Vaalu (TAMIL)



Starring: Simbu, Hansika, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh, Naren and many more
Editing : Suresh
Music : Thaman
Cinematography: Shakthi
Directed by: Vijay Chander

After a long time we are seeing Simbu’s film, nothing much just about 3 years long. Even though it had many release dates announced in the middle it was this year it made to the screens. The problems and issues behind the film itself made it a film to be watched. Hype’s can be created like this too. So lets see what Simbu’s Vaalu is about.

Sharp (Simbu) is a happy-go-lucky guy who leads his life without any worries. He sees Priya (Hansika) and its love at first sight. When he proposes Priya tells that her parents have already decided her to be married with her maternal uncle Anbu (Aditya). What happens to Sharp and his love forms the rest of the story. The good thing about this film is how Sharp’s family treats him. Even though he does not work or do anything useful, his father supports him like anything.

This is a usual story and as usual it goes with comedy in the first half and few action blocks in the second. Other than that there are no twists or nothing in the film. The ending is somewhat refreshing where the main villain does not fight with the hero and thus saves the time. The dialogues and the comedy has worked big time for the film. The film is a complete Simbu show all the way. It’s no harm that he waited so long for this film.

The Simbu-Santhanam chemistry also works big time and is the highlight of the film. VTV Ganesh too adds to the fun. Remove comedy and the film falls flat. Hansika comes across as the bubbly heroine in a commercial film. Naren as Simbu’s father steals the show with his performance. There is no much scope for the villains. Editor could have chopped a few scenes which could have made the film more lively. Camera looks ok and Thaman scores well in his songs and BGM’s. Overall its just another romantic commercial entertainer which passes muster thanks to comedy..!! πŸ™‚


Romeo Juliet (TAMIL)


Starring: Jayam Ravi, Hansika Motwani, VTV Ganesh, Poonam Bajwa and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Directed by: Lakshman

Film named Romeo Juliet will eventually be based on the love of the lead pair. So no guesses that under which genre this film comes but what is the difference that this film provides is what has to be seen. Good songs and interesting trailer added the so-called hype for the film along with the lead pair. So lets see what does this Romeo and Juliet offers us.

Subbulakshmi alias Aishwarya (Hansika) and Karthik (Ravi) are contrasting characters. Hansika is an orphan, who works as an air hostess with dreams of settling big in life by marrying a guy who has money. Karthik is a middle class gym trainer, who believes in true love, marriage, family and children. His work as a personal trainer to celebrities gives him the opportunity to move among the higher circles of society. Believing him to be a rich business tycoon, Aishwarya attracts him with her charm and Karthik falls in love. But the minute Aishwarya discovers his truth, she kicks him out of her life and gets engaged to a big business magnet. What does Karthik do for his love is the little bit interesting second half.

The plot of this movie can be termed as old wine in new bottle as it doesn’t offer anything new, but what works is its entertainment quotient as the director somehow manages to keep us engaged for most parts if not throughout. The film moves on a practical way of how love is treated in this generation. The constant fighting between the lead pair gets quite tedious after a while. Placement of a song in the second half literally acts as a speed breaker in the flow. Thank god there was not much of stunts in the film. Ravi, after a long time, plays a romantic character which he always does best. He has given his heart and soul for the character and his performance is flawless. Hansika impresses with her cute expressions and almost steals the entire first half. Her lip-sync sometimes, goes haywire though.

VTV Ganesh’s comic one-liners are good and it comes in handy for the entertainment quotient. Poonam and Vamsi comes as fillers. D Imman’s BGM and songs are good while editing could have been done in the second half. Soundar’s camera brings gloss to the frames and gels well with the costumes. While the first half is engaging, second half gets draggy at few places before the climax makes you forget about the negativity as the film approaches a feel good finish. Lakshman takes the usual clichΓ©s from all the love films and adds entertainment factor to it, which at times test your patience, but finally comes out good. Romeo Juliet entertains mostly and can be watched once..!! πŸ™‚

Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham (TAMIL)


Starring: Santhanam, Ashna, Naagi Needu, Senthil and many more
Editing : Saikant
Music : Sidharth Vipin
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Directed by: Srinath

Finally another comedian has turned into a complete hero. Santhanam already played as one of the lead in Arai En 305 l Kadavul but this time he has done a solo performance and that too in a story which was a runaway hit in the original. How he has performed and has he given a tough fight for the other leading heroes.? Pretty much yes but with a slighter tone.

As usual the story is about the family revenge drama and how the hero overcomes the family feud which started by his father and joins with the heroine who as usual is the daughter of the villain. Not a heavy and impressive storyline. But the point where there is some life in the film is how the hero escapes from the villain(s) as they will kill him only when he steps out of the house. Sounds interesting but how it has been taken. Not much interesting though. Not sure why the hero needs an intro song that too when he is getting delayed to his work.

Its a Santhanam show all the way. He displays some extraordinary dancing prowess and also delivers as a complete actor, displaying a range of emotions. His brand of comedy is hilarious and slapstick, and brings about hearty laughter on more than one occasion, especially in the first half. But the same gets bored when it keeps on repeating. Ashna is just another heroine. Nothing much to say. VTV Ganesh and Solar Star Rajakumaran helps Santhanam in the comedy section.

Sidharth Vipin has been promoted to score for a mass commercial flick and he has given his best in the songs and BGM sections. Richard’s angles are good and the editing could have been crispier in the climax scenes where there was unnecessary stretches which makes to keep on yawning. Srinath has relied entirely on the original and has helped Santhanam to fit in the shoes of a commercial hero and thus the fans of Santhanam and fans of commercial flicks might enjoy this film. Else its just another one out of 100.. πŸ™‚

Inga Enna Solludhu (TAMIL)


Starring: VTV Ganesh, Meera Jasmine, Simbhu, Santhanam, Andrea and many more
Editing: Antony
Cinematography: Rajasekar
Music : Dharan
Written by : VTV Ganesh
Directed by: V.Selva

VTV Ganesh forms into a actor from character artiste in this film where he has written the screenplay of the film and also the lyrics. What gives the film the extra push is the backing up of Sun Pictures. So is the film deserves the worth of the names involved in it?

Ganesh (VTV Ganesh) is a middle aged bachelor who spends his life just like that without anything for him. The entire film is based upon the happenings which took place in his life. Apart from this there is nothing to be said as story even we expect there might be some twists later but that also goes down. Instead the film does involve as many cameo appearances as the main characters. All the cameos have been executed well.

VTV Ganesh fails in all his departments he has involved in the film. The usual Ganesh’s comedy is missing. Meera Jasmine (surprised that how she accepted to play this role) is okay and rest other characters have given decent performances. Santhanam is not entertaining and this makes the film even bad. The only sole of the film is Simbhu’s character and his screen presence. The time he appears on the screen moves the film a bit much fast. Other cameos comes in the form of Andrea, KS Ravikumar, Swarnmalya. All of them are just present nothing else to mention.

First half looks dumb like scenes coming here and there and even though the film is mere two hours it feels bored for most of the film. Antony’s editing is fine and Rajasekar’s camera work is neat. Dharan’s music is energetic which is the other plus point in the otherways boring movie. This is one more film which goes dumb after getting many expectations. Somewhat a tweaked screenplay could have made things different. Otherwise this film is a muted one which can be given a miss.!! πŸ™‚