Kaaviyathalaivan (TAMIL)

kaaviyathalaivan-movie-title-look-poster-designsStarring: Prithviraj, Sidharth, Nasser, Vedhika and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : AR Rahman
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Dialogs: Jeyamohan
Directed by: Vasanthabalan

Kaaviya Thalaivan has created massive expectations as the genre of the film itself suggested that the movie will be very unique in an age of science fiction. And also the soundtrack created huge impact on the expectations as the Isai Iyakunar never attempted this genre of music. Classic film with theatre background is what the film looked like. Lets see.

Kaaviya Thalaivan is a period drama set in Madurai of 1930’s and 1940’s. The story is set against the milieu of old Tamil drama schools and the life of stage artistes. At the heart of the plot is the intense rivalry between two extraordinary drama artists, who belong to the same drama troupe. Kaliappa Bhagavathar (Sidharth) and Gomathi Nayagam Pillai (Prithviraj) grow up together under the guidance of their guru, Sivadas Swamigal (Nasser). While Gomathi is hardworking and dedicated, fun-loving Kali is the natural performer. His effortless talent and innovative style wins him appreciation of his guru which is unbearable to Gomathi, who believes he deserves all the laurels. Ponvannan who used to play the Rajapattai aka the hero in all the plays goes out of the troupe due to his bad behaviour. Meanwhile, Vadivambal joins their troupe. For Gomathi, it is love at first sight, but Vadivambal falls hard for Kali. Kali, however, is in love with Rangamma (Anaika Soti), the daughter of a local king. When Gomathi learns of this affair, he finds a way to deceive Kali and to become the Rajapattai. How this jealousy, anger and desire destroys the drama troupe, their lives and career, forms the rest of the story.

The story is of an age more than 80 years ago, yet staged on this day. To recreate the image of those days, it takes immaculate art direction. You want to cheer for Vasanthabalan for extracting some of the best performances from actors whose talent we’ve always underestimated. You also want to cheer for the makers for being gutsy and backing this offbeat attempt. Sidharth, who is the main protagonist in the movie has excelled with his strong performance and Prithviraj’s characterization and his performance is equally good. Vedhika has done a fantastic job in portraying her character. Supporting actors Nasser, Ponvannan and Thambi Ramaiah too have dished out excellent performances. Anaika Soti’s role doesn’t have much scope when compared to others.

The music is really out of world. There are many sequences where you can just close the eyes and just enjoy the fine music and the end credits takes more time for the music department. AR Rahman – one name speaks volumes for the spirit of the movie. Not only has the beauty of songs translated into visual treat, but his music stands out in moving the audience in every scene, with the score. Nirav Shah’s camera, make up by Pattanam Rasheed and costumes by Perumal Selvam and Niranjani Agathiyan offer a ringside view into the lives of theater artists in the pre-Independence era. Veteran Tamil writer Jeyamohan, who has penned the dialogues, has shown how mighty his pen can be.

A very different story, a team to perceive it in the right light, actors who live the characters dictated to them, with the best in class for art, music and picture, this is a perfect package. The story is no big secret, and is predictable at most places, as to what it might lead to, in the next frame. The reason of sudden rise of pre-independence is also not well answered. The climax convinces but leaves multiple unanswered questions. But all said, Vasanthabalan has really laid out a beautiful drama, polished and perfected in each frame, for a classic entertainer for all, and especially for those who have a taste for retro. A well made classic..!! 🙂


Thirudan Police (TAMIL)

thirudan-policeStarring: Dinesh, Iyshwarya, Balasaravanan, John Vijay and many more
Editing : KL Praveen – NB Srikanth
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sidharth
Written and Directed by: Caarthick Raju

Directors debut film which is backed by good music and good star cast usually attracts the crowd and so is this film. Hero comes back from an emotional oriented performance in his previous film. So what does this robber gives us and what makes us to note the police. Need to check it.

There is nothing new regarding the story. Singaram (Rajesh) is a dedicated and honest police constable who is determined to see his wayward son Vishwa (Dinesh) also to become a police but he is not much interested. He often gets into trouble with the assistant commissioner’s son (Nithin Satya). The egoistic commissioner plans an encounter of a dangerous local goon Manikam (Rajendran), and plans to get Singaram killed. Vishwa, who is totally unmoved by his father’s death, is offered a position as a police constable and comes to know the truth about his fathers death. The second half is a healthy mix of some excellent comedy and a good dose of sentiments.

One big plus of the film is the simultaneous ooze of comedy track that glues to the story mainly because of ‘Naan Kadavul‘ ‘ Rajendran, John Vijay and Bala Saravanan. The commercial elements are blended well into the narration. The film has an age-old plot and it is only the director’s refreshing treatment of the screenplay that sets this film apart. Dinesh still has a Cuckoo hangover but does a decent job and looks like a constable. The villains played by Rajendran and John Vijay are hilarious, and in the climax scene they are sure to get more claps than the hero. The hero friend and constable played by Bala Saravanan is a scream. He backs up as Viswa’s alter ego and his dialogues make you laugh. Ishwarya Rajesh the heroine is there for the songs and for some romance.

Yuvan’s background music adds some stability to the film while his songs are disappointing. Cameraman Siddharth has done an excellent job while the editing looks crisp. Though its the same old story of revenge, debutant director Caarthick Raju has managed to steal the show with right mixture of comedy, sentiment and action. It will manage to surprise you for comedy has been delivered both by the cop as well as by the miscreant which will make you laugh throughout the film. The movie is a clean time pass without much fuss and more fun..!! 🙂

Naaigal Jaakiradhai (TAMIL)


Starring: Sibiraj, Idoh (Dog), Arundathi, Balaji and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : Dharan Kumar
Cinematography: Nizar Shafi
Written and Directed by: Shakthi Soundar Rajan

A film that has a dog as the lead and the known star of the film is almost not known all these days as he did not have a film for the last few years. Thus the film had a good release because of the dog and somewhat the thriller genre seems to be interesting these days. So what does the dog do to make us watch the film. Need to find out.

Karthik (Sibiraj) is recuperating from a gunshot wound to his leg during a shootout with ruthless kidnappers. Circumstances force Karthik to take on the responsibility of Subramani (Idoh) after the death of its owner (It is an Army dog). He is extremely reluctant to do so initially, but soon begins to adore the dog. Suddenly Karthik’s wife (Arundathi), who is pregnant, gets kidnapped by unknown gang. Karthik takes help from Idoh and goes in search of his wife. What happens to his wife and the kidnappers forms the rest.

This film reminds us of the late yesteryear director Rama.Narayanan, one who is a legend in taking films with animals. The funny elements in the first half with dog and the hero looks cute. But the film gets back to the investigative thriller form later. The good part, however, is that the hero here doesn’t break into a duet with his heroine but instead spends all the time with his dog, which is very rare these days. Despite his wooden expression, Sibiraj comes through and the role seems tailor-made for him. He has quite successfully imitated his legendary father. However, the film is the dog’s show all the way. His pranks are adorable and so are his expressions.

Editor Praveen has not only cleverly maintained the pace of the film, but wrapped it up in just an hour and 54 minutes which is very good for a thriller. Nizar Shafi’s cinematography is excellent as he has captured some brilliant expressions displayed by the dog. Dharan Kumar’s background score adds strength to the movie. A good deal of research seems to have gone into dog training and their usage in the defense force. There is no doubt that Idoh is a great entertainer, but a more realistic and intelligent approach by the director could have taken the film to a different level. Whatever its faults, director Shakthi Soundar Rajan’s film is a decent fun-filled entertainer and keeps us smiling for the best friend..!! 🙂

Interstellar (ENGLISH)


One more space film from the Hollywood. Thats what the normal Indian crowd would have thought about this film unless someone knew it was directed by Christopher Nolan, the man behind the Batman Trilogy and Inception. His name adds the extra factor for the film. Man! what a thinking and what a creativity. The transition from the likes of Prestige to Inception and now Interstellar is quite remarkable, and this time the man has put in his heart and soul to weave out a script that has Nolan’s signature through the end. A Big handshake for Nolan.

A crew of five is ready to depart, a mission not to save the world from the clutches of destruction but to find a new home. The journey embarks through a belief that a mysterious appearance of a wormhole near Saturn through which a network of planets where life is possible. The catch is that, on the far side of the wormhole, with the planets on the lip of an enormous black hole, time is far more stretched out than it is on Earth, say like 7 years is equal to that of Earth.

For an average Indian watcher the movie is all about awe and awesomeness, the sheer intelligence is evident through the cognitive mind of the script writer to visualize such a gala spectacle. McConaughey is perfectly cast as a man who knows this mission is his destiny but cannot come to terms with leaving his family. A balanced mix of determination and vulnerability, he makes this cinematic expedition worthwhile. Hathaway is forceful despite getting rather trite dialogues, a special mention being her ‘love conquers all’ speech aboard the spaceship. Another inspired performance the young Murph.

Hans Zimmer’s out of the box sound track just ripples through as the drama unfolds. In all, the movie is a crowd puller of all sorts and has a sentimental touch which is sure to lure not just an average Sci-Fi enthusiast but a little more than that. This is an incredible ride, a film that will scare and stupefy and drop jaws and make us weep, the kind of film that makes our hearts thump against our ribs and makes us believe in the glory of the movies. Nolan take a bow, once again..!! 🙂

Kaththi (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay, Samantha, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sathish and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: George C Williams
Written and Directed by: AR Murugadas

The two big personalities in their own field joins their hands once again after the blockbuster called ‘Thupaki’ which release two years back. The fans would automatically expect too much. When the director mentioned that Kaththi will be better than previous one, many questioned it, and started to think what would be in store this time. Let’s see how they did it this time.

Jeevanandham (Vijay) is desperately trying to save his village from being swallowed up by a powerful Cola company belonging to an industrialist Chirag (Neil Nitin Mukesh). Kathiresan (another Vijay) is a petty thief who escapes from jail and plans to escape from the country with his friend (Sathish). He meets Ankita (Samantha) in the middle and gets attracted towards her. Meanwhile Jeeva is shot by some men and Kathir uses this situation and he swaps the role. Jeeva is caught by the police and is back in jail and soon Kathir understands why Jeeva is being targeted all the time. The rest of the film is all about how Kathiresan eventually saves the Jeeva’s village.

A protagonist switching places and solving the problems faced by his look-alike is an age-old happening in our movies. The trouble with the film is its first half which moves at a sluggish pace. The film takes its own time to start moving, while the actual plot starts developing only post interval and ends with a stunning climax. You can’t take your eyes of Vijay, he is fantastic as the flamboyant Kathiresan and the sober Jeevanandham. His strong screen presence adds a huge value to the project. All Samantha had to do in the film is smile and look pretty. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks rich in stylish costumes. He deserves a special mention for delivering the dialogues with clean lip sync.

Technically, the film is rich. Anirudh’s music and BGM reaches a new level with. George C Williams’s camera is eye catching mainly the night shots and the songs. The action scenes are well choreographed especially the coin fight scene. Murugudas has conveyed the much needed message to this generation via his brilliant dialogues, and made use of harsh facts to highlight the importance of water and farming. Murugadas has mastered the skills of commercial film making. He has raised the bar once again, and mixed the colorful elements in the right proportion of a social drama, and penned an excellent screenplay. Though there are some logical loopholes, those have been brilliantly plastered by cinematic liberties. This one is sharp even though not a clear razor type… 🙂

Poojai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Sruthihasan, Sathyaraj, Soori and many more
Editing : VT Vijayan
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Priyan
Written and Directed by: Hari

Another Vishal film for this Diwali too. Produced by him adds an attraction to the film and also he joins hands with Hari after a gap of 7 years. We all know how Hari’s films will be. Inspite of that this film made an attraction due to the tremendous promotions and slick teasers. Lets see how the film is.

Vasu (Vishal), is a guy who due to some misunderstandings and problems has come out of his rich joint family headed by his mother Radhika, and sets up a money lending business. Divya (Sruthihasan) a modern girl falls for his good nature and gets attracted towards him. A businessman and a contract killer, Anna Thandavam (Mukesh Tiwari), comes across Vasu in the wrong way and bitter battle erupts. Sathyaraj, a police officer also helps Vasu in catching the villain. What happens rest is the very usual story of this film.

Although the story might initially come across as being different, it ultimately ends in the regular masala sort of climax. Almost at every frame, it is predictable as to what will happen next. However the second half is relatively fast paced than the former. Most commercial films are plagued by a serious problem for the need to include a romantic track. And most of these romantic plots make us wonder if falling in love is so simple. The movie has fights followed by comedy, emotion, glamorous songs, hero-heroine romance and back to long drawn out chases, action and eardrum-shattering background music.

This is without doubt a tailor-made role for Vishal, who at least makes all the incredible stunt scenes seem quite plausible. Shruthi plays her part well, for all the scenes that involve her. The only places that involve Shruthi are that of romance, which is clean for all audience. Soori as the comedian does a great job in keeping you in splits every now and then. Radhika, Jayaprakash and Sathyaraj play pivotal roles as supporting actors. Yuvan’s music is nothing to talk about. Priyan’s camera just goes zip and zap across all the areas. Editor must have had an annoyable experience with too many shots to edit.

This is a standard Hari fare, there is loads of everything that we expect from him. The screenplay may not be as exciting as some of his earlier hits, but it keeps you entertained just the same. Better to give a miss..!! 🙂