Velaiyilla Pattadhari 2 (TAMIL)

Starring: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul, Samuthirakani, Vivek and many more
Editing : GK Prasanna
Music: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: Sameer Tahir
Story: Dhanush
Directed by: Soundarya Rajinikanth

A sequel to a successful film has both advantages and disadvantages. The challenge is that the sequel has to match the expectations over the first part. The advantage is that you already have a success formula and you just have to tread the best laid path with a little caution over repetitiveness. Lets see how this movie has fared in that way.

Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is now married, so instead of his dad, he is now afraid of his wife Shalini (Amala), who constantly shouts and blames him for something or the other. The film opens with an award function and employees of Vasundra Constructions win in all categories except Engineer of the Year, which goes to Raghuvaran of Anitha constructions. Vasundra (Kajol) wants him to work in her company but the former rejects the offer saying that he wants to be loyal to Anitha Constructions and chase his dream to start his own company with VIP boys. Meanwhile, Vasundra loses a deal to Raghuvaran because of her attitude, which further kindles her ego. Now Vasundra decides to destroy Anitha Constructions by taking over all their deals through her political and personal influence. In order to save Anitha Construction from losses, Raghuvaran resigns his job and challenges Vasundra. So once again Raghuvaran becomes a Velai Illa Pattadhari (jobless graduate)! Will he start his own dream company with his VIP boys and take on Vasundra forms the rest.

The first half of the film is watchable mainly due to the retained scenes and characters but after a point, the film has nothing new to say and each and every scene becomes repetitive and predictable. Especially, the second half is a plodding ride with unimaginative scenes, dull screenplay and a disappointing climax. The other aspect where the film falls woefully short is in the songs and the score, which lack the catchiness of Anirudh’s work in the earlier film. VIP 2’s lifeline is Dhanush, it is his energetic screen presence which is the biggest strength and one reason to watch the film. But sadly, Dhanush’s presence and performance alone can’t save a mediocre predictable drama. On the whole, VIP-2 is not emotionally charged or entertaining like part-1..!! 🙂


Pa Paandi (TAMIL)

Starring: Rajkiran, Revathi, Prasanna, Chaya Singh and many more
Editing : Prasanna
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : Velraj
Directed by: Dhanush

Dhanush has now entered into direction..!! After acting, producing, singing, writing lyrics he dons the hat of the director. He has chosen a 60+ actor as his lead in his debut directorial venture. Lets see what he has tried saying us through his story.

Power Paandi (Rajkiran) is a retired stunt master in Tamil film industry, living with his son Raghavan (Prasanna), daughter-in-law (Chaya Singh) and their two children. Raghavan wants his dad to stay at home and spend his time but Paandi is a person who can’t take things lightly, as  he wants to work and be occupied. When Paandi picks up a fight with the local thugs, it causes embarrassment to Raghavan. This forces Paandi and he writes a letter and leaves home. The old man wants to explore life and goes on a road trip to meet his first love (Revathi) in Hyderabad. What happens next forms the rest.

Dhanush has packaged the movie in such a way that the film has necessary commercial elements including fight, romance, songs and family sentiments. Establishing the characters and premise  takes up a chunk of the film’s first half. The film’s second half moves briskly, save for the unnecessary songs that act as speed bumps in the narrative. Rajkiran carries the entire film on his broad shoulder and shines in every frame emoting effortlessly be it charged up for the fight sequences or becoming a child when playing with his grandchildren.

Revathi lifts the film with her brilliant performance though for a very short period of time, she steals the show. The way she sits down with her daughter and discusses the idea of companionship at 60. Take a bow. The flashback scenes of Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian (young Rajkiran and Revathi) though well-written is cliched. Prasanna as the son who repents for his behavior towards his dad after he goes missing has given a good account of himself while Chaaya Singh as his wife does not get any scenes to score. Rinson as the boy next door who has a casual and loyal friendship with Power Paandi is so natural that you wish there are more scenes between them.

If simplicity is the heart of the film, Sean Roldan’s music is the soul. The background scores and the album itself is all about narrating Power Paandi’s story. Velraj’s camera captures the rural flavor and ambience effectively. Dhanush gives us a heartwarming film that, despite its conventional storytelling, packs in a huge emotional wallop. An emotionally strong film but not too much emotional on a story basis. Can give a try..!! 🙂

Sadhuranga Vettai (TAMIL)


Starring: Natraj, Ishara, Ponvannan, Ilavarasu and many more
Editing : Raja Sedhupathi
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography: KG Venkatesh
Directed by: H Vinoth

Trailers said that its a con movie. No good star cast except the music and gripping teasers rest all were question mark about the film. One of the major prod house acquiring the film then made a sense that this is one more special film which might take off after given a pretty good publicity. So lets see how this game of chess is played.

The movie starts with the scene from a wild life channel to show how a cheetah catches its prey which is a symbolic scene to give a glimpse of what to expect from this flick. The film is of 6 episodes based on the life of Gandhi Babu (Natraj), a conman who can easily attract people who are willing to make money. His techniques used are Eemu scam, Multi level Marketing (MLM) companies scam, temple scam and so on. When he decides to change and lead a good life his past cheating hurts him so he decides to do it for one last time when his friends also cheats him. What happens next forms the film.

The director has intelligently penned the screenplay and his choice of actors shows that he has clarity in his vision. To make the movie more interesting, the dialogues have been penned to have a longing impact and this gets thumbs up from audience instantly. The characters too are interesting and painted in different shades — a gangster who speaks in chaste and only in Tamil, a cop who understands this criminal’s ideology and so on. The usage of animation in the protagonist’s flashback is not a new one and looks cliche.

Natraj is totally convincing as a clever and intelligent speaker. He is equally comfortable in suits and the traditional dhoti and lungi, fooling everyone from villagers to the well educated. His body language and his modulation make us believe that this is a man who can get away from the toughest situation with his wits. Sean Roldan’s music is brilliant. Sean Roldan’s songs gets proper place in the narrative order. His choice of instruments in key scenes is one of the highlights of the movie. Venkatesh’s cinematography records the atmosphere well.

Debutant Vinoth has done a fantastic job by analyzing the root cause of all the scams and webbed an interesting screenplay. The movie definitely holds its share of cliches and questionable events, which wont click you till you come out of the film. With terrific screenplay, racy narration and out-of-the-box presentation, it is a surprisingly fresh film that works big time. Do not miss this con..!! 🙂

Mundasupatti (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishnu, Nandita, Kaali Venkat, Ramdoss, Anandraj and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography: PV Sankar
Directed by: Ram

Yet another short film converted to feature film. Fine. What the change will be in this. As per the trailer there is nothing changed. Story?. Same. Ok we can ignore it. Thats what it was when the trailers came. A slightly tweaked trailer it was but nothing was much interesting. Then the songs were good which made us irk towards the screens. Thus I saw the film and the end result of me was I was just rolling over my seats with laughs and even more laughs. And even the pre hype for the film was good and the movie’s team strategy of building a site where you can create moustache for your picture made a wave among the public and celebrities too.

The story starts from 1947 and then comes back and stays in 1982 in a fictional village where taking photographs is banned as people who gets photographed starts to die one after another. So the only time where the click sound is heard in the village is only when a person dies. One scenario makes the hero Gopi (Vishnu) and his assistant Azhagu (Kaali Venkat, who played the lead in the short film). There Gopi meets Kalaivani (Nandita) and that leads to the love plot. The photograph which they took is not clearly exposed. What happens next forms an excellent events which leads to happy ending amidst superstitions which is still followed in most of the villages.

The director has tried to neatly pack the movie with comedy sequences at regular intervals. The first half is full of entertainement even though some scenes are repetitive. The phase picks up just before the interval where the real plot starts to begin. The second half is better and keeps audience engaged. The love scenes could have been trimmed a bit down as nothing was new in it except the interesting background score.

Vishnu and Nandita seem perfectly at ease with their characters. Kaali Venkat adds to the comic elements, but the pick of the lot is without doubt Ramdoss, who plays Nandita’s uncle Muniskanth, an aspiring actor. Though his antics are highly exaggerated he managed to garner the most laughs. Anandraj makes a fine return to the screen as the impotent zamindar. His character keeps numerous cats in his place and that too forms part of the plot. This veteran is not been used in the recent times and he has shown is potential back even in the short character he got. Even the person who plays the fraudulent village priest is apt.

The biggest winner is music department. Sean Roldan’s background score works big time. Sean keeps attracting just even in his second movie. PV Sankar’s cinematography is vibrant and Leo John Paul’s editing is neat. The art work and production design give it the 80’s look – bell bottom pants, Yashica still camera and the old Jawa bike. Even though film seems to extend a bit towards the end, the director manages to keep things playful and entertaining at all  times. One more feather to CV Kumar and his team to furnish a altogether new film with different theme clubbed with insults to superstitions, hats off to Ram for providing a nice feature. Rollicking and brilliant film..!! 🙂


Here is the link for short film:

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (TAMIL)


Starring: Dulqar Salman, Nazriya, Madhoo, Pandiarajan and many more
Editing : Abhinav Sundar
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : Soundararajan
Written and Directed by: Balaji Mohan

Interesting Title..!! The teasers also showed and proved it. How its possible is what all would think. But what does this short film turned feature film director offer in his second film was the most interesting thing to watch out from this film and that too his debut was runaway hit both in short and feature film. So whats there in this talk oriented film.? Lets see..

The film is set in Panimalai, a fictional mountain town, where the hero Arvind (Dulqar Salman) is a salesperson who is kind at heart as he cannot stop himself from solving things that are broken. Anjana (Nazriya), doesn’t talk much and obliges to her boyfriend’s dictates. Meanwhile, interesting things are happening in the town like a mysterious illness is spreading in the town which results in people losing their voice. The government declares this as Dumb Flu, and implements a curfew forcing all individuals of the hill station from speaking. What happens next forms the interesting part of the film.

The director has created different kind of roles and brings in a lot of fun moments through them. One thing that should be appreciated is that fact that there are not commercial distractions in the storyline and the humour quotient is high. The screenplay is refreshing and human emotions have been perfectly presented. There are satire on present-day politcally motivated scenarios like banning movies. The second half entirely relies on BGM and the news reporter’s relay which is a very high risk taken and which has succeeded.

Dulqar makes a ravishing debut in Tamil. His Tamil diction and dialogue delivery is perfect. And another person who makes impact in her silent role is Nazriya. Madhoo makes a comeback but her role just crosses as it is. The director Balaji Mohan himself as appeared as a newscaster which does draw some laughs, but it is Robo Shankar and John Vijay’s (who essays the character of Nuclear Star Boomesh) antics that draw the maximum laughs. Many other characters like Pandiarajan, Arjun, RJ Balaji, Kali, Vinuchakravarthy added more flavor to this interesting story. Character selection is apt in this film.

Debutant Sean Roldan should be much happier for getting such a film as his debut where he has entire second half to prove his BGM skills and he scores to the T in that. His variations in songs are also good. Soundararajan has captured Munnar’s beauty in every frame of the film. Though film is nice, characters use motion language in the second half that may not be liked by all section of audiences and thus it may appear to be draggy. Balaji’s film is refreshing and a totally new concept coupled with his unique narrative style and a screenplay loaded with satire and comedy, makes Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, a thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable film. Definitely a must watch, if light hearted films is your genre..!! 🙂