Veeram (TAMIL)


Starring: Ajith, Tamannah, Santhanam, Nasser and many more
Editing: Kasi Viswanathan
Cinematography: Vetri
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Written and Directed by : Shiva

Ajith’s next film after Aarambam which was not a huge success in story wise. He clans a all white with son of soil look for his Veeram. This genre is totally new to the actor. He joins with Shiva who is known for his commercial aspects churned out in a not a new story. Has he delivered a hit for the generously known as Thala.?

Vinayagam (Ajith) and his 4 brothers are together always and stays happy in their own type of life. They do fight many times and gets registered in cases for which they have a lawyer (Santhanam) with them to handle it. The brothers of Vinayagam has a love interest of their own but hesitates to bring it to notice to their elder bro as he is against marriage. So they plan to get him into love with a girl and there enters the heroine Kopu (Tamannah) by saying that he is against violence. Then what happens is part of the story which has all sorts of commercial elements like sentiments, comedy, fights, songs et. Rest is the lengthy second half.

The film is a template masala film — a superhuman hero, his bros and sidekicks who will sing his praises all the time, a beautiful-looking heroine, a raging villain and comedians here and there. There should be no room for logic, moving from one hero-worshipping scene to the next and is aimed at only his fans, and thank god this time to the families too.

Though his dark glasses, black T-shirts and expensive suits have been replaced by a snow-white dhoti and shirt, Ajith still maintains his larger-than-life persona in Veeram and effortlessly destroys the enemy with his power-packed punches and equally powerful dialogues, guaranteed to send his fans into a mad frenzy. It is a welcome change from Ajith Kumar to do a rural-based story. Santhanam breaks the funny bones all throughout the film, majorly in the entire first half. Tamannah looks too odd in the film. The brothers does the supporting cast well. Nasser is as usual does his part well. Rest of them fills the film in patches.

The song Nalavannu Solvanga has become quite popular, but otherwise there is nothing remarkable about DSP’s music in Veeram. The BGM’s suits well for the mood of the film and the actor. Camera picturises the rural scenes well and sparkles the breezes when its for songs. Editing could have been done a bit on the film. Siva should be patted on his back for knowing his responsibilities well given an actor of Ajith’s calibre. The dialogs looks neat which relates along the story.

With an ordinary story and usual line of scenes, an average screenplay and characters that are all overshadowed by one man, the film seems like an ode to Ajith and should be dedicated to all his fans. But still it will favor for the audiences who loves to enjoy a movie without thinking about the if’s and but’s. Entertainment guarantee.


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