Saivam (TAMIL)

Saivam movie poster

Starring: Nasser, Basha, Baby Sarah, Shanmugarajan and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Directed by: AL Vijay

A film by Vijay who has directed films with almost all the leading stars of the industry was the first thought came to mind when the film’s announcement was made. Later it was known that this film wont be having neither any hero nor any heroine except Nasser and Baby Sarah (Deivathirumagal fame) as the main characters. Then came the news Nasser’s son Basha being interoduced in the film and the film promotes Vegeterianism which is depicted right away in the title (with the logo of Green which depicts for vegeterian items). But still I dint have any interest in watching this except for a power shutdown which made me to watch this film just to pass of time as the film was just about 120 minutes.

Kathiresan (Nasser), the head of the family, is overjoyed at having his entire family of three sons and a daughter under one roof when they all get together for a temple function in their home town. His daughter has travelled from abroad, while his two sons have come down from the city with their families. Kathiresan lives in the village with his third son, who has a daughter Tamizhselvi (Baby Sarah). There is also a sweet innocent love that blooms between the young cousins, Senthil (Baasha) and Abhirami (Twara Desai). The family has a Nerthikadan (promise of an offering to God in return for a favour), which is long overdue. They believe that the delay in fulfilling the promise has led to a number of problems for the family. Together they decide that Papa, a rooster, should be sacrificed before the village deity for which Tamizh stands against. What happens to Papa and Tamizh forms the rest.

The film throws light on our family value system. The characters in the movie also show the attitude of urbanites towards their rural counterparts. Not to forget, it tells you that village kids are no less to the children brought up in cities. It also conveys that offering animals to God will not solve any problem. Nasser and other casts have done complete justice to their roles. People will fall in love with Sara again after Deivathirumagal. Shanmugarajan as the fake astrologer in a brief cameo brings the roof down with his hilarious performance. In the end, you will start loving each and every character in the movie. Though the film is short in length, certain scenes in the second half could have been chopped.

Nirav Shah has added his camera skills in the film to the already beautiful village locations from the Chettinad side. GV Prakash’s music is appropriate and pleasant both in songs and in BGM’s. Good dialogues, great characterisation with opportunities for everyone to prove themselves, plenty of humour and a light-hearted romance are the biggest positives which Vijay has given more importance and thus all clicked together well. There is no room for vulgarity, fights or item number in the movie which is another plus. The film is a clean and well-made family entertainer. It won’t be wrong if I say that this flick is the best movie of Vijay till date. Good flick for the family..!! 🙂


Bangalore Days (MALAYALAM)


Starring: Dulqar Salman, Nivin Pauly, Fagath Fasil, Nazriya, Parvathy Menon, Isha Talwar, Nithya Menon and many more
Music: Gopi Sundar
Directed by: Anjali Menon

What attracted me to watch this film is about every other magazine or article was writing very much high about this film. Fine. Next the film was getting booked just like that in Chennai. Okay. Then the director announced the film now has subtitles added to it. Hmmm thats good. So this was the reason for me seeing the film. But lets see how the film is as I did not watch even the trailer, which my friends said was excellent.

Arjun (Dulquar), Kuttan (Nivin) and Divya (Nazriya) are three cousins. Kuttan and Arjun, Software Engineer and a bike mechanic by profession respectively will be settled in Bangalore. Divya will be married to Das (Fahad), who will be working in a Bangalore based company. Their marriage life will not be in good terms, as Das will be a workaholic guy. In this course, Divya will come to know about Das’s old love story, which makes her stay away from him. What happens next?

The one thing which surprises you is the star cast. Almost all of the younger crop of the Malayalam industry has been part of the film. And the film is not a love story as many will be thinking. The film is a bundle stunningly subtle moments of emotions which has presented and executed very well. It’s never easy to handle three bright young heroes in a film, but director does it with great elan. The characters and their stories have been written and executed in an impressive way. Dulqar has given splending performance and he has more screen presence when compared with other male leads. Nivin’s innocence character is cute whereas Fahad’s surprising twist to his past gains interest. Nazriya is full of life and Parvathy comes up with another terrific performance. Isha Talwar and Nithya Menon have limited roles to play, but they suit their roles perfectly. The rest of the cast is good as well.

Sameer Thahir’s visuals are top notch. A Bangalorean, who don’t even understand Malayalam will fall for Sameer Thahir’s camera work. Gopi Sundar’s music is fine and sets up the tempo and mood for the film (Yes I listened to the songs after coming back from film). The film stretches to three hours but one doesn’t feel it thanks to the even pacing. Anjali has given a good screenplay and directed her story well. A perfect youth entertainer which you can go for it.  Strictly recommended..!! 🙂

Manjapai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vimal, Lakshmi Menon, Rajkiran and many more
Editing : Deva
Music : NR Raghunandhan
Cinematography: Masani
Directed by: N Ragavan

To be frank a film acted by Vimal never kindles interest unless any big names involved in it. Thus the film was released almost more than 300 plus screens due to its extensive marketing. I still dint have interest. Finally I was made to watch this film which has Rajkiran returning back after a hiatus. Not so interesting songs too. Lets see what this bag offers us.

ManjaPai tells the story of a grandfather and grandchild played by Rajkiran and Vimal. Tamizh (Vimal) has been brought up by his grandfather since his childhood. He manages to settle in Chennai as a software engineer where he struggles for going to USA from his company. So in the meantime he invites his grandfather to Chennai and what happens next is the crux of the film. Add love segments (with Lakshmi Menon) in the middle mixed with overdose of emotions will form the remaining part of screenplay.

The director has attempted to highlight the isolated life and callous attitude of people in the city. But most of the incidents seem superficial and predictable. The film is too formulaic to make a hard-hitting statement that people in villages are naive, helpful and their love unconditional. But does all this apply to people of this generation or even the so-called villages? The highlight of the film is none other than Rajkiran, who has come out with brilliant performance. Rest of the cast is not noteworthy to mention.

Raghunandhan’s music and Masani’s camerawork just passes muster. Editing could have been pepped up at many places. The film suffers from a lack of pace right from the beginning to the long-drawn-out tragic climax, which comes as a total disappointment. Overall with its cliched plot, the film has absolutely nothing new to offer. 🙂

Mundasupatti (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishnu, Nandita, Kaali Venkat, Ramdoss, Anandraj and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography: PV Sankar
Directed by: Ram

Yet another short film converted to feature film. Fine. What the change will be in this. As per the trailer there is nothing changed. Story?. Same. Ok we can ignore it. Thats what it was when the trailers came. A slightly tweaked trailer it was but nothing was much interesting. Then the songs were good which made us irk towards the screens. Thus I saw the film and the end result of me was I was just rolling over my seats with laughs and even more laughs. And even the pre hype for the film was good and the movie’s team strategy of building a site where you can create moustache for your picture made a wave among the public and celebrities too.

The story starts from 1947 and then comes back and stays in 1982 in a fictional village where taking photographs is banned as people who gets photographed starts to die one after another. So the only time where the click sound is heard in the village is only when a person dies. One scenario makes the hero Gopi (Vishnu) and his assistant Azhagu (Kaali Venkat, who played the lead in the short film). There Gopi meets Kalaivani (Nandita) and that leads to the love plot. The photograph which they took is not clearly exposed. What happens next forms an excellent events which leads to happy ending amidst superstitions which is still followed in most of the villages.

The director has tried to neatly pack the movie with comedy sequences at regular intervals. The first half is full of entertainement even though some scenes are repetitive. The phase picks up just before the interval where the real plot starts to begin. The second half is better and keeps audience engaged. The love scenes could have been trimmed a bit down as nothing was new in it except the interesting background score.

Vishnu and Nandita seem perfectly at ease with their characters. Kaali Venkat adds to the comic elements, but the pick of the lot is without doubt Ramdoss, who plays Nandita’s uncle Muniskanth, an aspiring actor. Though his antics are highly exaggerated he managed to garner the most laughs. Anandraj makes a fine return to the screen as the impotent zamindar. His character keeps numerous cats in his place and that too forms part of the plot. This veteran is not been used in the recent times and he has shown is potential back even in the short character he got. Even the person who plays the fraudulent village priest is apt.

The biggest winner is music department. Sean Roldan’s background score works big time. Sean keeps attracting just even in his second movie. PV Sankar’s cinematography is vibrant and Leo John Paul’s editing is neat. The art work and production design give it the 80’s look – bell bottom pants, Yashica still camera and the old Jawa bike. Even though film seems to extend a bit towards the end, the director manages to keep things playful and entertaining at all  times. One more feather to CV Kumar and his team to furnish a altogether new film with different theme clubbed with insults to superstitions, hats off to Ram for providing a nice feature. Rollicking and brilliant film..!! 🙂


Here is the link for short film:

X-Men : Days of Future Past (ENGLISH)


The film is about changing the happenings on a day way back in 1973 to make the things changed and thus to clean the universe. X-Men are none but the mutants and Sentinels are the ones who makes them exist and adapt to their power. In 1973, Mystique had killed the creator of the Sentinel which almost brings the rule of mutants to the end. If the scene is changed everything will change. Will it happen or wont is the nice screenplay captured well with excellent star cast. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join up with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in the film.

The action scenes adds value to the film. The 3D though is efficient and not overdone. The acting is solid across the board, with Hugh Jackman taking the major portion of it. Quite like its name, Days of Future Past may just be that — its interesting enough to keep glued to the seats, but not good enough to not see in it reflected glory. The film combines the best elements of the series to produce a satisfyingly fast-paced outing that ranks among the franchise’s finest installments.

Its one of the film where there is a lots of things to see and understand and yet the movie is nice. Interesting adapation from the comics. Kudos to the team.

Edge Of Tomorrow (ENGLISH)


The film is nothing but just a war between military officers and Mimics who are nothing but similar to aliens which we might have seen in many of the English films. William Cage (Tom Cruise) who serves for the army is stuck in a time loop where he gets back to the same day whenever he dies in the war. Its nothing but like he dies but he resets to the prior day when he was alive. The other side Mimics, controlled by an entity named the Omega, have taken over most of Europe. Cage gets the power from one such Mimic during the war and thus he gets resets all the time he dies. Confusing right? Yes it was just like that for most when the film is in progress.

Whenever the scenes are going crucial all of a sudden Tom Cruise will be seen getting up from time loop. Once or twice is ok but not almost all the time. Emily Blunt who helps him in the film also had a crucial role in helping him to get out away from Omega. We know Cruise is famous for performing mind blowing stunts but not that much with emotions. He falls flat in many of such scenes.

Mimics, Mutants oophh.. We had enough of them in the recent times. But I doubt why dont Hollywood people think beyond that. When the film was in progress it did strike me that Tom Cruise has already had acted in a similar type of film called War of the Worlds which was also a big let down. This had a good opening but too much of resets or time loop , say whatever, had made this film to be kept out of the interesting lists of films which can be watched again. Better luck next time Mimic Cruise.. 😛

Yaamiruka Bayamey (TAMIL)


Starring: Kreshna, Karunakaran, Rupa Manjari, Oviya, Anaswara and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : SN Prasad
Cinematography: Rammy
Directed by: Deekay

Comedy-horror genere is one of the different things that the Tamil cinema has come across in d recent times. That too with not much of a hyped star cast and almost fresh crew is one of the riskiest thing for such an genre. But the film has created few surprises early in the form of its title and recently in the form of getting an much earlier release date that too without any publicity. It is the debutant’s these days who sets a trend for movies to come and here is one such person. Lets see how much does the film make us fear.

Kiran (Kreshna) is a medicine seller who does the selling of medicines for impotency which is banned by the government. He then gets a letter where he gets to know that there is a property which is left for him by his dad. He goes there with his girl friend (Rupa Manjari) and with help of Karunakaran and his sister, Oviya they convert the house into a resort. People who come there to stay dies one after another. Whats behind them and that house is the plot which is presented with a splendid narration.

The film is nothing but a shocking surprise as there was no expectations while having the idea for watching the film. The film is not strictly a thriller alone, and the film has light moments all through the two hours. The most interesting aspect of the film is its intelligent screenplay. It is funny even in tense moments and there is gripping tension even in the light moments.

All the lead actors have performed admirably as there is a touch of comic to all the characters that adds to the ambience of the film. Kreshna, has played the role of a lead hero who is confused yet focused. From a normal supporting role, Karunakaran has graduated to the stature of almost another hero in the flick, doing his best to entertain with his convincing fear and spontaneous comedy. A large part of the credit should go to him. Rupa and Oviya adds to the glamour quotient along with the terror fun. Mayilsamy’s cameo towards the end of the film keeps us glued.

Debut composer SN Prasad has excelled in the background score, but few songs are not in sync with the film. Sreekar Prasad proves his best yet again with his thoughtful editing. Rammy’s debut choice of the film is excellent as he has done his work excellently featuring both the fun and the mystery part in the poetic Nainital. Deekay has skillfully narrated a hilarious tale of horror that keeps you totally engrossed with loads of humour tempered with just the right amount of horror. A clever script, good all round performances along with excellent support from the technical team make this film definitely worth a watch..!! 🙂 🙂