Jilla (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay, Mohanlal, Kajal, Soori, Sampath and many more
Editing: Don Max
Cinematography: Ganesh Rajavelu
Music : Imman
Written and Directed by : Neason

A film which has 2 bigwigs from different film fraternity, huge expectations, releasing on a festival all these makes Jilla a look after film. But has the film met that expectations is a big question mark. Lets see what Vijay has to offer this time for us.

Sivan (Mohanlal) is a big don like man in Madurai. He broughts up Shakthi (Vijay) like his own son when his dad is killed by the police. So Shakthi hates police and once he is grown he falls for Kajal and there comes a comedy when he comes to know that she is a cop. On the other side, Mohanlal wants Vijay to join in police department so that he can take the entire control of the city. Once Vijay becomes as police, he decides to change his dad and make him clean. What happens between the father and son duo is what Jilla offers. Guess nothing new in this, right..? 🙂

Vijay and Mohanlal are the fire crackers of the film. Both excels well in the film. Kajal looks very dull and just fits in for the songs. Soori tries to make us laugh. Sampath is a nice choice for villain. Burrrpppp… Yaaawwwnnnn.. This what i felt in most of the film. I dont know whats happening in the screen in the name of comedy.. what was there in the film and where is the screenplay… That too the film is veeeryyyy big as 3 hours. Only saving factor was the charisma of Mohanlal and his pairing with Vijay. The narration is damn dragging and placing of songs are quite boring.

Imman has given his best for the film and the songs are best of best in recent times. But whats the need of that item number is not known. Editing is really a need for this film. Many scenes just comes and go like how many characters do. Camera is nice but the director should have worked much on screenplay if not on the story.

Overall, the film falls flat. Nothing is interesting, not even the action which is the genre the film falls under. The film can be watched for the lead pair, I mean Vijay – Mohanlal and the music. Rest all please watch over the television.


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