Vikram Vedha (TAMIL)

Starring: Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Shradha Srinath, Kathir and many more
Editing : Richard Kevin
Music: CS Sam
Cinematography: PS Vinod
Directed by: Pushkar – Gayathri

The husband and wife duo Pushkar and Gayathri have given ‘Oram Po’ and ‘Va Quarter Cutting’ which may not have had universal appeal, but they made their distinct mark by ushering in new genres to Tamil cinema. They took huge time for their third outing and thus we can believe this will be another different attempt from them.

The plot is loosely based on King Vikramaditya and his quest to best the Vedhalam. Encounter specialist Vikram (Madhavan) is hot on the heels of a dreaded gangster Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi) who literally walks into his hands a couple of times only to pose a puzzle and then escape from his clutches. What the cop decipher from Vedha’s stories or puzzles forms the crux of the multi layered story which culminate into an extremely satisfying climax that stamps the theme the makers set out to convey.

Vikram Vedha is not just yet another offbeat artistic movie with award-winning performances alone, things are executed in such a way to entertain mainstream audiences, especially the highly engaging climax with an unexpected twist and lethal combo. The film questions the criminal justice system of the country and its dubious methods that are vulnerable to corruption and manipulation. The black-and-white metaphor, used extensively throughout the film and even in the theme song, explores the space between good and bad. Every character has shades of grey and it would be impossible to imagine who could be good or bad. Even the costumes are predominantly black and white. Even in terms of shot compositions, in every frame of the film, you’ll find white as well as black space.

The performances of Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi come as a bonus to some terrific writing. It’s a joy to watch them lock horns and they make you root for both of them. While Madhavan is good, Vijay is unarguably the best thing to have happened to the film. The reverse chronology screenplay and attention to the minutest detail by Pushkar and Gayathri keeps the audience guessing till the very end until the killer payoff at the climax. Cinematographer Vinod, music director Sam and editor Richard Kevin have combined beautifully to bring Pushkar Gayathri’s vision on celluloid. It’s been a long time since a writer director has set out to make a movie with a deep-rooted theme and conveyed it without a glitch and the husband and wife deserve the crown. Overall, Vikram Vedha is a brilliantly written intense crime drama, which shouldn’t be missed..!! 🙂


Kavan (TAMIL)

Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Madonna Sebastian, T Rajendhar, Bose Venkat and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : Abinandhan Ramanujan
Directed by: KV Anand

KV Anand has joined hands again with write duo Subha and new face Kabilan Vairamuthu to pen the story of this film. This adds the curiosity of the film along with the casting led by Vijay Sethupathi and energetic T Rajendhar. When this unusual combo joins together we can expect a cracking film. Lets see whether the film is like that or not.

Thilak (Vijay Sethupathi) is a talented journalist, who wants to achieve big in media, he gets a job in a leading TV channel owned by Kalyan (Akashdeep Saighal). There he meets Malar (Madonna), his ex-flame in college, and love blooms again. Slowly Thilak finds the process is not so interesting, and he is upset. After Thilak’s unexpected honest live interview with a politician (Bose Venkat) where he is connected to issues with student power (led by Vikranth), who is a close friend of Kalyan goes awry, he and his friends decide to walk out. Now Thilak and gang join a little known TV channel owned by Mayilvaganan (T Rajendhar). The rest of the film is all about how the young team unmasks the corrupt side of the TRP driven channel.

The film moves at a rapid pace during the first half and is highly engaging and entertaining taking a dig at the TV channels as how they manipulate everything from reality shows to news to awards to get their TRP’s high. The dialogues are bold and striking and each character has its own distinctive style of speech which enhances the viewing. The ever-charming Vijay Sethupathi does his job to utmost perfection. His natural flair for comedy combined with his earnest attempt, he is a treat to watch. TR is acting in a full-fledged role after long time and he goes over the top with his usual rhyming and timing which is his strength.

Madonna Sebastian does a neat job and looks fascinating in the songs. Vikranth has given a riveting performance. Pandiarajan makes his presence felt while Bose Venkat is a revelation as the ruffian politician. Abhinandan’s cinematography, especially in the second half is excellent in giving the right feel for the different versions of the sequences of events. HipHop Tamizha’s BGM had a good sync with the content but still could have been better. KV Anand has dished out a well researched screenplay on their chosen subject and the powerful dialogues compliment it. Though it has its own flaws it can be enjoyed once..!! 🙂

Aandavan Kattalai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay Sethupathy, Ritika Singh, Yogi Babu, Nasser and many more
Editing : Anucharan
Music : K
Cinematography : Shanmuga Sundaram
Directed by: Manikandan

After the super success of ‘Kaaka Muttai‘ and ‘Kutrame Thandanai‘, director Manikandan returns with Vijay Sethupathi to give us this film. In a short span of time his two movies have released and Vijay is having an excellent time in the industry with this being his fifth movie. Lets see how this new pairing has shaped up this movie.

Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathi) comes to Chennai to get passport and visa along with his friend Pandi (Yogi Babu) to settle down in London in order to clear their debts. They approach middlemen to get tourist visa and provide fake names under the spouse section. Pandi successfully clears the visa process, Gandhi does not and decides to settle down as an accountant in a theater group owned by (Nasser). Gandhi gets a chance to goto London along with the troupe and in order to maintain his image, Gandhi tries to take out the fake spouse name ‘Karmega Kuzhali’ and to his luck he finds a journalist (Ritika Singh) with the same name and approaches her to help him out. What happens next forms the rest.

Right from the start of the movie (the awareness message is the core of the plot), the 80’s style of title credits and till the end ‘Subam’ card the film is a laughathon (except few thriller kinda serious tone towards the pre-climax). Manikandan has shown his versatility over his all three films and its tough to choose which genre he fits best. Moreover the film does not give a movie tone feel and looks absolutely real and natural. The wafer line script is backed full by strong screenplay where how one lie leads to another and to another to turn against the situation.

The movie is null without its strong and long cast. Vijay Sethupathi is consistent and here he is quiet natural and makes us feel for him every time when he faces some irk. Yogi Babu, take a bow bro. He steals the show with his quirky one liners and comic expressions, the first half completely belongs to him. Ritika Singh proves her acting talent in a completely different role showing that she too can act and emote. The actor playing Srilankan refugee brings life and he deserves the highest praise for his portrayal. Nassar, Pooja Devariya, George, Vinodhini, Singampuli and all other players are uniformly good.

Next big plus is the crew. K’s music is pleasant and all the songs are like small plays for every situation of the movie and reflects the person’s emotions. The camera work of Shanmugha Sundaram is in sync with director’s scene creation. The choice of Anucharan (director of the thriller ‘Kirumi‘) as editor puzzled me but he has shown why he is best for this film with his slow and simple cuts. Though the movie tends to move slow it’s not boring as it often offer things to us. Manikandan has covered all relevant issues including greedy house owners, plight of Sri Lankan refugees, divorces, money milking passport brokers and how they trap innocent people for their own good without being too loud and has woven all within the tight screenplay and ensured he has got it out well with his casting which is picture perfect. He gets another feather in his cap and this is a must watch for all ardent movie buffs..!! 🙂

Dharmadurai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Tammanah, Radhika Sarathkumar, Aishwarya Rajesh and many more
Editing : Kasi Viswanathan
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sukumar
Directed by: Seenu Ramaswamy

Seenu Ramaswamy is the director who gave huge break to Vijay Sethupathi and he directs him for the third time which created huge buzz among the industry. Also when their previous outing is still lying on the cans for a long time this film has come out within a short span of making time. Lets see how the movie has fared.

Dharma Durai (Vijay Sethupathi) is a drunkard and spoils the reputation of their family. Dharma also tells his mother Pandiyamma (Radhika) that he will not stop drinking till all his die. At one point of time, all the three brothers sketch a plan to murder Dharma but as per Pandiyamma’s suggestion, he escapes from his own house with a bag full of his family business money, which he was not aware of. Dharma’s brothers start searching for him whereas Dharma goes to the medical college where he completed medicine to find out the whereabouts of his close friends, Stella (Srushti Dange) and Subashini (Tammanah) to get back his lost, charming life. How did Dharma become an alcoholic? What part does Aishwarya play? All these forms the rest.

Seenu’s dialogues are touchy and relevant, but screenplay lags at times, especially the college portions. Showing all the characters as positive is a biggest plus of the movie. The college portions does not look linked to the story and stays separate. The biggest plus for the movie is Seenu has extracted the best from each and every actor, be it small or big. Vijay Sethupathi gets a role which has many shades and it is a cakewalk for him be the drunkard or the student. The genuinely written character of Vijay Sethupathi is a big plus of the film along with powerful women characters- Tammanah, Radhika, Aishwarya Rajesh, who helps him regain the confidence and makes him a complete person from time to time.

Among the three girls, it is Aishwarya Rajesh who steals the show with her stellar performance. Tammanah in a matured role is impressive. Srushti Dange has nothing much to do. Radhika demonstrates her versatility and brings in so much to the movie. Ganja Karuppu makes us to smile at times. Yuvan’s songs and background score aid the proceedings exceedingly well. Sukumar’s captivating camera angles and movements are laudable. Director Seenu Ramasamy has woven a beautiful tale with plenty of family sentiments, fun, and an important social message. The well-written characters with some powerful performances forms the backbone of this film. A feel good family drama..!! 🙂

Iraivi (TAMIL)


Starring: SJ Suryah, Vijay Sethupathy, Bobby Simha, Anjali, Radharavi and many more
Editing : Vivek Harshan
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Sivakumar Vijayan
Directed by: Karthik Subburaj

Karthik, though just two films old, is famous for his out-of-the box scripts, intense characters, real emotions and sensitive execution which clearly sets him apart from his contemporaries. He has come out with his third baby with his favorite gang of stars and few new actors to his gang. Lets see how they and the film has performed.

Arul (SJ Suryah) , a known filmmaker, struggles to get his movie released as his producer refuses to do. Frustrated with life he drowns himself in alcohol. His wife Yazhini (Kamalini), a liberated woman wants a divorce. Arul’s brother Jagan (Bobby Simha) is a student who has penchant for antique idols and more so of lady god. Michael (Vijay Sethupathy) works in their sculpture shop and he is treated like their brother. Despite in a relationship with Malar (Pooja), Michael ties the knot with Ponni (Anjali) against his wishes. He is insensitive towards his wife, who dreams to have a blissful life. A stage comes when all the three men join hands in a crime and what follows next is a series of unexpected twists and turns.

While the first half has been crafted with sensibility and sensitivity, the second half unfortunately leaves much to be desired. The director’s earlier films had never seemed so long. The second half pales in comparison to the first as the narration meanders away with a few inconsistent sequences. Though the roles are well fleshed-out in the earlier part, some of the relationships are never quite clear.

There are umpteen numbers of characters, but each one has a role to play in the intriguing plot. Karthik has extracted the best from the entire cast. It is SJ Suryah who steals the show with his lifetime performance. Anjali proves her mettle in a complex role. Vijay Sethupathi has in fact underplayed his character. Bobby, Pooja in a bold role, Kamalini are adequate. Santhosh Narayanan has outdone himself with the stunning background score and great songs.

Sivakumar Vijayan’s cinematography, Vivekh Harshan’s editing and Vijay Murugan’s art work are greatly responsible for bringing the director’s vision perfectly on-screen.  Karthik has chosen a subject, entirely different from his previous work and throughout the first half keeps the audience in a stranglehold grip and then in the climax delivers all the punches. Though this may not appeal to all, thanks to Karthik for taking a film based on such a bold topic which supports ladies in the country. Kudos Karthik..!! 🙂

Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Madonna Sebastian, Samuthirakani and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Directed by: Nalan Kumaraswamy

Nalan and Vijay created a sensation in their previous flick which catapulted them to stardom overnight and gave a new lease of life for the young gen people. They are back again with this flick which is based on Korean movie ‘My dear Desperado’. Lets see how they have provided us this film.

Kathir (Vijay Sethupathi) is a wannabe rowdy, whose only aim is to own a bar. He has just now back from prison life and it was for his area councilor, who promised him to provide him a life. Yazhini (Madonna Sebastian) loses her IT job during recession and due to financial crisis, she stays in the small flat opposite Kathir. The rest of the film is all about how these two people with drastically different dreams gel with ease and develop a liking for each other.

Kudos to Nalan for opting for a film as realistic and subtle like this. This is a film that you need to see with a clear mind, with a laid back attitude and a little patience too. One of the main reasons why this film works is because of its central characters. While Vijay Sethupathi turns even an ordinary scene into a laugh riot, Madonna makes an impressive debut. Since the movie revolves around its lead pair, supporting actors have limited screen space and yet Samuthirakani makes his presence felt with a superlative extended cameo.

Santhosh Narayanan elevates each and every scene with his soulful score. Dinesh’s camera has captured Chennai in a different shade. Leo’s editing could have done better. Everything has been handled with subtleness and that seems to be the unique attribute of Nalan. Overall its a classy romantic less rom-com which can be given a miss if you are an entertainment seeker. If not watch it for the lead pairs..!! 🙂

Naanum Rowdydhaan (TAMIL)

naanum-rowdy-dhaan-latest-posters02Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Parthiban, Radhika, RJ Balaji and many more
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography: George C Williams
Directed by: Vignesh Sivan

No one would have remembered Vignesh by now as he has directed a film long back which just created sound and settled soon. Once Dhanush announced that he is producing Vignesh’s next film then everything fell places. Cast, Crew everything made a good noise which gained attention of the public and thus this film attained the needed pre-release hype. Lets see how the film is.

‘Pondy’ Pandi (Vijay Sethupathi) is the son of a local inspector Radhika and he is trying hard to be a local rowdy, while his mom wants him to join the police force. Kadambari (Nayanthara) is a hearing impaired and her only aim is to kill Killivallavan (Parthiban), who had murdered her parents. Pandi meets her and accepts to help her with his set of friends. The rest of the film tells us how they go about it. As usual story is a known and seen one but the screenplay is the biggest plus of this film.

Vignesh has given a casual comedy with a slight story behind it and packed it very well with good characterization. Dialog’s are another plus for this film and that too dialog’s said by RJ Balaji makes the audience to go mad. Vijay Sethupathi has shed his weight along with his beard and mustache and has given the life to his character. His mannerism of talking seriously at first and then changing to comedy is highlight. Nayanthara as the hearing-impaired Kadambari puts up one of her best acts till date. She emote well and looks beautiful in her simple costumes. This lead pair is fresh and their chemistry works wonders on the screen. Another plus is she has dubbed for herself which boosts the visuals.

Parthiban scores with his unique brand of performance in a role which is simultaneously menacing and funny. His expression upon meeting with Nayanthara for the first time is a huge laugh riot. Other veterans like Anandraj, Radhika, Mansoor Ali Khan have performed well. RJ Balaji as Pandi’s friend is excellent. He gets back to his famous crosstalk show mode and has not spared any top hero or their films. George C Williams’s cinematography and Sreekar Prasad’s editing are top-notch and are some of the biggest positives along with Anirudh’s brilliant and apt background score.

Vignesh’s filming skills might not have impressed many through his debut but he has bounced back strongly with the support of his cast and crew which he has moulded well with his neat and cool screenplay. Credits to him for making such a wonderful film. This rowdy can be well embraced by all sections of people as he is refreshingly smart and entertaining. Do not miss it..!! 🙂