Mersal (TAMIL)

Starring: Vijay, SJ Suryah, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Vadivelu and many more
Editing : Ruben
Music: AR Rahman
Cinematography: GK Vishnu
Directed by: Atlee

An innocent yet fearless village rebel Thalapathy (Vijay) gets back stabbed by a greedy doctor Daniel (SJ Suryah). But three decades later, Thalapathy ‘s two sons-magician Vetri and doctor Maaran (both the roles played by Vijay) take revenge against the cold-blooded Daniel, who runs a leading hospital network. How they do that forms the story.

Atlee did not have a solid story but has only focused on packaging it in a glossy manner and playing to the galleries. There’s nothing new by way of plot, but Atlee cleverly uses the charm and terrific screen presence of Vijay and presents it in an engaging manner, though we are reminded of many revenge sagas where the hero played a triple role. The flashback portion is emotionally charged and most of the logical loop holes pass by thanks to well placed mass moments at regular intervals.

GK Vishnu’s grand visuals, especially in the flash back portions deserve an applause. Atlee with his winning formula of old wine in a new bottle has proved beyond doubt his caliber as a commercial director. Good masala clichéd entertainer..!! 🙂


Baahubali 2 (TAMIL)

Starring: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka, Tamannah, Ramyakrishnan, Satyaraj, Nasser and many more
Editing : Venkateswara Rao
Music : Keeravani
Cinematography: KK Senthil Kumar
Dialogues : Kaarky
Directed by: SS Rajamouli

Baahubali 2 the biggest release of this year in Indian cinema and the most expected sequel has finally released. After a blockbuster first part, the expectation for Baahubali 2 movie reached great heights. Did the movie manage the hype? Let’s see that in below.

The plot is simple – Palvallthevan (Rana) cunningly kills Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) through the royal slave Kattappa (Satyaraj) and also arrests Baahubali’s wife Devasena (Anushka). Saved by the sacrifice of Sivagami (Ramyakrishnan),  Mahendra Baahubali (Prabhas) comes to know about  the cruel death of his dad and takes revenge against his uncle Palvallathevan to become the king of Magizhmathi kingdom. Did he win and takes the throne forms the rest.

Rajamouli treats every frame with so much attention and care and that makes you to avoid blinking for the fear of losing out on a jaw-dropping moment in the story. Apart from the slightly dragged romantic sequences between the lead pair, the rest of the screenplay was so crisp that it covers all areas that are needed for such a grand film. Prabhas has stolen the show with his exceptional performances as Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali in the movie. He oozes action in all the scenes he appears. Anushka once again proves why she has been considered as one of best actresses of her generation, with the brilliant performance. The actress succeeds in matching the senior actors in the frame with her effortless acting skills.

Rana Daggubati who appears as the antagonist, is simply perfect in his role. His portrayal of the cruel king, especially the in the older age portions of the character is totally praiseworthy. Surprisingly, Satyarj’s character has been given an humourous touch in the movie, and the actor has played it to near perfections. Ramya has wonderfully portrayed the various shades of her character with the same ease. The VFX was exceptional at the certain points, but falls flat at a few portions, especially in the climax war sequences. The biggest highlight of the movie Keeravani and his background score. BGM gives you goosebumps.

Senthil Kumar’s camera takes you on a wide panoramic ride of eye-popping sets. Sabu Cyril and his team can take a bow for creating such breathtaking manual sets. Rajamouli has successfully broken the myth which suggests that sequels can’t over-power the first parts, with this amazing piece of work. He deserves a huge round of applause for making Baahubali 2 a magnificent cinematic experience. Baahubali on the whole is magnificent and has all the elements to make you watch it in theaters. A classic movie experience which simply outshines its highly celebrated prequel. Don’t miss this one..!! 🙂

Baahubali (TAMIL)


Starring: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka, Tamannah, Ramyakrishnan, Satyaraj, Nasser and many more
Editing : Venkateswara Rao
Music : Keeravani
Cinematography: KK Senthil Kumar
Dialogues : Kaarky
Directed by: SS Rajamouli

Finally here it is..!! The much awaited film which boasts of the tag claiming of the biggest ever production in India uproar the entire world and the finest part was the film is not just a single part but it comes in two parts where the second one will come in early next year. Vast usage of VFX, CG everything is present in the film and thus is the star cast of the film too. Lets see what else is present.

The film starts with Sivagami (Ramyakrishnan) carrying a child escaping from men who are in search of her. She escapes and lifts the child and crosses the river. The infant is saved and brought up by Rohini who belongs to a tribe and he grows up as Shiva (Prabhas). He likes climbing mountains and on one such day he meets Avantika (Tamannah) who is a warrior belonging to the group which is on verge of saving Devasena (Anushka) who is kept tortured by Bhallala Deva (Rana) and his dad (Nasser). Avantika is helped by Shiva who rescues Devasena and then he comes to know about the truth behind his birth. He is none other than the son of Devasena and Amarendra Bahubali (Prabhas, dual role). Kattapa (Sathyaraj), slave warrior explains this to him. Here comes the end of first part. Why, where and what all are answered in the conclusion part..!!

Now, there are several films that are about greed for power, palace intrigue and bloody battles. But this film is more about the imagery and visual grandeur, than the story itself. The VFX stands tall from the beginning (except a few shots). The artificially generated waterfall and the entire kingdom of Mahishmati deserves a huge applause. In fact, visual brilliance helps Baahubali bail out of trouble mainly in the first half. The film takes time to settle in the first half which is slow and lacks fascination. The whole of Baahubali depends on its fast paced second half and the climax will leave you wanting for more. Another letdown are the songs and its placements.

Prabhas, both as the father and son, has worked extremely hard and carried the roles on his broad shoulders as per the title. Rana as the antagonist is excellent with his body language and his dubbing is perfect. Ramya Krishnan has given a powerful  performance and proves her caliber. Tamanaah has tried her best, and her part is well used to move the story. Sathyaraj eaves an indelible mark, giving his all for the role. Nasser has been typecast in the usual role of the villain and does not have much scope in this part. Anushka has just few scenes where her makeup can take the credit.

Kaarky’s dialogues are very powerful and his special dialogues for the climax need subtitle. Sabu Cyril needs a special mention for such huge sets and statues. Senthil Kumar has once again captured the mega sized dreams of his director through his lens. Background score by Keeravani adds strength to the film. Venkateswara Rao could have chopped few scenes to make the first half interesting but achieves exactly that in the second. To bring such a huge cast, VFX, CG, creativity in visualizing the shots all kudos should go to the man who created this epic, Rajamouli. The film has touched one of the highest levels as far as visual grandeur is concerned and Rajamouli’s stamp is evident only in this aspect. See this for sure and wait again in 2016..!! 🙂

Isai (TAMIL)


Starring: SJ Suryah, Sathyaraj, Savithri, Ganja Karuppu and many more
Editing : Riyas
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Music and Direction by: SJ Suryah

SJ Suryah, the man who directed two main hero’s in his first two films with both turning out to be blockbusters. He has not done a film in Tamil for the past 10 years and returns with a film where he has acted, done music as well as directed it. He takes the help of the stalwart Sathyaraj and a debutant heroine in this film which got released after many delays. How this music will be.? Will listen to it..

The story revolves around a seniormost musician Vetriselvan (Sathyaraj) and his assistant AK Shiva (SJ Suryah). Shiva gets an opportunity to work as a composer in a small film. When he seeks his master’s blessings to go ahead, he gets permission as Vetriselvan never dreamt that his assistant would be the biggest competitor of his life. Shiva becomes a sensation in music by overcoming his master. But Shiva’s success does not go down well with his master particularly his ego not letting it to accept and what follow is Vetriselvan’s efforts to end Shiva’s career and bring back his lost glory as the master of music.

A huge appreciation can be given to the director Suryah for casting Sathyaraj in the film. We want to see Sathyaraj as a full time villain in his full enthusiasm and briskness which has been brought out very well in Isai. Though most part of the screenplay is taut, at times it becomes predictable and drags in the first half where actor Suryah makes us feel why we chose this film to watch. His shades of presenting the film and reaching the youngsters are also very much present in the film. The second half races away which gets the audience hooked with enough twists and turns before finishing off to a climax which should not be revealed now.

Suryah passes muster as the main lead. Savithri should be lucky enough to play such a role in her debut movie. She has shown her acting skills too in the second half and performs well in the climax part. Now comes the man. We can clearly say that this is another ‘Amaidhipadai‘ for Sathyaraj whom we cant stop looking at awe all through the movie. Villain overcomes the hero here. The talk between him and Ganja Karuppu is the apt thing to mention for his quirky way of saying the dialogs. Music is the soul of this movie which has been aptly named as Isai. SJ Suryah has very much impressed with his songs and background score with no one can say that this is his first movie as the music director.

Soundararajan should be lauded for capturing the right mood of the film with his alluring lighting compositions. A bit of trimming would have helped the film more. It is director Suryah’s intelligently woven brave attempt that enthralls the audiences keeping them hooked to their seats post the second half with almost no songs and boosting up the pace for the end. Isai is a good comeback for SJ Suryah without a doubt with Sathyaraj’s role thumps the movie safe..!! 🙂

Poojai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Sruthihasan, Sathyaraj, Soori and many more
Editing : VT Vijayan
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Priyan
Written and Directed by: Hari

Another Vishal film for this Diwali too. Produced by him adds an attraction to the film and also he joins hands with Hari after a gap of 7 years. We all know how Hari’s films will be. Inspite of that this film made an attraction due to the tremendous promotions and slick teasers. Lets see how the film is.

Vasu (Vishal), is a guy who due to some misunderstandings and problems has come out of his rich joint family headed by his mother Radhika, and sets up a money lending business. Divya (Sruthihasan) a modern girl falls for his good nature and gets attracted towards him. A businessman and a contract killer, Anna Thandavam (Mukesh Tiwari), comes across Vasu in the wrong way and bitter battle erupts. Sathyaraj, a police officer also helps Vasu in catching the villain. What happens rest is the very usual story of this film.

Although the story might initially come across as being different, it ultimately ends in the regular masala sort of climax. Almost at every frame, it is predictable as to what will happen next. However the second half is relatively fast paced than the former. Most commercial films are plagued by a serious problem for the need to include a romantic track. And most of these romantic plots make us wonder if falling in love is so simple. The movie has fights followed by comedy, emotion, glamorous songs, hero-heroine romance and back to long drawn out chases, action and eardrum-shattering background music.

This is without doubt a tailor-made role for Vishal, who at least makes all the incredible stunt scenes seem quite plausible. Shruthi plays her part well, for all the scenes that involve her. The only places that involve Shruthi are that of romance, which is clean for all audience. Soori as the comedian does a great job in keeping you in splits every now and then. Radhika, Jayaprakash and Sathyaraj play pivotal roles as supporting actors. Yuvan’s music is nothing to talk about. Priyan’s camera just goes zip and zap across all the areas. Editor must have had an annoyable experience with too many shots to edit.

This is a standard Hari fare, there is loads of everything that we expect from him. The screenplay may not be as exciting as some of his earlier hits, but it keeps you entertained just the same. Better to give a miss..!! 🙂

Sigaram Thodu (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Sathyaraj, Monal Gajjar, Sathish and many more
Editing : KL Praveen
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: Vijay Ulaganath
Directed by: Gaurav

An upcoming hunk’s next film boasts of a thriller like genre in the teasers which makes interesting to notice his choice of films. Again this is the director’s second film which comes after a very long gap from his first. The film is backed up with a good producer and a neat music and star cast. But is this again another run-of-the-mill film? Lets see it.

Murali Pandian (Vikram Prabhu), the son of disciplinarian ex-cop Chellapa (Sathyaraj), doesn’t have high expectations or ambitions in his life. All he need is a regular bank manager job. He is not keen on working hard and tries his best to woo the people, who work in bank, in order to get a bank job. On the other hand, his father has some big dreams as he wishes to see his son as a police officer. Whether Murali Pandian fulfils his father’s dream or will he pursue his own dreams is what forms the next where the director has mixed it along with ATM robbery, credit and debit cards forgery.

A lot of detailing has gone into the script. The plot is based on the recent series of ATM credit and debit card skimming and how organised gangs are making money out of cards. The main aim of the ATM robbers is explained pretty well (the next time you step into an ATM, you might look for pin-hole cameras and skimmers). The first half of the film makes the proceedings very slow due to the lack of anything in the lead pair’s love portions mixed with comedy. The father-son bonding looks nice but becomes melodramatic at times.

The film belongs to Vikram Prabhu. He has chosen a good script and does full justice to the character he portrays on screen. But he looks a beginner in the love portions. Sathyaraj portrays his role a T. He is an enigma to watch, his body language, and jumps to the situation and steals the main act from the hero. The little expectations of a father sweeps you off the feet, mainly when he takes his child in his hands and imagines him in a Khaki. Monal comes as a regular heroine. Sathish and ‘Erode’ Mahesh kindle us with a few laughs. Director Gaurav himself as appeared as one of the villains and his voice is a notable thing.

Imman once again proves that he is a melody king in Pidikudhe song. His BGM’s suits the mood of the thriller. Vijay Ulaganath’s camera revolves in the dark and show us the light. Praveen could have trimmed parts of the film as it looks lengthy. The success secret for any action movie is to keep things interesting and never let us wonder about logic and plausibility and Gaurav scores well in this and has packed his screenplay in such a manner. He could have taken care at the romance segment which appears quite too long for comfort with the first half itself looks never ending. Overall the movie is a well researched one and a wholsome entertainer. Worth..!! 🙂