The Jungle Book (ENGLISH)


Based on Rudyard Kipling’s collective works and inspired by Walt Disney’s 1967 animated film of the same name, this is a live-action and CGI film that tells the story of Mowgli, an orphaned human boy, who guided by his animal guardians, sets out on a journey of self-discovery while evading the threatening Shere Khan. Visually, the film is breathtakingly stunning. Jon Favreau makes his film palpable with its wonderfully detailed characters in the dense jungle which anyone would swear is real.

Neel Sethi, Mowgli, is an Indian American boy who has a natural screen presence and brings an infectious energy to the role. Favreau has ensured that the story is mature, the dialogues are contemporary, the humor is typically American and the appeal, enduringly ageless. The screenplay is well-designed in the typical Disney fashion with each character being given its due screen time.

While the sound which includes most of the animal voices and cries, is immersive and all pervasive, the computer-generated images are impressive but the 3D effects do not add anything to these excitement. The director, along with his team of technicians, does a fabulous job of creating a world where even the adult can lose himself/herself in. The technical wizardry is of that level. Go for this jungle and enjoy yourself..!! 🙂


24 (TAMIL)

24_(2016_film)_posterStarring: Surya, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Saranya,  and many more
Editing : Prawin Pudi
Music : AR Rahman
Cinematography: Tirru
Directed by: Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar’s last offering was the much celebrated ‘Manam‘ and he was tipped to remake the same film in Tamil with Surya in the lead role. But after many thoughts the duo came out with a scientific time travel thriller and that’s 24. Lets see how the travel has been.

This is the story of a watch, with which the owner can travel to the past and future and control the time. It is invented by Sethuraman (Surya), a scientist and his twin brother, Athreya wants to snatch it from him. Athreya’s quest to get the watch extends to the next generation (26 years in future) as he has to now get it from Mani (Surya) the son of Sethuraman. What happens to the watch, how it changes the lives of the three characters in the course of its travel, and who gets the watch ultimately is what it is all about.

One can easily say that films like these do not come very often. You are bound to appreciate the thought process behind Vikram Kumar’s execution of the whole project. Getting an idea like this and narrating the film in such a comprehensive manner is no joke. Right from the beginning, he engrosses you with ample thrills and entertains you big time. The screenplay is loaded with unpredictable twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The pace never slackens except for the ridiculous romantic angle.

Be it the innocent Sethuraman, monstrous Athreya or charmer Mani, Surya has given his heart and soul for all the three characters. The versatility in Surya’s body language and mannerisms are huge plus for the film. Both Samantha and Nithya doesn’t have big scope in the movie, but are adequate. Samantha is good in some of the comedy scenes too. Saranya has once again justified that she is tailor-made for lovable mother roles. The Research lab set that includes a lot of precautionary facilities created by the scientist with some beautiful designs in it including a multi-purpose cradle for the kid speaks volumes about the brilliant efforts of art direction.

Tirru has beautifully mixed Poland and Pune scenery to create the perfect outdoor action scenes which has been captured well. Prawin Pudi could have trimmed the film a little more. Rahman’s songs are big plus for the film and he scores well in the BGM of Athreya’s sequences, especially in the pre-climax portion. Vikram should be lauded a lot for taking efforts in bringing out such a brilliant screenplay through time travel and made everyone understand with ease. Keep your expectations in check and be ready to bear the lack luster love track, this will entertain you completely..!! 🙂


Fan-Poster-2Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Shriya, Sayani Gupta and many more
Editing : Namrata Rao
Music : Vishal – Shekhar    Background Score : Andrea Guerra
Cinematography: Manu Anand
Directed by: Maneesh Sharma

Fan’s are the ones who make run their star’s high value films. They are the ones who worship the stars as their idols. If not them then the stars come back to zero. Lets see how this fan has performed to his star and whether its worthy or not.

Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan), is a die-hard fan of superstar Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan). After winning a local competition performing like Junior Aryan Khanna, Gaurav decides to personally dedicate his trophy to his superstar. He goes to Mumbai to celebrate Aryan’s birthday, but fails to meet his idol. In order to grab the attention of, Gaurav does something wrong. Aryan comes to know about Gaurav’s deed and fails to acknowledge him. This breaks the heart of Gaurav the die-hard fan, due to which he decides to teach Aryan Khanna a lesson. What happens after that forms the crux.

Maneesh comes up with a brilliant concept and highly succeeds in establishing its main plot. First half sets the pace but its the second where it goes down fully. The whole point and purpose of the film seemed diluted in the finale. The movie goes on a repetitive mode in the second half followed by dragging and stretched finale. This is no ordinary Shah Rukh Khan film. He has tackled his roles well and relishes them with passion. He’s wonderful as the superstar who faces trouble from the most unexpected source, and is even better as the fan who is so obsessed, he cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

The cinematography is good and the locations of Dubrovnik will be liked for the chase scene. Andrea Guerra’s BGM works in the favour of the film. I am not sure whether the song free move is a plus or minus for the film but I personally wanted a song. The movie has a great concept with a fantastic performance by SRK, but it ends up among films where nothing is left after the revelation of the twist. Once watch one and only for SRK..!! 🙂

Vetrivel (TAMIL)

vetriStarring: Sasikumar, Prabhu, Mia George, Thambi Ramaiah and many more
Editing : AL Ramesh
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: SR Kathir
Directed by: Vasanthamani

Sasikumar after his daring attempt with Bala gets back to his original avatar, the feel good persona of rural type film. Family, sentiment, love with the right dosage of drama always make up a great ingredient for a good movie and the film’s trailer also proved that all these are plenty in the movie. Lets see how the film has performed.

Vetrivel (Sasikumar) is a carefree young man and his dad (Ilavarasu), a teacher by profession cannot stand him as he is a school drop out but his innocent mom (Renuka) always backs him. Vetri is madly in love with Janani (Miya George) but never expresses out. His younger brother (Anand Nag), is in love with Prabhu’s daughter, the big wig and president of a nearby village. Prabhu convinces Ilavarasu that the marriage between their kids cannot happen. But Sasikumar plans to kidnap the girl with the help of his friends (Nadodigal gang) but they wrongly kidnap another girl (Nikhila). How this becomes a huge issue and changes Vetri’s life forms the rest of the story.

Though deliberately paced, the sheer number of characters and the many twists in the otherwise predictable plot keeps you engaged. The long drawn out climax also tests your patience. Sasikumar hasn’t changed much from his earlier films, he repeats the same mannerisms, dialogue delivery and body language but it suits this rural entertainer. Other than Sasikumar, Vetrivel belongs to the bunch of character artists including Prabhu, Ilavarasu, Viji Chandrasekar and Renuka. AnanthNag comes as a faithful brother and Miya George fills her role with cute expressions. The interesting of whole cast is the use of Thambi Ramaiah and his timely comedy.

Technically, Kathir’s camera captures the essence of rural beauty and Imman’s background score warrants mention. The length, which mars the pace, needs a bit trimming. Though the movie moves with cliché parts, it is a neat family drama which will entertain with its clean content and engaging rural screenplay. Can enjoy once..!! 🙂