Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu (TAMIL)

Starring: Vidharth, Raveena and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music: Raghuram
Cinematography: RV Saran
Directed by: Suresh Sangaiah

Ooph..!! Yes a very long break indeed from writing the reviews. Sorry for the break. In the meanwhile I have just watched 5 movies which is very rare in case of me. Changes are always good and should be accepted. Let me start with the review of this award-winning movie and will slowly catch up the speed and be back to the current form and then resume the review with the latest movie which I watch. Here I go..!!

People of Naduvampatti go on a road trip to worship their family deity temple in a lorry to sacrifice a goat for the well-being of the newly wed couple Ramamurthy (Vidharth) and Seetha (Raveena). To impress Seetha, Ramamurthy drives the lorry and in a freak accident, it hits something and there they find a man dead with a bike. After the initial shock and heated argument, everyone tries to cover up the murder for the sake of the couple and a lawyer also reaches the spot. What happens next is an interesting tale which strongly portrays how people feel different for a loss of a human whereas they kill animals in the name of sacrifice and worship without any guilt.

Kudos to debutant writer-director Suresh Sangaiah for his hard work to study the characters of the villages, their lifestyle and behavior which has made this film which makes it close to heart for everyone. The film neither lauds nor demonize animal sacrifice at any instance throughout. Vidharth should be lauded for being part of good scripts. Here he pulls it off with utmost ease. Raveena – the dubbing artist turned actress – is not that great looking but she suited the role and has done her part well.

The second half is not as tight and engaging as the first half. But such things are unavoidable for a film that does not resort to any kind of commercial compromise. Music by debutant Raghuram has done a fantastic job by providing rural sounds and BGM that aptly supplements the narration. Saran’s cinematography has captured the rural life with its realistic beauty. Overall, the movie is a beautiful, moving experience. Big thumbs up for Suresh Sangaiah for giving such a sweet, simple story of life in a village and a small film with a big heart. Don’t miss it..!! 🙂