Black Panther (ENGLISH)

King T’Chaka (John Kani) is dead and it’s time for T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) to return to Wakanda to take over the throne. Wakanda is a strong nation but it’s also vulnerable. With umpteen amounts of vibranium that they hold, this is their biggest weapon which could very well blow up in their face as well. T’Challa has to defend his throne against the local tribes as well as the outsiders but with his sister Shuri (Letita Wright) by his side and a brand new Black Panther suit, he looks unbeatable until he meets a real competitor in the form of Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan). What happens next forms the rest.

The story is like any other superhero film story. The plot is quite predictable, as there simply isn’t all that much excitement to go around. The core story is so generic that almost everything you expect will happen, does indeed happen. Chadwick Boseman seems to be a convincing Black Panther for most of the film. Yet, interestingly, it’s the supporting women characters, who outshine him. This is not merely a great film but, vitally, a cool one in every way..!! 🙂



Kalakalappu 2 (TAMIL)

Ragu (Jai) comes to Kasi to claim his ancestral property which is now in the hands of Seenu (Jiiva), who runs it as a mansion. Ragu seeks the help of local Tahsildar Aishwarya (Nikki Galrani) to know the location of his property but she secretly helps her good friend Seenu. In the process, Ragu and Aishu start meeting often and love develops between the two. Meanwhile, Seenu also finds his love in Hema (Catherine) who happens to be his future brother-in-law (Sathish)’s lovely sister. When the real truth about the property comes out, Ragu says that Seenu is also eligible for an equal share in the property. When everything seems to be fine, Ragu and Seenu come to know about the whereabouts of Ganesh(Shiva), a petty thief who looted five lakhs each from them. What happens next forms the rest.

The movie, barring some laughs which don’t make up for the weak writing, has absolutely nothing new to offer in terms of entertainment. While the original had a variety of situational and slapstick comedy on display this one depends on actors repeatedly being beaten up and the repetitiveness is mind numbing. Can see if you are badly in need of laughs but watch it at your own risk..!! 🙂

Gulaebaghavali (TAMIL)

Badri (Prabhu Deva) is a right hand to Nambi (Mansoor Ali Khan), head of an antique idol smuggling gang. Viji (Hansika) is a small-time crook whose job is to trap rich men in pubs and snatch money from them. Masha (Revathy), is an expert car thief and we also have Munish (Ramdoss), a loyalist to a local gangster (Anandaraj). While Badri, Viji, and Munish are assigned to find a treasure hidden in a village named Gulaebaghavali, Masha joins them on their way. The rest of the film is all about the fantastic four and their roller-coaster adventurous ride.

The screenplay of the movie seems to be loosely stitched with enough leeway for trivial plot diversions. Even though the film falls short of the aspirations that it set for itself, it cannot be dismissed entirely for its conventional treatment of the genre to the very word. One time watch..!!


Mayaanadhi (MALAYALAM)

Huhhh..!! Again a long gap..!! I know but can’t help this..!! Hope I can be regular from now on..! Lets see.. For the time being the pending reviews will be somewhat shorter so that I can catch up with the many pending things..

Mathan (Tovino Thomas) is a guy with shady background and in the company of all the wrong friends. After a serious incident, he goes to his ex-girlfriend Aparna aka Appu (Aiswarya Lekshmi), who is now a struggling model. They were in the same college but had separated after he got involved in a financial fraud, cheating her well. But she still loved him. And he loved her too. What happens to them forms the rest. The climax is a clincher. The magic realism in the end give the movie a final polish. It is the kind of film that goes straight into your heart and provides a variety of emotions. It’s romantic, funny and moving. It’s the kind of honest and realistic movie that is not to be missed..!!