Lingaa (TAMIL)


Starring: Rajnikanth, Sonakshi Sinha, Anushka, Santhanam and many more
Editing : Samjith
Music : AR Rahman
Cinematography: Rathnavelu
Written and Directed by: KS Ravikumar

Rajni, the Super Star, returns back live after 4 years. That too the film released on his birthday. What else will give more joy to all the film fans. Lingaa a short time creation but with a huge star cast gave a very good hype on what the film is as many cases were against the story of the film. So lets see what the Super Star gives us.

Named after his grandfather, Lingeshwaran (Rajnikanth) is one of the classiest robbers, in association with his friends. But he is also wanted by Anushka and the folks of Solaiyur, for reopening an age old temple. Curious and clueless about why his grandfather is praised so much, Linga is finally forced to agree to visit the village. The young lad eventually learns that his grandfather was the one to revive the life and livelihood of the entire village, with his own money. But flashing back, Lingeshwaran is a wealthy king with a heart singularly aimed at serving people. Why and how did the king misunderstand? What is the backbone forms the rest.

The problem with Lingaa is that even though Rajnikanth plays two characters, it is Lingeswaran whom the film is clearly enamoured with. But the character is not truly striking and hardly has a formidable antagonist — the scheming British collector never seems threatening. For a film crafted and made ready-to-release in six months, many frames in the film look like a richly painted big canvas, quite a visual treat, with the beautiful Mysore palace and also sets mounted on a mega scale, animation and computer graphics.

Superstar – that’s one word, said enough. For years, movies that star Rajnikanth, portray him as a rogue who ultimately transforms into a benevolent and generous, forthcoming person with high respect in the society. This is the person Rajnikanth himself, in most parts. Thalaivar plays his part well, as a gentleman in all respects, and his dialogues befit both his roles. And both Sonakshi Sinha, who abandons her home and village to be with the Raja as he is banished, and Anushka Shetty as a television anchor-girlfriend of Lingaa are characters on the periphery. Naturally, with a superstar like Rajnikanth in frame after frame, the others around shrink into inconsequential specks.

Rathnavelu’s work on the camera angles, especially in songs, apart from palace scenes and train fight sequences are good. Equally good is Samjith’s work on editing and superimposition – noteworthy are the scenes when of jewellery robbery and the spat with the British. AR Rahman’s songs slowly gives the pep for the film and his background score is simple as the story. It is another clean masala from Ravikumar which has a racy screenplay to justify the story that preaches unity, integrity, honesty, humility, and generosity, all for the goodwill of people. Introduction of the thought that people should not be biased based on caste, is an intelligent move. However, certain patches do stand out as sore thumb that are in dire need of finesse – like dialogues for everyone other than Rajni, action, choreography, and graphics, especially in climax. In all, the film looks like it is made for Rajnikanth, to make him the hero of all times, but fails to meet expectations as a movie on the whole…!! 🙂


Kochadaiyaan 3D (TAMIL)


Starring: Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Nasser, Jackie Shroff and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : AR Rahman
Written by : KS Ravikumar
Directed by: Soundarya Ashwin

Enough is said and written bout the film. Its the first motion capture film from India. It was initially announced that the film will be releasing 2 weeks before the normal release and suddenly it dint make to the theatres but now it did. Its not the usual Rajni film, so don pile up your expectations and watch the film. Its motion captured computer animated film where the story is based upon the history, kings and the war. So just keep it simple and watch the film and it will be worth the watch.

The bright introduction about the film in the voices of AR Rahman sets the mood of the film. The film is about the battle of two kingdoms Kalingpuri and Kottaipattanam. During one of the wars, a kid runs away from his sibling. He becomes Rana, the war commander of Kalingapuri who actually belongs to Kottaipattanam. How he returns back to his own kingdom and how he reveals his identity along with his dad’s forms the rest. Here Rana, the son and Kochadaiyaan, the father both are played by Rajni and the other sibling Sena, also played by him comes at the end and shows the way for us for the sequel.

The first credit for the success will go to KS Ravikumar for coming out with a remarkable story. Though, it is predictable at parts, the tale manages to surprise you at regular intervals. It is simple, yet entertaining. No matter what Rajnikanth does, he continues to steal the show. His expressions are good to watch. But Deepika Padukone’s character disappoints you big time. Jackie Shroff, Sarathkumar, Nasser, Shobana and others have done justice to their roles. Full marks for bringing back yesteryear actor Nagesh’s character and kudos to the person who has dubbed for him. Even Soundarya appears in a cameo in the first song where she sits in the audience.

The characters on screen look like waxed-up mannequins when viewed in close shots. But given the budget and the time to create the film these all can be ignored. The cinematography and editing are good. The music by AR Rahman is largely generic but they suit the film well. The background music makes the film better but the music hampers the pace of the film. And even the scenes seems to be moving a bit slow. Even though it has some flaws in the form of motion capture, we cant keep away this film as we can see Rajni dancing Rudhrathandavam & Bharathanatyam, White Peacock in a duet and such a huge stellar cast in a period film and that too in a gripping story. So we can give a big handshake to Soundarya, Ravikumar and Team for taking such an effort to prove Indian cinema is no longer a dumb one. Hats Off..!! 🙂