Maya (TAMIL)

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Starring: Nayanthara, Aari, Lakshmipriya, Robo Shankar and many more
Editing : TS Suresh
Music : Ron Yohan
Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan
Directed by: Ashwin Saravanan

Except Nayanthara rest all were new in this film. So there was no pre hype and only factor which was taken a note is this film is also based on horror genre. I even skipped this film in the first week but later some ravishing reviews made me to watch this film. Lets see what the film is about.

This film also reveals in meta film mode. While one part is shot in black and white, the other deals with your everyday life scenario. Apsara (Nayanthara), a mother of a one-year-old baby girl, is a struggling actor and is separated from her husband who is also an actor. She stays in her good friend Swathi (Lakshmipriya), an assistant film director, place. Lakshmipriya and her director try to sell their film by promoting it by announcing 5 lakhs cash reward who watches the film alone. The other part introduces us to a sketching artist, Vasanth (Aari), who works for a weekly magazine, illustrating stories. He is working on a horror series that is inspired from a true story that occurred at a neighboring forest called Mayavanam. Vasanth loses his friend and the writer who are killed under mysterious circumstances. Vasanth goes into Mayavanam and Apsara takes up the deal of seeing the movie alone. Whats next is the plot.

With just minimal number of characters, Ashwin has penned a great story which is well backed by neat and clean screenplay. Each scene comes with a clarity which mingles well with the story. There are some truly hair-raising moments which are sure to haunt. All will wonder if we say that this is the director’s debut try. A warm welcome dude. Though the film seems to be slow the tight screenplay does not make you feel it so.

Nayanthara looks calm and composed and has underplayed her character. Just a few dialog to mouth she emote well. Aari has carried his role well enough. Lakshmipriya has done a commendable job as supporting to the main lead. Sound effects are too good and you will experience the thrill when you watch the film in the dolby atmos enabled screens. With almost new crew namely Ron Yohan and Sathyan Sooryan, the film should be normal but here it looks extra ordinary thanks to their involvement. Ron Yohan has made us literally glued to our seats. Just one song but he has scored very well in the BGM’s. Sathyan’s camera avoids usual angles and has captured the night scenes well. Suresh’s work is neat.

This film does not come under usual horror genre but has a strong story laced with few haunting scenes. A well packed movie with good screenplay which is well supported by cast, scintillating music and attractive camera shots makes the film worth a watch. Don’t miss it..!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Trisha Illana Nayanthara (TAMIL)

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Starring: G.V.Prakash Kumar, Anandhi, Manisha Yadav, VTV Ganesh, Simran and many more
Editing : Ruben
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Directed by: Adhik Ravichandran

Music director GV now is in the mood of performing in front of the camera and thus he releases his second film within the same year. Last time it was horror thriller but this time he has chosen a different genre which was rarely seen in films on the whole. Pre hype was way too much for the film and the songs were run away hit and thus increased the hype. Lets see how the film is.

The film describes the life of Jeeva (G.V.Prakash), who is desperately trying to lose his virginity. His first choice is Ramya (Anandhi), his close friend and classmate. But they have a fight and Ramya leaves the city. She barely exits the scene, when Aditi (Manisha Yadav) enters his life. All the 3 were born on the same day too. Ramya is the girl-next-door types whereas Aditi is bold and glamorous. After knowing Aditi is an habitual drinker, he leaves her. He returns to Ramya, who he accidentally meets while visiting his uncle (VTV Ganesh). Whom he chooses at the end is the story.

The film is absolutely crap and full of crass. There is no story of sorts whereas film like ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai‘ too had similar genre but somewhat had a story in it. The dumb part of the movie is the screenplay which is too boring. I slept nicely towards the end thinking whenever you wake up you will happen to see the same thing again. But the dialogs were good. Only the dialog can’t help to move a film right?

GV has come up a long way in the form of acting. He is well suited for the role. Anandhi and Manisha has no scope other than to do what they were asked to. VTV Ganesh gets repetitive day by day. Wonder why an actress of Simran’s caliber agreed to do the role of an aunty which had zero scope? Ruben could have further shortened the film, Richard’s shades prove that this is a colorful film and composer GV comes out with distinction in BGM and songs. Overall a complete crap and waste of time..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yatchan (TAMIL)

yatchan poster7

Starring: Arya, Kreshna, Deepa Sannidhi, Swathi, Thambi Ramaiah, Adil Hussain and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Written by: Suba & Vishnuvardhan
Directed by: Vishnuvardhan

Not many films are made based on a novel. One such movie is Yatchan which is based on a story which is published in a weekly magazine and Vishnu had tried to adapt it to a film having his buddies and brother for his company. The film overall looked like a rehash of Vishnu’s previous dual hero film ‘Pattiyal’ which surprisingly had Arya has the main lead. Lets see does this too come under the same category.

Chinna (Arya) is a petty thief from Thoothukudi, who murders a thug who tears the tickets of Ajith’s film. Soon he leaves to Chennai and hides for some time. At the same time Karthik (Kreshna) is an aspiring actor from Pazhani who gets motivated by his girlfriend Deepa (Swathi) and comes to Chennai with a lot ofย  dreams. They both come to Chennai and bump into each other quiet often. Their life turns upside down as both of them get into wrong cars. There is another plot between Deepa Sannidhi and Vetri (Adil Hussain). Whats the link between all these forms the crux.

Vishnu cleverly portrayed both the male leads equally with equal footage for both along with performance for both. This is also one of the film where the narration takes its sweet time to come to the main plot. The shuffling between comedy and action makes us feel under what genre the film comes. Comical scenes most of the time does not work and just falls flat. Arya is best when he breaks down to the comic mixed action role which he keeps on doing in all of his films. Kreshna’s performance has gradually increased and he has given his best. Swathi is like a character and blows off in all the scenes whereas Deepa do not know how to emote in certain scenes.

Thambi Ramaiah fill the comedy space through the first half and RJ Balaji as the desperate Romeo slash rowdy adapts himself to the film mode with his role which sends us in laughs. Talented Adil Hussain makes a forgetful debut. Sreekar Prasad’s cuts are apt and Yuvan is back, finally. His songs and BGM are too good. Om Prakash’s cinematography is noteworthy for the vivid color tones and unusual angles which give a new dimension to the movie. Vishnu attempts to bring humor into the narrative by creating a total chaos, unfortunately it just does not work. Television premier is not too far..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Paayum Puli (TAMIL)

PaayumStarring: Vishal, Kajal Agarwal, Samuthirakani, Soori and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Velraj
Directed by: Suseendran

Susee is one director who moves from one genre to another in each of his films. After his ‘Jeeva‘, he joins hands with his ‘Pandiya Naadu‘ star Vishal and thus the movie gained expectations as their previous outing was a run away hit. Lets see whether this too manages the same status..

Jayaseelan (Vishal) is an undercover encounter specialist whose latest assignment is to eliminate a gang in Madurai who are extorting money from rich businessmen and later killing them. A senior officer who kills the gang leader Bhavaniโ€™s brother is killed in front of the public and soon Jayaseelan shoots almost all the members of the gang. But still there is one more person who is the leader of them all. who is that leader and whether Jayaseelan killed him or not forms the rest.

If a thriller takes its own sweet time in narrating its fundamental theme, then that’s a big let down for such a genre film. Sadly, this film falls under this. Adding to this is the love portions of the movie. Susee could have easily cut off two songs in the first half and could have used them to develop the screenplay. After giving all these, when a twist comes you don’t know how to take that forward. The twist is well utilized in the second half but half the damage is done in the first.

Vishal perfectly fits into the police role and also acted well towards the climax. Kajal, no comments. Soori tries to pace up the first half and gets partial success too. But the best of the lot is Samuthirakani. He once again gives a sterling performance as the politician who turns from good to totally bad and the entire second half rests on his shoulders. Imman’s BGM is okayish, Velraj’s camera excels mainly in the night sequences. Anthony could have suggested to chop of the songs so that the film could have been some 15 mins shorter. Dull screenplay in the first half falls before the strong second half, but overall treatment could not withstand before the entire picture..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thani Oruvan (TAMIL)


Starring: ‘Jayam’ Ravi, Nayanthara, Arvind Swamy, Nasser, Thambi Ramaiah and many more
Editing : Gopikrishna
Music : Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi
Cinematography: Ramji
Written by: Suba & Mohan Raja
Directed by: Mohan Raja

Mohan Raja, who is best known for remakes with his younger brother Ravi, has now come up with his own script and once again joined hands with his brother. Adding to them you have Arvind Swamy who is a different addition to the film along with Nayanthara and few more artists. So what is the film about? Lets see..

Mithran (Ravi) and his group of friends are IPS officers in probation. They find out crimes happening in the night-time by escaping from hostel. They come to know the people whom they caught are left out free. However Mithran has his own secret mission. He has already identified that the most of the small crimes are the starting points of a big ones and he decides to destroy the source of one such conspiracy. He discovers Siddharth Ambhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) the Padma Sri award-winning scientist as the mastermind of a huge conspiracy in pharmaceutical industry and also the one having a clout in real estate mafia. Mithran or Abhimanyu, who wins forms the rest.

This is the best film of Mohan Raja who desperately needed a hit to maintain his stand in the industry. He has sketched a neat story and with the help of Suba, the screenplay is the king. Even though there is love in the film it has been handled maturely. The film hardly has a dull moment and the thrill factor gets increasing once Arvind Swamy comes into the picture. Clever usage of songs does not spoil the essence of the action in the film. Though the film is 160 minutes long, the thrill factor leaves you glued to the screen.

Exuding charm and style with an air of subtle menace, Arvind Swamy, as the bad guy, is impossible to hate. He appears to be the perfect foil for the solid and dependable Ravi, who effortlessly fits into the role that seems to be tailor-made for him. Both have given their best. Apt choice for good versus evil. Thambi Ramaiah is a scream as Sengalvarayan. Nayanthara, is well-utilized instead of just using her as a glam doll. Supporting cast of Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Uthaman and Sricharan have played their respective part in an efficient manner. Mugdha Godse debuts in Tamil as the pair of Arvind Swamy.

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi’s background score pumps up the action all through the movie. Ramji’s usage of film for the movie should be appreciated. His wide usage of different shades of color gels well with the film. Despite the technical brilliance and the outstanding performances, it is undoubtedly the clever writing, great characterization and flawless execution by Mohan Raja deserves all the credit. He has worked hard in sketching the script and thus gives a powerful movie which is a classified and interesting thriller. Go for it..!! ๐Ÿ™‚