Starring: Nivin Pauly, Sai Pallavi, Anupama, Madonna, Shabareesh and many more
Music : Rajesh Murugesan
Cinematography: Anand C Chandran
Edited and Directed by: Alphonse Putharen

Another film for which we went just by the word of mouth. No trailers, no songs, no nothings we knew except its directed by the ‘Neram‘ director and produced by ‘Bangalore Days‘ producer and has Nivin Pauly in it. Slowly the reviews started to come even in non Malayalam magazines and portals and thus raised the curiosity for the film and once subtitles are in we too were in to see it.

This is the story of George David (Nivin Pauly) which starts from his 20’s. He starts wooing the local beauty Mary George (Anupama). The escapades continue in a mostly hilarious tone and in an engaging manner. Finally, he decides to propose to her one day, but he then realizes that Mary is already in love with another guy, who is also named George. George is then left heartbroken. Now when he is in his college days, he meets Malar (Sai Pallavi), a new guest lecturer from Tamilnadu. He instantly falls in love with her despite she being the teacher. Malar and George begins a casual relationship, and then Malar loses her memory when she met with an accident. A few years later, George runs a cafe and becomes a friend with one of his customers Celine (Madonna). Who is this Celine and what happens to George forms the sweet ending for the film.

From the very first frame of the movie till the last word in the thanks card, everything about it will leave you with a smile on your face. Thats Alphonse for you. No new things in the story but still it feels interesting. The antics of a teenager, a traditional looking beautiful teacher doing a break dance and all are the interesting ones. Even though the girl you follow is good sometimes you even have the feel that certain styles of her are not good which is clearly said by George in the film which is good to see and clearly says the backbone of any film is the writing.

The film is backed by a good casting with top-notch performers, though some are debutants. Nivin could have not asked anything better than this. 3 phased character in a single film and each with a difference each in mannerism, style, dressing, grooming, etc. He has changed into George altogether. Coming to the leading ladies of the movie, Anupama, Sai Pallavi and Madonna, who are part of the three phases of George’s life. They come across to him as three seasons that evoke varied emotions in him. Mary was just an infatuation, Malar is his love and Celine his lifelong partner. His infatuation makes him weep like a child, his love makes him a stronger man and his life partner brings warmth to his life. Each lady is not in beauty and all looks like a normal beauties. Sai Pallavi as Malar steals away the show. Nivin’s friends, college lecturer who follows Malar, George’s dad, dance tutor, Malar’s cousin, cafe’s horse riding customer like this each and every one has something or other to offer in the film.

Coming to the technicalities of the film, they are just flawless. From background score to the songs, Rajesh has literally given a gem. He overpowers his ‘Neram‘ songs with that of this film’s. Anand C Chandran scores with the brilliant cinematography, which makes a perfect ambiance for a light-hearted entertainer. Editing by director Alphonse Puthren also meets the standards. Alphonse, who has handled the script and direction, successfully brings out a perfect entertainer, with a very light yet interesting storyline. The treatment of this serious subject is laden with humor and he shows that even the most depressing of situations can be overcome if we take them lightly. The director surely deserves a great applause for the courage and confidence he shows to choose the simple themes and different narrative patterns for his movies. Don’t miss it..!! 🙂


Romeo Juliet (TAMIL)


Starring: Jayam Ravi, Hansika Motwani, VTV Ganesh, Poonam Bajwa and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Directed by: Lakshman

Film named Romeo Juliet will eventually be based on the love of the lead pair. So no guesses that under which genre this film comes but what is the difference that this film provides is what has to be seen. Good songs and interesting trailer added the so-called hype for the film along with the lead pair. So lets see what does this Romeo and Juliet offers us.

Subbulakshmi alias Aishwarya (Hansika) and Karthik (Ravi) are contrasting characters. Hansika is an orphan, who works as an air hostess with dreams of settling big in life by marrying a guy who has money. Karthik is a middle class gym trainer, who believes in true love, marriage, family and children. His work as a personal trainer to celebrities gives him the opportunity to move among the higher circles of society. Believing him to be a rich business tycoon, Aishwarya attracts him with her charm and Karthik falls in love. But the minute Aishwarya discovers his truth, she kicks him out of her life and gets engaged to a big business magnet. What does Karthik do for his love is the little bit interesting second half.

The plot of this movie can be termed as old wine in new bottle as it doesn’t offer anything new, but what works is its entertainment quotient as the director somehow manages to keep us engaged for most parts if not throughout. The film moves on a practical way of how love is treated in this generation. The constant fighting between the lead pair gets quite tedious after a while. Placement of a song in the second half literally acts as a speed breaker in the flow. Thank god there was not much of stunts in the film. Ravi, after a long time, plays a romantic character which he always does best. He has given his heart and soul for the character and his performance is flawless. Hansika impresses with her cute expressions and almost steals the entire first half. Her lip-sync sometimes, goes haywire though.

VTV Ganesh’s comic one-liners are good and it comes in handy for the entertainment quotient. Poonam and Vamsi comes as fillers. D Imman’s BGM and songs are good while editing could have been done in the second half. Soundar’s camera brings gloss to the frames and gels well with the costumes. While the first half is engaging, second half gets draggy at few places before the climax makes you forget about the negativity as the film approaches a feel good finish. Lakshman takes the usual clichés from all the love films and adds entertainment factor to it, which at times test your patience, but finally comes out good. Romeo Juliet entertains mostly and can be watched once..!! 🙂

Jurassic World (ENGLISH)


Two decades back we witnessed huge and monstrous species called Dinosaurs whom, by then, we saw only in some books or news articles. Thanks to Spielberg who brought us those species to us right in front of our eyes. Even now he is affiliated to the world but just to the production part and thus made sure how grand the film should be. Thus we start to witness the most interesting world.

Dinos are back but they are very bigger, heavier and more scarier too. Jurassic World is managed by Claire, she is nervous about looking after her two nephews who have come for a visit to the World, which is owned by Irrfan Khan. She is also nervous about the creepy new mega-dinosaur they have secretly created (mix of dinosaur and animal DNA) to boost visitor numbers, which is genetically created by lab scientists and watched over by the sinister military consultants for using them in warfare.

There is a lot of action, with each of them bigger and louder than the last, but the thrills run oddly cold. Sure, rampaging dinosaurs can be a blast, but it is never threatening, never menacing. The casting is best in the film starting from Chris Pratt and Irrfan Khan, who plays a major role here. Though the film has all the ingredients to become a blockbuster that’s not expected from such a grand sequel. The visuals and CG are widely used and improves the flow of the film.

It’s unfair to stack up Jurassic World up against Jurassic Park when the older movie is such an enduring classic, an action movie that also worked beautifully as a thriller with some of cinema’s most iconic movie monsters. Judging by its own, Jurassic World is big and exciting and well-paced, the plot offers nothing for the thrills which we felt twenty years back. World is not good like the Park, but it is a worthy successor..!! 🙂

Kaaka Muttai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vignesh, Ramesh, Iyshwarya Rajesh, Ramesh Thilak, Joe Mallori and many more
Editing : Te Kishore
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography and Directed by: Manikandan

Kaaka Muttai is the film which got premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival ’14 and recently got the National award for the best children film and also for the best child actors. This is the preface of the film other than which there are no star power for the film apart from the fact it was produced by one of the leading actor and one of the leading director. Usually the films which gets awards at the festivals will be treated as pure cinema and lets see how this film has been treated.

The film revolves around the lives, hopes and dreams of two youngsters, Periya Kaaka Muttai (Vignesh) and Chinna Kaaka Muttai (Ramesh) who lives along the slum side of Chennai. A swanky pizza joint opens near their slum which gets inaugurated by actor Simbhu (yes he has played himself). These two become obsessed with the tempting pizza that is served to him. At first, they decide to earn the Rs.300 needed for the pizza but it seems like a distant dream. So they plan to earn the amount by doing all sorts of works which comes their way. Soon they have enough money for the pizza but they are not allowed to go in due to their dirty dress. They earn more money and manage to get the new dress but this time they are physically abused before being thrown out. Did they get the chance to taste the pizza or not is the rest.

The main plus of the film is the chemistry between the brothers and the bonding they share with their mom and their granny. Even though they are poor financially, they are very rich in the terms of being happy. Even though they are known as Chinna and Periya Kaaka Muttai we were not even told about their real names in the film and that’s how the director has made us to stay with the film. Although this is a film on the kids who are under privileged the film is not at all preachy and shows only good things.

Both the kids Ramesh and Vignesh shine with effortless performances and it didn’t come as a surprise when they won National Award for their feat in the movie. Special mention for Chinna Kaaka Muttai as he has shown various emotions in his face and his innocence is cute. Iyshwarya should be really proud for accepting such a character which offers more challenge as the mother of two. Supporting actors like the grandmother (Aaya) and Joe Mallori (Pazharasam) who helps the boys collect charcoal at the railway tracks, to name a few, have delivered the goods. Ramesh Thilak and Yogi Babu have succeeded in making the audience laugh at regular intervals.

As he is the director, Cameraman Manikandan has an easy task and he has caught the entire slum and the houses nearby which has been portrayed authentically. Late Kishore’s editing is perfect for such type of films which is proved by the duration of the film (109 minutes). GV Prakash’s music adds the pep to the proceedings. Towards the end the film lags a bit, but the ending is satisfactory but what the kids say after tasting the pizza is what reality of the real kids. Manikandan has given a decent film which is built with many small packages and has cemented the film with a powerful screenplay which has things which we see in our daily life. A fun film which has some amount of subtle message which can be watched by all standards of people. Kaaka Muttai – Small and intelligent film with a big heart..!! Embrace with both the hands..!! 🙂

Massu Engira Maasilamani (TAMIL)


Starring: Surya, Nayanthara, Premji, Pranitha, Parthiban and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: RD Rajasekar
Directed by: Venkat Prabhu

Back from the debacle ‘Anjaan‘, Surya joins hands with Venkat Prabhu who is famous for taking films which has only male characters dominating the film. Even his last outing ‘Biriyani‘ was not well cooked. So what does he give this time as his hero is a big star and who has a huge fan following. Has he hit the much-needed sixer? Lets see..

Massu aka Maasilamani (Surya) is a small time con in the company of his close friend Jetu (Premgi). He falls in love with Malini (Nayanthara). One day when Jetu and Massu escapes from a gang their car crashes, Jetu is killed and Maasilamani survives, but acquires the extra-sensory power to see ghosts. One of them is his own friend, Jetu, and the other a look-alike of himself called Shakthi. Not only him there are many of ghosts who interacts with them asking to fulfill their wish. Shakthi deceives Massu to take revenge against people who killed him and his family. Why and for what and who is Shakthi is answered in the not so interesting second half.

First half moves like a comic film and we are not sure which genre the film falls under. Love episodes are made to look like a mandatory element and the ghosts chasing the hero evokes laughter instead of something for which it has been made. Screenplay is better in the second half once Parthiban enters the scene and when we think the film will kick-start from there again it sinks in the form of flashback. Surya has played both the characters with Elan. Special efforts taken by him to get his Ceylon slang right coupled with his near-perfect body language is praiseworthy. Premji as the ghost friend has not irritated this time which is good.

Nayanthara and Pranitha have just a little more than their names to contribute to the film. Samuthirakani and Parthiban try to do justice to their roles but they fall short. Karunas, Sriman and the rest of the ghost gang are funny indeed. Yuvan’s music is certainly not the best, but the BGM in the revenge sequences are a definite treat. RD Rajasekar’s cinematography is commendable while Praveen’s editing has helped the film to flow at a not so slow pace. The end-credits bloopers make you laugh. As usual Venkat made a film which is short on the writing part and tried to make a hit with the star factor. It looks like a mishmash of many movies. One time-pass watch..!! 🙂

Tanu Weds Manu Returns (HINDI)


Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Madhavan, Jimmy Shergil, Swara Bhaskar, Deepak Dobriyal and many more
Editing : Hemal Kothari
Music : Krsna Solo
Cinematography: Chirantan Das
Written by: Himanshu Sharma
Directed by: Anand L Rai

A sequel to the cult family hit which no one would have ever thought of. The sequel starts from where the previous part concluded. The star cast remains the same but with a slight tweak to one of the character which turns out to be the trump card of the movie. What is that and how does the film fare.? Lets see..

Film begins with the marriage visuals of Tanu (Kangana) with Manu (Madhavan). Cut to four years later in London they both sits for a counseling session in a mental asylum where Manu is kept under control. Tanu starts back to India and informs Pappi (Deepak) about Manu and asks him to take him from asylum. Manu is fed up and decides to get divorced. With a nervous state of mind he sends her the notice and Tanu comes back to her hometown and meets her ex Raja (Jimmy Shergill). Meanwhile Manu meets Kusum (Kangana), Tanu’s lookalike at a college lecture and falls for her. Kusum too reciprocate but she is already been engaged with Raja. This chain of confusion leads to the interesting end.

The story doesn’t delve into the seriousness of the issue of marital discord. It’s the performances and the writing that makes it all palatable. Every once in a while there’s a one liner that makes you laugh out. Screenplay and dialogs by Himanshu moves the film without any dull moment. The portrayal of the north indian milieu deserves a special mention.

Kangana is the pillar of the film, this time she has become more strong with her dual role. She has given stellar performances in both the roles she has essayed, but more whistles for her Haryanvi character which she performed with aplomb. Film by film she is increasing her acting skills and her choice of roles is perfect. Madhavan on the other hand is just perfect and remarkable in his controlled act. Deepak keeps the film entertaining along with Jimmy Shergill and the entire cast adds more interesting elements to the film.

Krsna Solo’s songs and BGM are much good and editing the film for a mere 2 hours makes Hemal to feel proud of his work. Camera by Chirantan captures all the essential and minute details of the small villages. Anand’s direction has lifted the movie to much higher levels. With Himanshu Sharma along for his aid, he has excelled in giving a sequel which is fun-filled, awesome and full of performances which you can enjoy till the last scene. Must Watch..!! 🙂