice but the director should have worked much on screenplay if not on the story.

Overall, the film falls flat. Nothing is interesting, not even the action which is the genre the film falls under. The film can be watched for the lead pair, I mean Vijay – Mohanlal and the music. Rest all please watch over the television.

1:Nenokkadine (TELUGU)


Starring: Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sonan, Nasser, Pradeep Rawat and many more
Cinematography: Rathnavelu
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Written and Directed by : Sukumar

Gautham (Mahesh) is a famous rockstar but he is suffering from bad dreams since childhood. He tends to see three people who are believed to be the one who killed his parents and he also sets to take vengeance on them. But all this is downplayed by the doctors who say it is just his hallucination and nothing more. However, Gautham strongly believes in that and a journalist Sameera (Kriti) comes to his aid. Whether he is successful in finding about his past or not forms the rest of the story.

Most of the time of the first half I felt the story was confusing and was thinking whether I am imagining or what happens is real, just like the hero. But as and when the film progresses it opened up many things and proves that the director has brilliantly conceptualized the idead with brainy stuffs. The film picks up the momentum mainly in the second half when the hero steps into London.

Mahesh Babu’s delivers a superb performance and shoulders the film well. Kriti Sanon is damn hot and beautiful. The psychological thriller is loaded with good high action sequences and subtle performances from the lead pair. Gautham, Mahesh’s real life son, looked cute and confident in front of the camera. Nasser’s character is a little different and he does it very well.

Rathnavelu’s cinematography is a big asset for the movie. The visuals shot in London and Goa look superb. Devi Sri Prasad’s music jels well for the film which initially places as rock and then shifts to thriller, and he has done a better job with the background score. The director should be commended for superb attempt in choosing to make a film that has not been explored in the Southern part of film industry.

This is not an usual masala cinema and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A thriller is meant to keep the viewer on the edge of seat and by the time the film reaches the closing stages we are really into it. If you are ready to witness some confused but creatively etched thriller and well made film this will not disappoint.

Veeram (TAMIL)


Starring: Ajith, Tamannah, Santhanam, Nasser and many more
Editing: Kasi Viswanathan
Cinematography: Vetri
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Written and Directed by : Shiva

Ajith’s next film after Aarambam which was not a huge success in story wise. He clans a all white with son of soil look for his Veeram. This genre is totally new to the actor. He joins with Shiva who is known for his commercial aspects churned out in a not a new story. Has he delivered a hit for the generously known as Thala.?

Vinayagam (Ajith) and his 4 brothers are together always and stays happy in their own type of life. They do fight many times and gets registered in cases for which they have a lawyer (Santhanam) with them to handle it. The brothers of Vinayagam has a love interest of their own but hesitates to bring it to notice to their elder bro as he is against marriage. So they plan to get him into love with a girl and there enters the heroine Kopu (Tamannah) by saying that he is against violence. Then what happens is part of the story which has all sorts of commercial elements like sentiments, comedy, fights, songs et. Rest is the lengthy second half.

The film is a template masala film — a superhuman hero, his bros and sidekicks who will sing his praises all the time, a beautiful-looking heroine, a raging villain and comedians here and there. There should be no room for logic, moving from one hero-worshipping scene to the next and is aimed at only his fans, and thank god this time to the families too.

Though his dark glasses, black T-shirts and expensive suits have been replaced by a snow-white dhoti and shirt, Ajith still maintains his larger-than-life persona in Veeram and effortlessly destroys the enemy with his power-packed punches and equally powerful dialogues, guaranteed to send his fans into a mad frenzy. It is a welcome change from Ajith Kumar to do a rural-based story. Santhanam breaks the funny bones all throughout the film, majorly in the entire first half. Tamannah looks too odd in the film. The brothers does the supporting cast well. Nasser is as usual does his part well. Rest of them fills the film in patches.

The song Nalavannu Solvanga has become quite popular, but otherwise there is nothing remarkable about DSP’s music in Veeram. The BGM’s suits well for the mood of the film and the actor. Camera picturises the rural scenes well and sparkles the breezes when its for songs. Editing could have been done a bit on the film. Siva should be patted on his back for knowing his responsibilities well given an actor of Ajith’s calibre. The dialogs looks neat which relates along the story.

With an ordinary story and usual line of scenes, an average screenplay and characters that are all overshadowed by one man, the film seems like an ode to Ajith and should be dedicated to all his fans. But still it will favor for the audiences who loves to enjoy a movie without thinking about the if’s and but’s. Entertainment guarantee.

Endrendrum Punnagai (TAMIL)


Starring: Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam, Nasser, Andrea and many more
Editing: Praveen – Srikanth
Cinematography: Madhi
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Written and Directed by : Ahmed

The teasers looks like the Bollywood cult hit Dil Chahta Hai as the movie as 3 friends. But not the entire thing deals like the same. Good music, nice shots will take you to watch this film. But what can you expect from a director whose debut flick recieved a lukewarm response. Lets see what he has to give us in his second.

Gautham (Jiiva), Sri (Vinay) and Baby (Santhanam) are very close friends with different characteristics. One who hates women, the second is a flirt and the third is a local guy whose favorite is alcohol. As Gautham’s mom ran away from his dad (Nasser) in his early age he starts hating all women and the group of friends decide to stay single and be friends for ever. They run an ad agency where Priya (Tirsha), helps as a mediator for their agency. Their comes an incident which makes the friends to fight and what happens next and what Priya has for Gautham forms the rest.

The story might look like a general rom-com but what makes interesting and not to bore is the way it has been taken, given all the characters has their piece of cake in acting. Their is splendid humor in the first half as it plays out like a bromantic comedy with cheers and beers. The dialogs are fantastic which evokes smile even though its heard lightly (ex: teasing the heroine’s friend with his Oreo ad)

First and the best is Jiiva-Santhanam-Vinay friendship and bonding looks real and there is perfect on-screen vibe between the trio. Jiiva portrays his character well as both stubborn guy and later as a guy who falls for a girl where he dont know how to change his mood (explained by the dialog that you dont know to act). Trisha brings the charm to the film which is ruled by the guys majorly. Her costumes brings more beauty to her. Vinay has given his best till date and comes as a good friend. Then comes the major guy of the film – Santhanam – he delivers all his dialogs with a bang of comedy. He ends the year with the best. He even emotes well. Who else can play such a wonderful dad character other than Nasser. Apt casting makes half of the film work. Andrea helps for the movie to progress.

This is one more film where Harris has given his best. Even Madhi has captured all the good shots whether its Chennai or Swiss. Good Art work and Editing makes wonder but that Andrea’s song could have been avoided to make the film even more short and sweet. One of the creditable scene is where Santhanam comes to his home after drinking and walking sideways. Its very brilliant and proves the creativity. The film looks it would finish a few scenes before the normal ending but the real end where the hero brings down his stubborness makes the end more emotional.

The film works most of the time with the direction of Ahmed is more commendable where he gives a movie which has fun and feel good breezy family entertainer. It looks like as though you read a few pages out of the diary of a good gang of friends where love joins in hands. Whatever can be, this movie entertains and brings good laughs. Worth a watch.