Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham (TAMIL)


Starring: Santhanam, Ashna, Naagi Needu, Senthil and many more
Editing : Saikant
Music : Sidharth Vipin
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Directed by: Srinath

Finally another comedian has turned into a complete hero. Santhanam already played as one of the lead in Arai En 305 l Kadavul but this time he has done a solo performance and that too in a story which was a runaway hit in the original. How he has performed and has he given a tough fight for the other leading heroes.? Pretty much yes but with a slighter tone.

As usual the story is about the family revenge drama and how the hero overcomes the family feud which started by his father and joins with the heroine who as usual is the daughter of the villain. Not a heavy and impressive storyline. But the point where there is some life in the film is how the hero escapes from the villain(s) as they will kill him only when he steps out of the house. Sounds interesting but how it has been taken. Not much interesting though. Not sure why the hero needs an intro song that too when he is getting delayed to his work.

Its a Santhanam show all the way. He displays some extraordinary dancing prowess and also delivers as a complete actor, displaying a range of emotions. His brand of comedy is hilarious and slapstick, and brings about hearty laughter on more than one occasion, especially in the first half. But the same gets bored when it keeps on repeating. Ashna is just another heroine. Nothing much to say. VTV Ganesh and Solar Star Rajakumaran helps Santhanam in the comedy section.

Sidharth Vipin has been promoted to score for a mass commercial flick and he has given his best in the songs and BGM sections. Richard’s angles are good and the editing could have been crispier in the climax scenes where there was unnecessary stretches which makes to keep on yawning. Srinath has relied entirely on the original and has helped Santhanam to fit in the shoes of a commercial hero and thus the fans of Santhanam and fans of commercial flicks might enjoy this film. Else its just another one out of 100.. πŸ™‚


Kochadaiyaan 3D (TAMIL)


Starring: Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Nasser, Jackie Shroff and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : AR Rahman
Written by : KS Ravikumar
Directed by: Soundarya Ashwin

Enough is said and written bout the film. Its the first motion capture film from India. It was initially announced that the film will be releasing 2 weeks before the normal release and suddenly it dint make to the theatres but now it did. Its not the usual Rajni film, so don pile up your expectations and watch the film. Its motion captured computer animated film where the story is based upon the history, kings and the war. So just keep it simple and watch the film and it will be worth the watch.

The bright introduction about the film in the voices of AR Rahman sets the mood of the film. The film is about the battle of two kingdoms Kalingpuri and Kottaipattanam. During one of the wars, a kid runs away from his sibling. He becomes Rana, the war commander of Kalingapuri who actually belongs to Kottaipattanam. How he returns back to his own kingdom and how he reveals his identity along with his dad’s forms the rest. Here Rana, the son and Kochadaiyaan, the father both are played by Rajni and the other sibling Sena, also played by him comes at the end and shows the way for us for the sequel.

The first credit for the success will go to KS Ravikumar for coming out with a remarkable story. Though, it is predictable at parts, the tale manages to surprise you at regular intervals. It is simple, yet entertaining. No matter what Rajnikanth does, he continues to steal the show. His expressions are good to watch. But Deepika Padukone’s character disappoints you big time. Jackie Shroff, Sarathkumar, Nasser, Shobana and others have done justice to their roles. Full marks for bringing back yesteryear actor Nagesh’s character and kudos to the person who has dubbed for him. Even Soundarya appears in a cameo in the first song where she sits in the audience.

The characters on screen look like waxed-up mannequins when viewed in close shots. But given the budget and the time to create the film these all can be ignored. The cinematography and editing are good. The music by AR Rahman is largely generic but they suit the film well. The background music makes the film better but the music hampers the pace of the film. And even the scenes seems to be moving a bit slow. Even though it has some flaws in the form of motion capture, we cant keep away this film as we can see Rajni dancing Rudhrathandavam & Bharathanatyam, White Peacock in a duet and such a huge stellar cast in a period film and that too in a gripping story. So we can give a big handshake to Soundarya, Ravikumar and Team for taking such an effort to prove Indian cinema is no longer a dumb one. Hats Off..!! πŸ™‚

Nee Enge En Anbe (TAMIL)


Starring: Nayanthara, Vaibhav, Pasupathy and many more
Editing : Marthand Venkatesh
Music : Keeravani
Cinematography : Vijay C Kumar
Directed by: Sekhar Kammula

Remake of Kahaani..!! Thats the only phrase known about this film once it was announced. Later came that lead wont be appearing as a pregnant lady. Half the eagerness gone as that was the sole of that beautifully penned Hindi film. But what does this remake of the Hindi film offers us in the screens. Not much though even though it was helmed by one of the different directors of the Telugu industry, anyhow will check that too.

For those who have not seen the original here is the plot. Anamika (Nayanthara), a young NRI woman, comes to India in search of her husband Ajay Swaminathan. She is helped by Parthasarathy (Vaibhav), the only Tamilian in the police station, who develops a crush of sorts over her. Even as a hit man is taking down all the people whom she goes to asking for help, Anamika is told by Khan (Pasupathy), an encounter specialist, that her husband is in fact Milan Damji, a terrorist mastermind. What happens after that is rest of the plot.

There are some additions, though, like a special task force humiliating Anamika in her hotel room, like Sarathy taking her to meet his mother and so on. However, Anamika is not pregnant like Balan’s Vidya Bagchi, and Kammula gives a climatic twist which is completely different from the original. Subtitles were only used for the Hindi dialogues. How can you expect Tamil audiences to understand Telugu dialogues even though the film is shot in Hyderabad? This was one of the biggest turn-offs in the film.

Nayantara as Anamika does her best as the lead role, but she’s no match to Vidya Balan. Here’s a woman who is struggling to find her husband in a new place with a language barrier, yet we see her with make-up and eyelashes in close up shots. She fails to get into the skin of her character which was very important for the story. Vaibhav and Pasupathy play their parts well but the fake English accent used by the latter could’ve been avoided. Keeravani’s resonating background score keeps the tension of the story alive throughout. Old Hyderabad becomes a crucial character in the story. Vijay C Kumar does his best to capture the flavour of the local culture when his lens zooms through the small alleys of the city, from the preparations of a Durga Puja to the busy and densely populated market. The slow first half is strongly complemented by a solid second half.

Sekhar Kammula is not interested in a frame-by-frame remake of the original and wants to stamp his fingerprints over this film is established the moment he introduces his heroine. Even though there were many additions and changes as like the beginning and ending of the film one just cant accept that more Telugu dialogues occupies the film. Overall, if you have seen Kahaani, you will find this as just an underwhelming and not so tightest of the remakes made. Take a choice..!! πŸ™‚