Biriyani (TAMIL)


Starring: Karthi, Hansika, Premji, Nasser, Ramki and many more
Editing: Praveen – Srikanth
Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan
Music : Yuvan (100th film)
Written and Directed by : Venkat Prabhu

A film which is taken by a person who is mainly known for his offbeat and quirky themes and settings joins hands with a hero who is new to such a story and who badly needs a hit. How that film will be which has the best of best of the director and his crew. The teaser proved it will be different like the title but how the film tastes?

Sugan (Karthi) is an absolute Casanova who has a stupid but special friend Parasuram (Premji). He works in a Tractor company and impresses a wealthy industrialist named Varadarajan (Nasser). After attending a party Sugan and Parasuram searches for Biriyani shop and happen to come across a sizzling beauty named Maya (Mandy Takhar). Both falls for Maya’s beauty and decides to accompany her for a night of fun. After getting drunk and wasted, all hell breaks loose when Sugan wakes up in the morning. Maya is nowhere to be seen and Sugan finds himself trapped in a murder case. How he comes out of all these things and what happens behind the murder is what the food is about.

Venkat Prabhu has mixed the story with the latest and trendy updates of the world like whats app, flash mob praising thala, and even looks after the logic like the heroine Hansika works as a TV reporter who works for the channel which is owned by the person who has been known first as missed and then later kidnapped and finally killed..!! But out of these many goods few could have been avoided so that we wont be getting any burp in the middle of the meal.

Karthi proves that he can look like more and more young when he joins hands with Venkat Prabhu in this film. He has portrayed plenty of characteristics to his character and proves good in all of them. Premji who is the friend of the hero has does his part well but at certain times his hair looks funky which could have been kept short so that his expressions could have been natural. Hansika comes as the candy gal and does her part well mostly in the second half. Mandy Thakkar gives the needed oomph factor for the film and helps for the twist. Nasser, sadly, has been made muted in almost half of the film. Ramki comes good in his comeback. Sampath, Uma Riyaz, Jayaprakash all fits the bill aptly but Prem is a surprise delight to watch for. The number of characters in the film is sure to make the head spin.

The Karthi-Premji duo’s silly act in the pre-interval could have been chopped so that both the halves of the would have been crispy, otherwise Praveen – Srikanth duo has worked very tight for the entire film, especially Nah nah and Pom Pom penne song. Sakthi Saravanan has cooperated well with the director as he knows how the film has to be delivered. U1(00) takes the taste to next level. Songs are chart busters but the highlight is the motivational song Edhirthu Nil sung by popular contemporary music directors D Imman, GV Prakash, Thaman and Vijay Antony. BGM’s are apt as per the mood.

Though the film moves slowly on its own, but once it gathers momentum, there is no stopping till the end, where there is an exciting climax, as well as an anticlimax, in typical Venkat Prabhu style. The N number of characters in an offbeat mystery story with its unpredictable twists, mostly laced with humor and flavored with great music makes this Biriyani a well-packaged treat for the viewers. Though its good, as per the tagline, we can taste this once according to the (Venkat Prabhu) diet..!!


Dhoom 3 (HINDI)


Starring: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bhachan, Katrina Kaif, Uday Chopra, Jackie Shroff and many more
Editing: Ritesh Soni
Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterjee
Music Songs: Pritam    Music Background: Julius Packiam
Written and Directed by : Vijay Krishna Acharya

One of the most expected flick of the year comes as a christmas gift to all the fanatics of Dhoom series. Also Aamir Khan and Katrina were added and rich additions for the project makes so excited for each and every fan of the film series. But is D3 prove its mettle..?

Sahir’s (Aamir Khan) father Iqbal (Jackie Shroff), is a great circus man, who own ‘The Great Indian Circus’. The company is in debt and in a last attempt to save the company, he delivers the last show to the bank authorities. As the authorities deny his request, he shoots himself and dies. Sahir, from then on, is in a mission to take revenge on the bank. Comes in Alia (Katrina) and the 2 cops to resolve the case, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday) joins the party to make sure it reaches the end. Whether it happens or not is the rest.

Why an government asks another government’s cops to investigate their case? If you ask such questions then you will end up asking more than, say, 100+. So its better to remove the logical part of our brain. The interesting part of the film is Aamir playing the anti-hero of this Dhoom, which is the most sentimental of all 3. Editing deserves a special mention for never making a second to go bored out of nearly 180 minutes of running,driving and diving.

Dhoom 3 depends on Aamir’s charisma, his acting of the character, his abs playing a part too. He splendidly portrays the two dimensions of his role well which suits for the man who can emote well. Kat plays her part well for what she has been chosen. As usual Abhishek and Uday try to do something but ends up in the wrong end always.

Camera plays a zig zag role for the entire film as its mostly placed on circus and on bikes. Pritam scores well on Dhoom and Malaang songs, but there should be a special mention for Julius Packiam. It is his work that really gives an emotional hook to many scenes which otherwise would have gone flat. Background score literally elevates the mood of last bank robbery scene and climax.

Even though the film lacks the needed thrill it will be a holiday twister ride which shoots up on the suspense on the interval and this is Aamir Khan’s show all the way. You will enjoy even though you ask many if’s and but’s. I swear on my unborn children. 🙂

Kalyana Samayal Saadham (TAMIL)


Starring: Prasanna, Lekha, Delhi Ganesh, Raghav and many more
Editing: Sathyaraj
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasanth
Music : Arrora
Written and Directed by : RS Prasanna

Its been a long time we have seen a film based on the arranged marriage that too not a usual one but which mainly focusses on a TamBrahm style marriage which is hugely sidelined for urban multiplex audience as mentioned in the teasers. The comedy which was the main scene of attraction in the teasers has been continued even in the film but the plot is entirely and thoroughly different from the recent films of the rom com genre. Infact this type of story is very hard to deal with. Confusing right? Yes such a type of film is only this food offers us.

Raghu (Prasanna) and Meera (Lekha), who belong to traditional TamBrahm families, get engaged as per their parents’ wishes. Their wedding is eight months away and the couple gets enough time to know about each other. They slowly understand each other and with just one month left for the marriage, they find out that Raghu is impotent. Next few things after this forms an interesting and funny part of the film which makes this a lively and comical film altogether.

Prasanna deserves special credit for playing a role that most actors would hesitate to take up. As a man who has to keep it up to save his life and at the same time keep his parents stable is simply terrific. Lekha has tried to emote but hardly succeed in that department as she goes overboard at times. Delhi Ganesh proves why he is still celebrated as a senior actor in the industry. His body language is terrific. Prasanna’s friends are a good choice. Crazy Mohan and Kathadi Ramamoorthy adds more taste to the marriage feast.

Director has chosen to handle an extremely sensitive subject with humour rather than being overly dramatic. He merges sensitive issue of stress related temporary impotency in a very sensitive manner laced with humour. Arrora scores well in both the songs and BGM’s. Krishnan’s camera work speaks a ton during the romantic climax.

Inspite of giving importance to minute details from food to wedding cards to decoration of an arranged marriage and blind belief in horoscopes, superstition and family issues, the film lacks a bit in the second half of the film. The first half was more comic whereas the latter was looking like seeing a serial revolving around the same thing. But the film scores overall as its taken a extremely new plot as the story and executed with the needed ingredients and made a tasty full marriage feast. But note it, some of them may not like this as they might think these things should not be said out in public but see as a film and enjoy it.

Ivan Vera Madhiri (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Surabhi, Vamsi, Ganesh Venkatram and many more
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Cinematography: Shakthi
Music : Sathya
Written and Directed by : Saravanan

Second film for both the director and the hero..!! That too when their debut was massive hit.. The trade and the critics were eagerly waiting for the film as they both come together with not much star cast and more time taken to deliver the film. The promotions were also not much and this is also one of the release which happens in the month of December before the year end. Whats in the store in the second film of the couple…?

The story is not a new one. Its one of the tried and tested line only. But as usual the screenplay and the making is where Saravanan makes you keep glued to the screen. But here also director merges a social message along with a real life incident clubbed along with the commercial elements and presents in a nice and decent way. A protest takes place in the law college which turns violent with the murders of three students. Media focusses the issue and starts debate on the same. Gunasekaran (Vikram Prabhu), a normal public, decides to fight for the cause and to punish the law minister who was the reason for this . So hero kidnaps his brother (Vamsi) which leads to many problems for the minister. In between comes Surabhi who is the heroine and towards the end she is also kidnapped. What happens next is the rest.

The story seems to be okay type but the presentation is what it matters. The entire film moves decently at a decent pace which is needed for a commercial film. The director has worked a lot on well-written scenes and dialogues so not to make audience lose the interest on the plot so he has shot the songs also in montages which will not make anyone to go out for a smoke.! The opening scene clearly depicts a true incident if anyone has not forgot the real.

Vikram Prabhu shows the growth of coming to the top with his height as a plus. His role in the film is brilliant and he has done complete justice to it. But cleverly limited his dancing moves as that might be his weaker side. Surabhi got a good role which might look a silly in the first but its that quality for which she can be liked in the second half. Vamsi is a apt and good choice for the baddie. His physique looks stunning and we too got a Vidyut Jamwal as like in North. Ganesh Venkatram comes in the middle and does his part well which could have been established a bit more.

Sathya’s songs are normal but BGM’s are vibrant in the action scenes. The violin piece in the sad scenes are note worthy. Camera work by Shakthi on huge high buildings shows his goodness at such situations. Sreekar could have trimmed a film a bit in second half which could have boosted the tempo further more.  Action scenes have been created with a difference given the height of the hero. The film has turned out to be fairly different kind of action movie. Even though it has flaws here and there, the quality of the overall product make us to forget all those flaws. Nice one from the director which is complete contrast than his first, but still entertaining like his first.