Dangal (HINDI)

dangal-poster-large-listicleStarring: Amir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima, Sanya and many more
Editing : Ballu Saluja
Music : Pritam
Cinematography : Sethu Sriram
Directed by: Nitesh Tiwari

Amir Khan and his December releases continue this year too and as usual his December releases never fails to impress us. One such release is Dangal and this time he has taken Wrestling as the theme and we have seen many films based on that sport this year. Lets see what this film is gonna tell us about.

This is a real life story based on Mahavir Singh Phogat (Amir Khan), a national level wrestler whose dream was to win a gold medal for India. Due to situations he failed to fulfill his dream but settles down with a hope of his son winning the gold. He gets disappointed when his wife (Sakshi Tanwar) gives birth to four daughters. Mahavir gives up all his hope and shuts his dreams. One day a thought appears and he discovers that his two daughters Geeta and Babita have all the potential of becoming wrestlers. Right from their teenage days Mahavir starts a rigorous training for Geeta and Babita so that they can win gold medal for India. What happens to them when they grow up forms the rest.

The movie scores big on authenticity. The rigorous training the girls are put through, the clashes with sports authorities, and the thrilling, nail-biting bouts all ring true without a hint of artifice. The shades in Mahavir’s character are highlighted subtly, bringing his softness and the messages the film relays to the fore. The heart of the film is an incredible performance by Amir Khan, who doesn’t just play Mahavir he becomes him. His heavy body acts as an additional importance to his character and excels in every scene. He not only reinvent himself, he tips his films with this novelty factor that wows his audience.

The young Geeta and Babita are adorably cute. They will leave you spell bounded by their wrestling moves. Fatima is fantastic as adult Geeta and carries some of the most important scenes on her shoulders. Her wrestling matches in the commonwealth games are a treat to watch. The dialogues are heartfelt and works perfectly as per the situation required. The cinematography by Sethu is of top-notch and does proper justice to the feel and genre of the movie. The music by Pritam works as an additional screenplay in the movie and songs are well placed in the movie. BGM is fantastic too.

Nitesh Tiwari deserves full marks for extracting fantabulous performances from his team. He excels in every department. He narrates the film in proper manner and makes you connect with every emotion in the film. The whole bonding of father and daughters is among the best we have seen in our films. Overall it’s for a solid and satisfying watch..! 🙂


Dear Zindagi (HINDI)


Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar and many more
Editing : Hemanti Sarkar
Music : Amit Trivedi
Cinematography : Laxman Utekar
Directed by: Gauri Shinde

Four years after her much-appreciated debut with ‘English Vinglish‘, filmmaker Gauri Shinde is back with another female protagonist-centered story. This time she has got the youngest actor for the lead role along with support from a popular actor. Lets see what the movie has to deal with life.

Kaira (Alia Bhatt), a cinematographer by profession is seeking an opportunity to shoot a full length feature film. As she tries to move on with her producer-colleague Raghu (Kunal Kapoor), memories of her recent messy break-up with Sid, a restaurant owner, hold her back. She thinks that she is in love with Raghu but he gets engaged to someone else. She leaves to Goa and meets Rumi (Ali Zafar), singer and musician. Kaira fails to get her emotions together feel the same for him. Feeling depressed, she meets Dr.Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) for counseling. What happens next forms the major crux of the story.

To have a female lead presented as possessing a profession from the get-go, and excelling at it, still feel like a significant step for a Bollywood movie. But does not hold for long as the movie progresses. The movie only picks up just before the interval. The second half is way better and more interesting than the dull and boring first half. Right from Shahrukh’s entry speech to his therapy sessions with Alia very scene involving them are the best thing to happen in this tedious film.

Alia Bhatt ends up giving one more path breaking performance. She is so natural in the movie. Shahrukh is fantastic in his calm and natural character and supports well in the movie. Cameos by Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar and Aditya Roy Kapur are great as all of them manage to charm us and add presence to the story. Movie is fantastic, but only in parts and is lethargic in most. The concept of the movie is superb, but fails in its execution over the silver screen. Overall its a half-hearten soulful film..!! 🙂

Chennai 600028 Part 2 (TAMIL)

chennai-600028-2-second-innings-tamil-mp3-songsStarring: Jai, Shiva, Premji, Vaibhav, Sana and many more
Editing : Praveen KL
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Rajesh Yadav
Directed by: Venkat Prabhu

Another sequel joins the list but this is not the usual action oriented movie types and this series falls under sport based humor type film whose first part was runaway hit nearly 8-9 years back. Lets see how this sequel has fared.

Raghu’s (Jai) wedding gets fixed and Chennai Sharks team members travel to Theni to attend his wedding. Members like Nithin Sathya, Shiva, Vijay Vasanth and Ajai travel along with their wife’s and Premji who is a bachelor. Their they happen to meet Aravind who runs away from them after looting the money they had. He tells about Marudhu (Vaibhav) the local goon who does anything to win the cricket match. Sharks team helps Aravind by winning couple of matches and as usual booze and get into a problem which stops Jai’s wedding. What happens next form the crux.

The film is a laugh riot from start to finish, with the actors seeming to enjoy the film as much as the audience. Every scene is reflective of the wonderful camaraderie they share, with none trying to overshadow the other. But the film struggles towards the end and Venkat has struggled in showing how to end the film differently like how the first part was ended and here it did not work much like the first. As usual the guys booze even after they get married and they spoil their friend’s life.

Shiva is in top form with his one liners and counter dialogues. Jai is perfect as the lover boy, Premji is in his elements as usual. Vaibhav rocks as the villain while Nithin Sathya, Vijayalakshmi, Vijay Vasanth, Aravind Akash, Ajay Raj and Mahat provide ample support. The girls provide what is needed from them. Every small character which made a mark in the first part gives an entry even here and helps the film to move. Cinematography by Rajesh Yadav and editing by Praveen are top-notch while the BGM of Yuvan complements the proceedings.

Venkat Prabhu never disappoints with a multi-starrer and this time too he has lived up to the expectations. Guess he had a clear path on how to proceed the movie till the end but has struggled towards the second half which acts as a speed breaker. Second innings do have some shortcomings in terms of narration and comedy when compared to its predecessor but, the film’s steady pace and cricket makes it watchable..!! 🙂