Thozha (TAMIL)

Thozha-Movie-Release-Date-PosterStarring: Nagarjuna, Karthi, Tamannah, Vivek and many more
Editing : Praveen KL
Music : Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: PS Vinod
Directed by: Vamsi

The movie is the official remake of the critically acclaimed and hugely successful French comedy-drama The Intouchables that portrayed the beautiful friendship between a quadriplegic billionaire and his less-privileged caretaker. The major plus point of that film was the casting and their chemistry. Lets see how that has been handled in this remake.

Seenu (Karthi) is a carefree lad, who has just released from prison and his mother (Jayasudha) and siblings hate him. Money is everything for him until he meets Vikram (Nagarjuna), a quadriplegic billionaire who was paralyzed from the neck down in a para-gliding accident. Vikram is under enormous stress, which he doesn’t tell anyone and hates being seen with sympathy. Seenu is appointed as Vikram’s caretaker much to the surprise of his smart secretary (Tamannah) and best friend (Prakash Raj). The rest of the film is about how Seenu and Vikram help out each other in making their lives better and life is all about enjoying the moment.

The film beautifully portrays the fact that each and every one in the world has problems but if they get someone, who can show unconditional love, they are blessed. The film has a touching emotional content that thankfully is largely underplayed and never touches melodrama. The slow pace of the movie tests our patience mostly in the second half or otherwise its a smooth ride. Karthi impresses with his quirky dialogue delivery and body language. He fits into the role like a charm.

Equal credit should go for Nagarjuna. The veteran has portrayed a paralysed person who does not seek compassion with finesse. Prakash Raj in his tailor-made role does his job neatly. Tamannah as the secretary does her part without any mistake and she looks extremely ravishing. Jayasudha as Karthi’s mother is convincing while Vivek who comes as Karthi’s lawyer manages to make us laugh with his trademark dialogues. Anushka and Sriya chips in with cameos.

PS Vinod has done a great job, capturing most parts of Paris beautifully. His visuals are slick and looks to be of the highest quality. Dialogues by Raju Murugan and Murugesh Babu stand out throughout the flick. Gopi Sundar’s songs and BGM are good. Great performances, a refreshing screenplay and some stunning visuals make Vamsi’s movie a breezy, fun-filled entertainer that is definitely worth your time…!! 🙂


Theri (TAMIL)

theri posterStarring: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson, Nainika, Mahendran and many more
Editing : Anthony L Ruben
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: George C Williams
Directed by: Atlee

This is a film you go to with battalions of friends or family on a weekend, and come back without giving it a second thought. And for Vijay, it is a ready-made hit. Such was the expectation the teaser, the trailer and the songs created. Also the star cast and the crew looked very powerful when it was announced. Lets see whether the expectation was proved or not.

The film opens up with Joseph Kuruvila (Vijay), and his daughter Nivi (Nainika) who lives somewhere in Kerala. Annie (Amy Jackson) is teacher at school. All is well till a small accident leads to a series of events thereby we get to know about Joseph’s past. He is Vijaykumar IPS an upright police officer who locks horn with a local politician (Mahendran) whose son commits a heinous crime. This leads to enmity between Mahendran and Vijay where he loses his family, his wife (Samantha) and his mom (Radhika). What happens to Vijay when the past comes back chasing him forms the rest.

Atlee scores on all levels through the first, but falls out through the second by too much of the predictability factor. The central problem is that it doesn’t go beyond the normalcy that has already been made a standard guide. Atlee has a knack for handling sentiments in a rather unusual way, light-hearted humor and right mixture of dialogues. Atlee charms with his dialogues he comes up as a very good writer.

Vijay’s scorching screen-presence and his infectious energy is the highlight. Nainika is super cute. Samantha in a clichéd role as Vijay’s lover and wife who gets killed gets her fair share of screen time (but a very horrible makeup). But same cannot be said about Amy who not only looks uncomfortable in that funny wig but has nothing much to do. Mahendran is classy while Radhika as the super cool mom is impressive.

Cinematography by George C Williams is top-notch, while GV Prakash’s background score and songs have the audience dancing on its feet. Editor Anthony L Ruben has done a fair job in keeping the film as tight as possible. But there is only so much you can do as an editor while dealing with a movie that has a sombre screenplay. He could have shortened the overall length of the film though.

On the downside, Theri is exaggerated and formulaic, but relies squarely on the charm of its leading man to pull off its over-the-top tone. With some predictable scenes, un-lively songs and few sentiment barriers, the screenplay in the second half makes the movie look longer than it actually is. On the whole, Theri is strictly a satisfying Vijay masala entertainer. Go for it, a wholesome movie with few clichés.


kali-movie-poster-9575Starring: Dulquer Salman, Sai Pallavi, Chemban, Soubin and many more
Editing : Vivek Harshan
Music : Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: Gireesh
Directed by: Sameer Tahir

Sai Pallavi’s return only made me to watch this film and also because of this film had subtitles along with it. Dulquer’s choice of stories kindles interest to us which adds more expectations to this film. Lets see how his anger has worked out for the film.

Siddharth (Dulquer Salman) is a young man who struggles with anger management issues from his childhood days. He is married to Anjali (Sai Pallavi) whom he met during the college days. Anjali tries her level best to deal with Siddharth’s short-tempered nature. This nature slowly starts affecting Siddharth’s personal & professional lives and finally lands him in trouble. As the movie progresses, the narrative takes on a thriller mode as the car journey becomes a nightmare for the couple. How he solves his issues forms the crux of the story.

Sameer Tahir has done a wonderful job taking up such a movie and delivering it successfully. The single thread is single mindedly dealt with and the direction is flawless. One of the highlights of the film is the performance of the lead pair, Dulquer Salmaan and Sai Pallavi, and their spectacular chemistry. Dulquer gives a controlled performance as Siddarth and nails the character perfectly. Sai Pallavi was a revelation as Anjali. She emotes with her eyes and body so beautifully that suits well for the story. Second half seems to be a bit slow even though its thrilling.

While the first half is colourful and lively, the second half is dark and intense. Sameer Tahir has managed to bring out the best out of his actors, thus making Kali a decent movie experience. Gireesh’s cinematography is brilliant, as it creates the most appropriate backdrop for the narrative. Gopi Sundar’s music suits the mood. Overall, it is a simple tale that is engaging and thrilling at the same time. Go for it..!! 🙂

Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice (ENGLISH)

batman-vs-superman-posterEvenly matched competitors aren’t hard to find, but ones that spur each other on in varied ways are the ones that go down in history. Frankly, the only thing more exhausting than watching a big blockbuster is watching a one that takes itself too seriously. Superman’s actions are undoubtedly heroic, Batman begins to feel that if Superman isn’t made to deal with his own mortality and put in his place, he will assume himself to be a god. Lets see what does these super heroes offer us.

The plot kicks after Batman (Ben Affleck) becomes obsessed with reigning in Superman (Henry Cavill), having witnessed the widespread carnage and loss of lives. Poor Superman, meanwhile, broods and sulks as the citizens of Metropolis too grow increasingly suspicious of him, and all question whether he should be held accountable for the collateral damage of his actions. Lex Luthor makes these 2 to fight fr each other which forms the next.

The fight sequences are furious. It’s also about a clash of the super hero’s and their ideologies. It’s pretty heavy and this will put some off. The Batmobile makes an appearance too, but there is little that is memorable in the way that Nolan’s set pieces were. The slug fest between the two big guys is engaging but never exhilarating, and then it quickly segues into a longer, seemingly never-ending battle. 3D is of no use except the first few scenes otherwise even the film along with 3D looks so weak and not as expected. Can see them when it is on TV..!! 🙂