Madras (TAMIL)


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Starring: Karthi, Catherine Teresa, Kalaiarasan, Jayapalan and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: G Murali
Written and Directed by: Pa Ranjith

Another director who has given his second film. That too with a star who deliberately need a hit after a huge setback in his past few films. As usual the teasers, trailers and the songs were looking pleasing so can we think that the film is bankable on.? We need to see how it works for the all of them included in the film as the cast contains more debut performances.

Kaali (Karthi) and Anbu (Kalaiarasan) are very good friends who live in the same area. A wall stands strong against their friendship and its d political pressure of 2 huge parties which lasts for many decades. Anbu is backbone of Maari who is the leader of one party and they are against Kannan, the rival whose father’s image is painted on the wall. How the two of them fight against each other in getting the wall for them is the fitting tale which has romance submerged in it where Kalaiarasi (Catherine) supports Kaali.

North Madras is like how Madurai been portrayed in the movies. Stop. Not in this film where the rivalry is present which takes the final place which comes next to only the bondness of the friends and the casual love and the aura of the North Madras is captured very good. The film has a strong storyline and a powerful cast to back this up. The major success of the movie is attributed to the perfect casting handpicked well and extracting the best from them. The movie has equal mix of realism and commercialism blended well to give viewers a excellent North Madras experience.

Karthi has kept himself low-key after his delivering a series of flops. And Madras is given minimal promotions, which comes as a big advantage for him as people watch the film with less expectations. Hence, it easily makes audience appreciate the film and mainly his performance. His romance with Catherine is quite charming and adds a dash of colour to, on the whole, a gritty film. Catherine is quite adequate in her role. Kalaiarasan convincingly portrays the nature of friendships, and he has an equally alluring romance with his wife, Ritwika, who plays Mary. Hari who plays Johnny the lunatic is damn good and his way of delivering the dialogs deserves special mention. There are N number of supporting characters all are well known by their screen names aka Maari, Kannan, Blue Boyz, Kaali’s parents and his grand mom.. Phew..

Santhosh Narayanan scores one more sixer after his Jigarthanda. He is the next person to watch in this interesting music world. Be it the songs are the power packed BGM’s he ticks off all the boxes which has to be in a political, action vendetta. His score plays a huge role in giving a different color to the film. Murali’s camera is a character by itself and night effect shots add to the mood. Art department plays a major role in this film as the Wall is the central character of the story as it gets older the effect it shows. A certain part of the romance could have been chopped in the second half in the otherwise apt length. Hats off to Ranjith for his detailing in script and presentation and the way he has extracted mind blowing performances from his cast. The film is a wholesome entertainer with some minor arguable moments, Ranjith has yet again pulled off a blockbuster in reckoning. Madras, the name gives the needed spirit. Take a ride..!! 🙂


Finding Fanny (ENGLISH)


Starring: Naseerudin Shah, Pankaj Kapur, Dimple Kapadia, Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Mathias Duplessy
Cinematography: Anil Mehta
Directed by: Homi Adajania

Finding Fanny is a English film acted by the top notch veterans combined with the rocking Deepika and the upcoming Arjun and the man who made this possible is Homi Adajania the man who was behind ‘Being Cyrus‘. The film is one of the recent ones which has multi star film which has stars from previous and current age and form a very good combination.

Based in a Goan village, Angie (Deepika) plays Garbo’s (Ranveer Singh, in a cameo) widow, and lives with her mom-in-law Rosie (Dimple), another widow. Happy in her own space, Angie loves helping others and sets out on the task of getting Ferdie (Naseeruddin) the love of his life. Only, she is accompanied by everyone else – her mom-in-law, Savio (Arjun) and a painter Don Pedro Cleto Colaco (Pankaj Kapur) who has found his muse in Rosie on the fun-trip that the movie traces. The trip is about to find Fanny, whom Ferdie ever loved. What happens in the road trip is the entire film is about.

Pankaj Kapur, the brilliant actor that he is, makes the best use of the wicked lines given to him as he brings polished Pedro to life. But it is Naseer’s timid Ferdie who grows on you slowly and finds a tiny place in your heart. Dimple Kapadia as the feisty Rosie tended to go overboard at places, but is charming nevertheless especially her bum which deserves a special mention ( 😉 ). Deepika Padukone shines as she plays it cool and casual to suit the mood of the film. Arjun Kapoor, plays his ‘boy lost in the woods’ character with surprising ease and competence. This is undoubtedly his best performance till date.

The concept of love and care that exist in the real are well-showcased in Finding Fanny. The best thing about this screwball comedy is that Homi Adajania has evidently made it purely for the fun of it and not as a desperate bid to play to the gallery. Set in a world that portrays authenticity, Finding Fanny is a charming film that starts off slowly but draws you into its drama. Sprinkled liberally with uproarious humour, the film makes some rather predictable points about love, straining its already-thin premise. Adajania gives a lovely break from the typical masala films which can be enjoyed with the friends..!! 🙂

Sigaram Thodu (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Sathyaraj, Monal Gajjar, Sathish and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Vijay Ulaganath
Directed by: Gaurav

An upcoming hunk’s next film boasts of a thriller like genre in the teasers which makes interesting to notice his choice of films. Again this is the director’s second film which comes after a very long gap from his first. The film is backed up with a good producer and a neat music and star cast. But is this again another run-of-the-mill film? Lets see it.

Murali Pandian (Vikram Prabhu), the son of disciplinarian ex-cop Chellapa (Sathyaraj), doesn’t have high expectations or ambitions in his life. All he need is a regular bank manager job. He is not keen on working hard and tries his best to woo the people, who work in bank, in order to get a bank job. On the other hand, his father has some big dreams as he wishes to see his son as a police officer. Whether Murali Pandian fulfils his father’s dream or will he pursue his own dreams is what forms the next where the director has mixed it along with ATM robbery, credit and debit cards forgery.

A lot of detailing has gone into the script. The plot is based on the recent series of ATM credit and debit card skimming and how organised gangs are making money out of cards. The main aim of the ATM robbers is explained pretty well (the next time you step into an ATM, you might look for pin-hole cameras and skimmers). The first half of the film makes the proceedings very slow due to the lack of anything in the lead pair’s love portions mixed with comedy. The father-son bonding looks nice but becomes melodramatic at times.

The film belongs to Vikram Prabhu. He has chosen a good script and does full justice to the character he portrays on screen. But he looks a beginner in the love portions. Sathyaraj portrays his role a T. He is an enigma to watch, his body language, and jumps to the situation and steals the main act from the hero. The little expectations of a father sweeps you off the feet, mainly when he takes his child in his hands and imagines him in a Khaki. Monal comes as a regular heroine. Sathish and ‘Erode’ Mahesh kindle us with a few laughs. Director Gaurav himself as appeared as one of the villains and his voice is a notable thing.

Imman once again proves that he is a melody king in Pidikudhe song. His BGM’s suits the mood of the thriller. Vijay Ulaganath’s camera revolves in the dark and show us the light. Praveen could have trimmed parts of the film as it looks lengthy. The success secret for any action movie is to keep things interesting and never let us wonder about logic and plausibility and Gaurav scores well in this and has packed his screenplay in such a manner. He could have taken care at the romance segment which appears quite too long for comfort with the first half itself looks never ending. Overall the movie is a well researched one and a wholsome entertainer. Worth..!! 🙂

Guardians of the Galaxy (ENGLISH)


The first thing which plays a major role for the film is it comes from the Marvel brand which gave us Avengers. So we know what we can expect from them. This film is also based on one of their comic and really the film gives us the comic feel. The film has voices of Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel which makes the film to have animated characters also. Peter Quill, the hero, steals an orb which is a must to have for the villain.

Peter join hands with green skin alien, Drax the hulk (played by WWE Batistuta), Rocket (voice by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel’s voice is damn nice). They do a jail break and prevent the orb to be taken away by the bad man which is very well executed in the movie. The voice over performances from Vin Diesel and, in particular Bradley Cooper, also added their own brilliance to the film. Cooper was hilarious and pretty much on par with the foul-mouthed raccoon from the comics.

While the CGI used to create Groot, shows how far the technology has come, despite him only saying “I am Groot” throughout the film, the character had just as much presence as anyone else on screen. The action scenes are both coherent and dazzling. The 3D justifies itself with an impressive depth of field, particularly bringing an extra thrill to those dogfights between rival spaceships. These guardians are nothing but the marvels of the galaxy. Dont miss them..!! 🙂

Amara Kaaviyam (TAMIL)



Starring: Sathya, Mia, Thambi Ramayya and many more
Editing : Suriya
Music : Gibraan
Cinematography and Directed by: Jeeva Shankar

This is the second film of the director who gave a very nice hit in his debut film, Naan. He chose a romance script which is based on the teenage love in the 80s period. Sathya, not a very bankable actor, plays the lead where his brother, Arya, produces the film. Will the director gives his worth in his second too. We will take a look.

Jeeva (Sathya) and Karthika (Miya) are high class students in a hill town. They fall in love with each other where Jeeva’s friend Balaji also has a feel for Karthika. Quite early in their courtship, however, their families become aware of their deep affection for one another. They are totally against it and this predictably ends in fights and tears. Jeeva becomes violent when he comes to know that Karthika shifts her base to another town and what he does later makes the pretty predictable ending.

The film has a very sluggish first half where why the lead pair is in love is not clearly explained. The scenes which builds up to the romance is also not interesting. The film moves to present and past where we comes to know the hero is a person who escaped from prison and the scenes move very slow in second half too. The story line is also not very new which should have been wrapped with a better screenplay where here both goes opposite to each other and makes us feel why we came to see this.

Mia emotes so beautifully and comes across as a seasoned performer. Sathya looks tailor-made for the role, occasionally he does a bit of acting and his emotions lacks anything. Also, one of Thambi Ramayyah’s forgettable performances. The supporting cast are good mainly Jeeva’s step father and his friend. The man behind the camera is the director himself and he has chosen the perfect location for his film. Ooty’s breathtaking beauty comes alive in every scene, and the backdrop seems almost like a painting, picture perfect. Gibraan’s painstaking and impactful background score has added life to the narration effortlessly. It could easily pass as his best scoring effort till date.

Director Jeeva Sankar has attempted to portray an intense love story and he does succeed to some extent with help of his camera and his music director whereas the screenplay plays a very big bad which does not help him. Overall, the film is about love in abundance, which sadly fails to appeal in practicality, and turns out to be a damp squib that soberly tries to be a definite classic. It cannot be considered as Kaaviyam but one of the other regular boring romantic film..!! 🙂

Salim (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay Antony, Aksha, Swaminathan, Aruldas and many more
Editing : MV Rajesh Kumar
Music : Vijay Antony
Cinematography: MC Ganesh Chandra
Directed by: NV Nirmal Kumar

His last movie was a sleeper hit which made everyone notice ‘what? he can act too?’. Basking on that success comes his next film named on his character of his previous film. I am mentioning about Naan, Vijay Antony’s debut flick. Salim is also in the same genre that’s what the teasers and trailers show us. But lets see what the thriller offers.?

Salim (Vijay Antony), who works at a multi-speciality hospital, is a good doctor and a decent human being who wants to be like himself. But no one likes him as he is just simply being good. Even his fiancee Nisha (Aksha) dumps him saying some stupid but true reasons that he does not even spend time with her. Meanwhile he is also dismissed from the job as he does not earn more for his hospital and he gets insulted by everyone. So finally decides to change himself for a day and tries and does things which portrays him as a bad guy. His migration also deals with one more serious issue which makes the film racy. What happens to him is the end.

Songs placing is the one which definitely needs a worth to mention. Starting early with a duet and finish much early with a item number the music is intact which is need for a film of this genre. Though the second half of the movie continues to be in one same location it does not give you a bored feel as the screenplay is very crisp. Vijay Antony carefully picks his characters which does not go overboard and he does what comes to him correctly. Once again he emotes well in this film too. Aksha over reacts in many scenes as her character is etched in such a way.

Cinematography is picture perfect especially the opening duet. It deserves a worthy mention mainly for its long shots. The night shots are visual treat. Editing is also nice as it does not make you feel lonely. Dialogs are the main plus for this film which deals with social issue too. BGM’s are good and the main theme is back again which haunted in Naan. Nirmal Kumar has taken care in executing what he has actually invoked in the visual. As usual the film does not end with the hero joining with heroine which gives more scope for continuing the services in the sequel like how it showed in the previous film.

Being true is not even welcomed by others and if one gives it back to them by changing to bad then what will happen is a known thing. This flick by Nirmal with Vijay Antony proves that the actor’s debut was not a funny one but we can expect a music director to double up from the previous job and the film is also carried away with progressive improvements.. 🙂