Bogan (TAMIL)


Starring: Jayam Ravi, Aravindswamy, Hansika, Nasser, Naren and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : D Imman
Cinematography : Soundararajan
Directed by: Lakshman

Another Ravi’s film where he has shared screen space with Aravind Swami and as usual it has kindled the expectation for the movie. Also the director has joined again for his next film with Ravi. So lets see what these people have given together in this film.

ACP Vikram (Jayam Ravi), is an honest police officer and he falls in love with Maha (Hansika). Aditya (Arvind Swami), is having a whale of a life with foreign girls and drinks for company. Aditya uses his special power and at first he mesmerizes a jewelry shop manager and loots the money from the shop and then mesmerize Vikram’s father (Naren), who is working as a Bank Manager and loots the money from the bank, where he works. Vikram starts investigating the way the money was stolen from both the places and finds out they were all done by Aditya, who has become rich in the last six months through dubious means. He finds out the truth by making friendship with Aditya and traces the truth. During the interrogation, Aditya uses his power and exchanges his soul with that of Vikram. What happens next forms the rest.

The first half is fairly interesting, racy and manages to sustain the suspense and the momentum. The early scenes depict the life style of Vikram the cop and Aditya the criminal. The director has a strong concept in his mind but he takes time to establish the mannerism of both the characters. As much as they try to outsmart each other the movie has its own trouble in dealing with logical issues. The film belongs to Arvind Swamy who dominates as Aditya from the beginning to end. His mannerisms, style and casual attitude gives credibility to the character and he seems to be enjoying his role every minute.

Jayam Ravi as Vikram and then with Aditya’s soul in him, delivers a fine performance. Hansika has a strong role in the film. As a drunkard, she was convincing in the initial scenes. Once the ‘soul exchange takes place’ how she manages Aditya in Vikram’s body were entertaining. Soundar’s camera work is colorful and is evident through the film. Imman’s background score keeps the audience on their toes. The film could have been a bit short in length as it keeps on going. The film that starts well could not sustain post interval and ends up with some sorts of lack of clarity which leaves us as well as the movie half baked. One time watch..!! 🙂


Adhe Kangal (TAMIL)

adhe-kangal-movie-teaser-launch-poster-3Starring: Kalaiyarasan, Janani, Sshivada, Bala Saravanan and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : Ravivarman Neelamegam
Directed by: Rohin Venkatesan

The film got released all of a sudden as the Republic Day special release as one of the big film was not released as scheduled. So this came in that slot. This film is the directors first movie and lets see what he has offered.

Varun (Kalaiyarasan) is a visually impaired Chef and runs a restaurant of his own. Sadhana (Janani) is a reporter in a magazine and she is smitten by Varun. Varun however falls in love with Deepa (Sshivada) who visits is restaurant a few times to buy food for poor people. Deepa who reciprocates Varun’s feelings for her tells him that she and her father have to repay a big amount for a loan taken from a thug otherwise they will have to escape from him. Varun comes forward to help her with money but suddenly meets with a road accident. In the accident he regains his eye sight but in the meanwhile Deepa goes missing. In the meantime he comes to know that Deepa’s father is dead. He goes in search of Deepa and what happens next forms the crux.

The biggest strength of the movie is that the director is very clear in his execution even though the story takes place in small towns and the crime he has handled is quite topical. Introducing humor in a serious crime thriller has always worked and in here, Rohin has achieved it through Balasaravanan. The second half moves swiftly and is engaging than the first half. The narrative includes a few interconnecting sub plots and they have been presented without confusing the audience. Kalaiyarasan has done a neat job and justifies his character. Janani scores well in her matured romance with the lead.

The major trump card of the movie is the other heroine, Sshivada. She sinks her teeth into the character and surprises us. She delves right in and brings her character to life. Ghibran’s musical is an asset. The camera work looks so glossy and gives rich feel. Editing could have been tighter though the film is just over 2 hours. Rohin has scored well in his debut directorial. Overall, the movie is an engaging thriller with neat twists which gives an engaging watch. Dont miss it..!! 🙂