Thoongavanam (TAMIL)


Starring: Kamalhaasan, Trisha, Prakashraj, Kishore, Yugisethu and many more
Editing : Shan Mohammad
Music : Gibraan
Dialogs: Suka
Screnplay : Kamalhaasan
Cinematography: Sanu John Varghese
Directed by: Rajesh M Selva

Kamal’s latest offering for this Diwali is his adaptation of french film ‘Nuit Blanche‘. This is his 3rd film of the year and yes its a hatrick of sorts as he joins hands with Gibraan in this film too. The original was an action thriller and lets see how this Tamil version has been adapted.

Dhiwakar (Kamalhaasan) is an undercover cop working for the narcotics bureau. He is a devoted father of his son (Aman Abdullah). Dhiwakar conducts a very risky operation involving cocaine and drug dealers. He gets entangled in a vicious drug war and his irresponsibility leaves his family in grave danger. Vittal Rao (Prakashraj), a club owner who sells these drugs to the dealers, kidnaps Dhiwakar’s son and demands the bag of cocaine as terms for his release. Working frantically, Dhiwakar needs to find this bag soon, but things get rather complicated when agents from his own department Mallika (Trisha) and Dhiraviyam (Kishore) intercept the bag and suspect him of playing a double game. It remains to be seen if Dhiwakar can find the bag and save his son.

The film takes its own time to establish its characters but once everyone is in the club the action starts to work out very well. The first half is racy enough to set the mood of the thriller. The screenplay is razor-sharp with twists and turns every now and then. But the second half gets a little predictable and slow, but some hardcore action towards the end gives a fitting finale. The film wastes no time in comical elements and it shuttles frame between the various parts of the night club, kudos to the art directors and cinematographer Sanu Varghese for capturing the true essence of the party hard clubs from various angles.

In a role where we are not able to judge whether Kamal is a nallavar or kettavar, the actor simply steals the show. Though he is not the regular one-man army hero, he still packs a punch at the right time. He once again proved his inimitable acting prowess with a wide range of expressions. The high-octane kitchen stunt between, Kamal and Trisha is mind-boggling, kudos to both the actors for clinching the authentic action sequence in style. It’s a completely different role for Trisha and the actress has pulled it off with great elan. Prakashraj proves his versatility in a mixed bag role of comedy and villainy. Kishore, Sampath, Yugisethu, Aman and Asha Sarath play their part well.

The stunt choreography deserves a round of resounding applause. Ghibran’s BGM and sound mixing is something to watch out for, for it syncs with the action sequences quite comfortably and gives the adrenaline rush the screenplay wants. Sanu’s camera work is splendid has he has nothing else to show other than the essence of the night club’s reality. Film is sleek with just 120 minutes of running time. Though an adaptation, the film is a classy thriller, which will definitely satisfy its target audiences..!! 🙂


Vedalam (TAMIL)


Starring: Ajith, Sruthihaasan, Lakshmi Menon, Soori, Thambi Ramaya and many more
Editing : Ruben
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: Vetri
Directed by: Siva

Ajith joins hands with Siva for the second time after the last year’s ‘Veeram‘. So as usual the expectations went sky-high as the previous outing was widely accepted. New addition to the crew was the music director which is done by the upcoming Anirudh. Lets see what this film is about.

Ganesh (Ajith), is an innocent call taxi driver who leads a peaceful life with his sister Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon) in Kolkata. He has an evil side too (he is known as Vedalam too), where he hunts down three crime lords who caused trouble to Tamizh and her family. What happened to Tamizh? Why Ganesh has to hide his identity is what the film is about. Here and there comes Sruthihaasan who gets dismissed from practicing law because of Ganesh and her brother loves Tamizh. Soori provides the comedy as playing the boss for Ganesh. There are predictable twists, convenient turns of events, logical lapses and all that are common in a mass film which would require us to keep our logical thinking aside and enjoy the show. The film somewhat resembles the cult classic ‘Baasha’.

The director has completely ignored the romantic angle, focusing instead on the brother-sister bond. The comedy wholeheartedly is terrible. There isn’t one moment dedicated to genuine laughter. The major drawback of the film is that the much-needed flashback portions fail to create any impact and we are unable to establish any emotional connect with the characters. As usual Ajith literally carries this film on his shoulders, for the film is largely clichéd and has a poor plot. His transformation scenes are terrific and provides the aww feel for his fans. Sruthihaasan has nothing new to offer. Lakshmi Menon is perfectly cast as the loving sister. She does full justice to her meaty role. Villains are just time pass as like how the comedy is in the film.

Anirudh has scored well only in Aaluma doluma song whereas his BGM’s are way too loud. BGM’s could have made better. Vetri’s camera work is fine whereas Ruben could have trimmed the second half a bit. Siva wanted to give a cliche commercial cocktail but he has not made the ingredients to gel well so it looks like half boiled. Overall, this is the hero’s forte to show his plus and attract more crowd but its a formula based film which has filled the template very well. Veeram was much better than this Phantom. Take a risk..!! 🙂

The Walk (ENGLISH)


This is the film which is based on a true story and such films creates interest to see how the real life scenario has been shown on-screen, that too when the real life incident was so tough to perform. The film is based on the real life story of Phillipe Petit, a French rope-walker. Joseph Gordon Levitt has portrayed the role really very well.

Phillipe Petit’s journey from little boy to young man, his exit from his house, his interest towards the World Trade Centre all forms the simple story. Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley) helps him by offering few tricks. He meets his lady-love and after that its just the mission alone which he achieves with help of his accomplices. Climax stands out as tall as the towers. Effect of 3D is well felt in this movie.

Levitt performs really very well and carries his cool attitude till the end of the movie. His scenes with Kingsley tells how well the senior has performed with the younger one. It all comes together so well in the end that you’re even willing to forgive the boring, sometimes half boiled early portions, and the strictly hit-and-miss comedy of the first hour. But Zemeckis saves the best for the final 30 minutes, when Petit steps on the wire between the towers, 110 stories off the ground.

The camera swoops and soars catching the action from every possible angle, where you will find yourself clutching your armrest, occasionally shutting your eyelids. Zemeckis work with Petit proves effective and provides a neat and clean film which impresses you most of the times. Must watch please..!! 🙂