Endrendrum Punnagai (TAMIL)


Starring: Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam, Nasser, Andrea and many more
Editing: Praveen – Srikanth
Cinematography: Madhi
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Written and Directed by : Ahmed

The teasers looks like the Bollywood cult hit Dil Chahta Hai as the movie as 3 friends. But not the entire thing deals like the same. Good music, nice shots will take you to watch this film. But what can you expect from a director whose debut flick recieved a lukewarm response. Lets see what he has to give us in his second.

Gautham (Jiiva), Sri (Vinay) and Baby (Santhanam) are very close friends with different characteristics. One who hates women, the second is a flirt and the third is a local guy whose favorite is alcohol. As Gautham’s mom ran away from his dad (Nasser) in his early age he starts hating all women and the group of friends decide to stay single and be friends for ever. They run an ad agency where Priya (Tirsha), helps as a mediator for their agency. Their comes an incident which makes the friends to fight and what happens next and what Priya has for Gautham forms the rest.

The story might look like a general rom-com but what makes interesting and not to bore is the way it has been taken, given all the characters has their piece of cake in acting. Their is splendid humor in the first half as it plays out like a bromantic comedy with cheers and beers. The dialogs are fantastic which evokes smile even though its heard lightly (ex: teasing the heroine’s friend with his Oreo ad)

First and the best is Jiiva-Santhanam-Vinay friendship and bonding looks real and there is perfect on-screen vibe between the trio. Jiiva portrays his character well as both stubborn guy and later as a guy who falls for a girl where he dont know how to change his mood (explained by the dialog that you dont know to act). Trisha brings the charm to the film which is ruled by the guys majorly. Her costumes brings more beauty to her. Vinay has given his best till date and comes as a good friend. Then comes the major guy of the film – Santhanam – he delivers all his dialogs with a bang of comedy. He ends the year with the best. He even emotes well. Who else can play such a wonderful dad character other than Nasser. Apt casting makes half of the film work. Andrea helps for the movie to progress.

This is one more film where Harris has given his best. Even Madhi has captured all the good shots whether its Chennai or Swiss. Good Art work and Editing makes wonder but that Andrea’s song could have been avoided to make the film even more short and sweet. One of the creditable scene is where Santhanam comes to his home after drinking and walking sideways. Its very brilliant and proves the creativity. The film looks it would finish a few scenes before the normal ending but the real end where the hero brings down his stubborness makes the end more emotional.

The film works most of the time with the direction of Ahmed is more commendable where he gives a movie which has fun and feel good breezy family entertainer. It looks like as though you read a few pages out of the diary of a good gang of friends where love joins in hands. Whatever can be, this movie entertains and brings good laughs. Worth a watch.


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