Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam (TAMIL)


Starring: Thambi Ramayya, Santhosh, Akhila and many more
Editing : Sudharshan
Music Songs: Alphons Joseph, Sharreth, Vijay Antony, Thaman    Music Background: C Sathya
Cinematography: Rajarathinam
Directed by: Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Difference always never gets accepted and in most of the cases it gets overlooked. That was the initial case for this film which just informs us that the film does not have a story but it names itself as the 4 most important aspects for a film. Thats the mettle which the director R.Parthipan who is known for his difference. For a change he has rechristened himself as Radhakrishnan Parthiban too from this film for reasons known only to him.

Film without a story. Thats the story of the film. Apart from that if we search something in the film then it leads us to a group of people with the dreams of becoming big in the film industry headed by one of the seniormost assistant director Seenu Sir (Thambi Ramayya) along with few others who works as assistant to Tamizh (Santhosh). Their daily work is to find a story for their film and have their discussions in Tamizh’s house which disturbs his wife Daksha (Akila). Are the terms good between them? Has the group found the story? Did Santhosh directed it? Check out.

The film as mentioned is really a tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema as no one has ever had the guts to announce that their film does not have any story as such. This film just go throughs the different phases of the film industry, its plus and minuses and it has its similarities with the few weeks old Jigarthanda as both deals about film in a film. The film packs with Parthiban’s stamp all over which makes the film to watch carefully not with your eyes but also with your ears too.

As the subject is a bit tricky, director depended on a fresh star cast with backing of a senior Thambi Ramayya and he proves why he earned a National Award. He is an extraordinary performer, and has been aptly chosen for this role. The extra support has been given by many senior actors viz. Arya, Vishal, Taapsee, Amala Paul, Vijay Sethupathi and many more in a cute and sweet cameos. The director himself appears in some important scenes of the film which makes the film to develop more interestingly.

Rajarathinam deserves to be lauded for his spectacular camera and angles setting the mood right in every frame. Seeing the film to be completed with just a few minutes over 2 hours makes us to laud Sudharshan, the editor. The songs are nice as they are little and the BGM tickles the thrills and chills of the movie. The director has penned a different story with crisp and interesting screenplay backed by sharp and witty dialogues and directed it well to make sure he has titled the film aptly. Parthiban has given us a film based only on a good writing and proved that director and story always marks the success of a film and not only the star power. 🙂


Anjaan (TAMIL)


Starring: Surya, Samantha, Vidyut Jamwal, Manoj Bajpai and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Santhosh Sivan
Directed by: Lingusamy

This is the film which the hero chose after giving thumbs down after hearing 3 other scripts from the director. Then the cast got bigger and the crew too along with the budget thus making it as one of the film which was clearly in expectations to almost all the film faternity. But has it played it part by providing the needed entertainment is the question to be addressed.

Krishna (Surya) is physically challenged and has travelled to Mumbai in search of his brother. He visits places of local goons to find some clue about his brother, who he claims has disappeared. Krishna learns the truth about his brother, who was a dangerous and fearless don(!) called as Raju Bhai in the gangster circles. Chandru (Vidyut) and Raju forms the gang which destroys the entire opponents. However, they tangle with Imran (Manoj Bajpai), another ruthless gangster, who hates their guts and eventually has them both killed. Can Krishna avenge the death of his brother? Watch it among many of the yawns which automatically comes till now.

The most triggering thing for me is the ‘U’ rating given for the film. Shots are fired at people at point blank range, knives and other sharp objects are thrust into bodies which spew blood and the heroine gets her due with item songs, skimpy clothes and a gratuitous shot of a blouse being unhooked, and yet the film gets a ‘clean’ tag from the censor board whereas few other movies still have to plead for ‘U’ certificate when they dont have anything like mentioned above. Funny..!!

Performance wise, Surya is stylish and carries the entire film. As always, he steals the show. Vidyut looks sauve and smart and could have given more screen presence for him. Samantha looks very chic and she oozes the needed glamour whenever she appears in her work by dancing to the peppy songs (bikini 😀 ). Manoj Bajpai looks like a clown along with all other goons. The film has the distinction of being the first film in the world to be shot with the Red Dragon Digital camera handled by Santhosh Sivan, the results are simply stunning. Yuvan’s music is quite good, especially the BGM.

There is not one or two drawbacks but the entire film is a mere drawback. Bad lip syncs, actors keeping on talking in Hindi without being given a voiceover or the needed subs we can add many such drawbacks like this. The length of the film also adds fuel to the fire. It is high time Lingusamy, who is reluctant to change, accepts the fact that age-old formula doesn’t work anymore. Big let down..!! 🙂 😦

Hercules (ENGLISH)


The film is nothing but the portrayal of the man Hercules (Dwayne Johnson @ The Rock). Hercules is considered as the mythical son of Zeus. He never goes to fight alone but with his entire team where each one is specialized in one thing thus making the Hercules to be the best to give training for other kingdom’s soldiers. Hercules always get the fee in the form of gold of his weight and when he goes to train for Coty’s men to defeat Rhesus. The story has many twists and turns which are interesting too.

Dwayne Johnson is apt for the role of Hercules. He gets chances to emote also. All his other team members are also performed well with each one has different character to show. The climax could have been a bit more well etched as it did not suit the entire mood of the film. The 3D effects are also very nice and neat.

The film gets its war scenes right and good production values ensure watching it in 3D is quite a treat. People who love to watch nice action and war oriented films that too in 3D, Hercules can be the perfect choice. Best bet for an evening of happiness and thrills..!! 🙂

Jigarthanda (TAMIL)


Starring: Sidharth, Simhaa, Lakshmi Menon, Karunakaran and many more
Editing : Vivek Harshan
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Gavemic U Ary
Directed by: Karthik Subbaraj

Giving a second film after a very massive debut flick is a very sternous one for the film makers. So obviously it will take some time to crack down the story which should be a very much bigger and better than the first. But Karthik’s choice was pretty simple. Give a hit debut and take a film which he has penned down initially for his debut. Once there is a hit, people come in search of you and such a scenario happened for this film. However certain release debacles happened in between, the success of a good film cant be hidden away from anything and thats why this film found a place in the top 5 must-watch movies in 2014 in the Forbes India list.

The film opens with Karthik (Sidharth), an aspiring filmmaker who is rejected in a short film program, finds a producer who is willing to make his film but on one condition that ‘it should be a fierce gangster flick’ (read as ratham therika therika). Since he decides to take inspiration from a real-life gangster, Karthik comes to the temple town of Madurai and takes help of his friend Ooruni (Karunakaran) for a research on thugs. They come to know of the ruthless gangster and a terror in that area Assault Sethu (Simhaa). Karthik takes the help of Kayal (Lakshmi Menon) and her mother who cook food for Sethu and his henchmen. He also pretends to be in love with her. As he embarks on his task what follows is a commercial cocktail of action, humor and thrills. How Karthik comes out of this tricky web is the rest of the story.

After an intriguing first half where aspiration meets reality, the director weaves subplots one after another. A movie is never complete without little awesomeness squeezed between the main plots, and this too has its share of it with lighter scenes. Though Sidharth gives a commendable performance, Simhaa steals the show. He is chillingly menacing at times, while completely hilarious in others, but equally convincing in both. A truly remarkable performance. I think why he was doing trivial roles so far. He drives the film from the first scene to the last, with his amazing performance. As a powerful don, he spells terror with his merciless attitude. Kudos to Karthik Subbaraj for casting him in this role. Karunakaran is at his usual self and he scores with his dialogue delivery with his continuous presence through out the film. The rest of the supporting cast including the henchmen (the ways to near them are so hilariously portrayed) , the acting tutor (Gibrish guy) and the shopkeeper (Sangili Murugan)  do full justice to their roles. Vijay Sethupathi appears in a cameo role.

The film is called as a musical gangster film and the soundtrack is definitely eclectic and involves a melange of genres and he is able to capture the mood of the film. The songs are good, short and mostly in the background. The cinematography of Gavemick takes it to a different level, he has beautifully captured the outdoor and night-effect rain scenes giving the story the right tone. Vivek Harshan has done a fabulous job in sharply editing the second half, where the twists are revealed to the audience. I don’t find any difficulties with the length of the film, though its nearly 170 minutes. The best thing Karthik, the director, has done is casting the most appropriate people for the roles. As soon as the movie starts, you are introduced to the brutal dons and their lifestyles at various different backgrounds. With interesting twists, you might be wondering if the second half will have more bloodshed. On the contrary, it turns out to be a complete laugh riot.

Karthik Subbaraj is one of the exciting filmmakers of my time who has come here to stay. He presents us with an engrossing gangster film with a series of bizarre twists and turns that keeps us guessing. Its very difficult to pen down such a tedious screenplay where the film has parts of two films being taken and shown and that too without any confusion. He already served us an out of the box dish of pizza and again made us to taste another out of the box or say out of the world of Tamil cinema by serving us with a cool, cherish-able and crafty dessert or call as main course as this is enough for a long time as its taste wont deter from us for a long time. More and more dishes are expected from him and I am waiting to taste them a lot..!! A cold dessert served raw and hot, which no one should ever miss out..!! 🙂