Darling (TAMIL)


Starring: GV Prakash, Nikki Galrani, Karunas, Balasaravanan and many more
Editing : Ruben
Music : GV Prakash
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasanth
Directed by: Sam Anton

Another horror film that too on the lines of comedy horror, the genre in which plenty of films have come in recent past. Then what difference this film gives which casts almost many newcomers. Need to check that how this remake fares.

A couple gets murdered in a guest house way out of city and there is a belief that a lady ghost resides there. Four people, Kadhir (GV Prakash), Nisha (Nikki), Kumar (Balasaravanan) and Adhisayaraj (Karunas), who all have plans to suicide and die comes there to end their life. But the real reason is to make Kathir love Nisha. When Nisha and Kumar plan on this, the ghost enters into Nisha and makes Kathir go distant from Nisha. Why the ghost haunts them and what does it need forms the rest.

Darling is actually the remake of Telugu film ‘Prema Katha Chitram‘ but Sam has changed some scenes and tweaked here and there which goes well with the film. The usage of off beat comedians in place of seasoned ones forms one of the many pluses this film offers. The one liners and English speaking sequences are a laugh riot by all means. GV Prakash debuts in this film in a lead role and has justified his selection as he was not needed to much as per the need of the role. Emotions seems very hard for him but has done what was needed. Nikki Galrani plays the ghost cum girl friend and has delivered the role with confidence. But the film fully belongs to Balasaravanan and Karunas. Rajendran plays an exorcist, Ghost Gopal Varma, and terrifies us by his dialog delivery and the way he delivers English dialogs. Even though his portions are short he steals those scenes with plumb.

Krishnan’s DOP is apt as most of the shots are placed inside a house but the college shots are pleasant. The film is short which adds more grip to the fear factor. GV Prakash’s music and background score work big time but the flashback’s of him slows down the film initially and looks cliche. Though the film falls into stereotypical horror genre as lot of scenes looks similar to any other horror movie. Despite few flaws, though there aren’t many thrills to send chills down your spine, the comedy gives company throughout..!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


I (Tamil)


Starring: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Santhanam and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : AR Rahman
Cinematography: PC Sreeram
Written and Directed by: Shankar

The director who directed a love story as his second film and produced a love film as his debut project comes with a thriller sorts full love story with the casting of a unique actor who wishes to portray the character like his life. Thats the beginning hope this film created initially. Slowly the expectations grew after the stills got released and came to a high once the audio was launched in a big way. The actor joins with the director for the second time after giving a blockbuster in their previous outing. How about this.? Lets check..

A top shot model Diya (Amy Jackson) falls in love with Mr.Tamil Nadu Lingesan (Vikram), and together they become the most wanted model pair in the country after a few initial intros. When Lingesan rejects an advertisement of a wealthy businessman (Ramkumar), who gave him the big break into ad world, he plans revenge against him. Now, he is joined by his competitor model John (Upen Patel), lusty doctor (Suresh Gopi) and a transgender stylist who are out to cause massive damage to Lingesanโ€™s life which is worse than death. How Lingesan takes revenge against these powerful people in the society and did Amy knows about all these forms the rest.

At the start Santhanam contributes a few laughs and keeps things light, and Vikram, too, does no heavy lifting outside the gym. He is relaxed, charming, and he draws us to this a small person who wants to be a big with respect to his body. Shankar takes a break from his usual style of story telling and when he writes dialogs in a casual way he makes use of the efficient writers Subha.

Vikram excels throughout the movie and his years of dedication just to make the movie that much more interesting is appealing. Amy Jackson’s performance is kind of okay and one might feel that she should’ve done much more justice to her role, which is very important to the movie unlike many other Tamil movies. But her lip sync is apt and need to appreciate on that. Santhanam comes both as a comedian and as a character of a friend. Suresh Gopi has underplayed for most part of the movie and erupted to T when it’s required. Upen Patel looks classy and fits the bill perfectly as an international model. Ramkumar will remind you one of the famous personality and has provided his best.

I is a technically brilliant movie. The VFX used are executed almost perfectly in many places. PC Sreeram’s camera work supporting such graphics stands out and has an international appeal to it. His way of showing different ad’s is the best of all. AR Rahman’s songs are already chartbusters and when its seen along with the visuals it gives a good feel. Background score will definitely add accolades to his never ending list of awards. His BGM stands out as it converts an usual scene into an interesting one. Antony tried to cut short the film but at few places we can feel few shots could have been trimmed a bit.

Screenplay in the second half gets better but it also makes the audience to easily guess the remaining story. After taking many thriller and expected films, when Shankar takes a love film, its quiet normal many wont enjoy the way film proceeds but on a whole its quiet slow and steady love film where all the love revenge saga wont happen in a haywire. Vikram’s dedication and performance stands out separately in a Shankar film and in most part, certain technical aspects still try to prove its a Shankar film. Can enjoy the film if you watch without any expectations..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aambala (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Hansika, Vaibhav, Santhanam and many more
Editing : Srikanth NB
Music : ‘Hip Hop Tamizha’ Aadhi
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
Written and Directed by: Sundar C

Sundar’s films has that comedy sprayed across the story which makes the film a saleable product at the end. This was the trend he has followed all these years in all of his films. He has done the same again with a different story and with different and strong cast. Vishal joins with him again after their previous outing has not seen the screen till now. Sundar and Santhanam’s chemistry in comedy is known thing to all. When all these things join together for a film then what we can expect..!! We will take a look..

Saravanan (Vishal) in the company of a policeman (Santhanam) caught in the clutches of fate, falls in love with Maya (Hansika). Due to a turn of events, Saravanan sets out on a mission to discover his father, and also finds his brother and stepbrother eventually. Next mission is to reunite the big family, with his aunts. How he finds them and makes the family get united and marrying their daughters is the rest.

The film would have fallen flat on its nose if not for Santhanam and some witty comedy by Sathish. In fact, Santhanam has once again lifted another film heavily on his shoulders. Usually Sundar’s film wont have much action sequenced but here comes Vishal’s part where he is keeping on beating the goon’s which makes the film a bit slow and boring.

For a change, Vishal is on a role lighter than ever before, keeping you spirited up in his striking presence all through. Hansika in her bubbliest ever charm is a bomb! The beautiful ladies cast as the elder generation – Ramya Krishnan, Aishwarya and Kiran, apart from Prabhu as the father and Santhanam, Sathish and Vaibhav, all do their little but essential part to thread the story together. ‘Hip Hop Tamizha’ Adhi, the internet sensation, makes a delightful debut as music composer with lively, peppy, foot tapping numbers and a pulsating background score. Gopi’s camera has captured everything neatly and pleasantly. Editor has managed to make the film crisp enough.

The film sums up action, masala and romance in the totality of rib tickling humor. There is clean romance, a not so thick story line, packed with agreeable but little over fights, crafted beautifully and delivered on a platter of humour, that hardly a moment skips without laughing. Sundar C and team have launched themselves unshakable, devoid of being overshadowed, on a high entertainment genre, this festive season. Leave the logic and just go for the comedy and you can enjoy it..!! ๐Ÿ™‚