Inga Enna Solludhu (TAMIL)


Starring: VTV Ganesh, Meera Jasmine, Simbhu, Santhanam, Andrea and many more
Editing: Antony
Cinematography: Rajasekar
Music : Dharan
Written by : VTV Ganesh
Directed by: V.Selva

VTV Ganesh forms into a actor from character artiste in this film where he has written the screenplay of the film and also the lyrics. What gives the film the extra push is the backing up of Sun Pictures. So is the film deserves the worth of the names involved in it?

Ganesh (VTV Ganesh) is a middle aged bachelor who spends his life just like that without anything for him. The entire film is based upon the happenings which took place in his life. Apart from this there is nothing to be said as story even we expect there might be some twists later but that also goes down. Instead the film does involve as many cameo appearances as the main characters. All the cameos have been executed well.

VTV Ganesh fails in all his departments he has involved in the film. The usual Ganesh’s comedy is missing. Meera Jasmine (surprised that how she accepted to play this role) is okay and rest other characters have given decent performances. Santhanam is not entertaining and this makes the film even bad. The only sole of the film is Simbhu’s character and his screen presence. The time he appears on the screen moves the film a bit much fast. Other cameos comes in the form of Andrea, KS Ravikumar, Swarnmalya. All of them are just present nothing else to mention.

First half looks dumb like scenes coming here and there and even though the film is mere two hours it feels bored for most of the film. Antony’s editing is fine and Rajasekar’s camera work is neat. Dharan’s music is energetic which is the other plus point in the otherways boring movie. This is one more film which goes dumb after getting many expectations. Somewhat a tweaked screenplay could have made things different. Otherwise this film is a muted one which can be given a miss.!! šŸ™‚


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