Irudhi Suttru (TAMIL)



Starring: Madhavan, Ritika Singh, Nasser, Radharavi, Zakir Hussain and many more
Editing : Sathish Surya
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Sivakumar Vijayan
Written by: Arun Matheswaran
Directed by: Sudha Kongara

It is called as Maddy’s comeback film as he is making entry into Tamil industry after sometime. Though he has ‘Tanu weds Manu‘ success in Hindi, he badly wanted a hit in Tamil and lets see whether this film is his much deserving break.

Prabhu (Madhavan) is a ferocious boxing coach, who has a bad name at Indian Boxing Federation. He shares an enemity with chairman Dev (Zakir Hussain), a politician dabbling in administration. Due to a baseless sexual harassment complaint, the committee transfers Prabhu to Chennai. Madhi (Ritika Singh), a fisher woman who accompanies her sister for the training, attracts Madhavan by her skills. He asks her to come for training by paying her and make her train. Madhi goes to big competition but she loses there. The rest of the film moves ahead of how she survives in boxing amid-st the politics in the association.

The second half may make you feel that the screenplay is rushed somewhat, but the first half is an absolute delight. Climax provides the icing on the cake, which makes the blemish in the second half ignorable. Casting is apt which helps the film to go a notch higher. Ritika Singh as Madhi scorches the screen in every frame of the film and its hard to believe she is a debutant. Her way of how she trains boxing and the fierce in her eyes initially against the coach explains how much she has given herself to the film and dubbing is perfect for her. Hats off Ritika.

Madhavan has transformed himself for the role of a boxing coach and delivers an energetic performance. There is no wrong for him to wait for more time to come back and give such a film. Zakir Hussain clearly shows how the sports association works in our country. Nasser once again proves his mettle as assistant coach. Radharavi, Kali Venkat and Mumtaz helps the film to move on its pace. Santhosh’s music is undeniably another hero of the film. Background scores gel with the narration and also elevate emotions to a different level. Sivakumar Vijayan’s visuals look slick and his color choice for different cities deserves a mention.

Sudha Kongara deserves every praise that comes her way for writing and directing such a wonderful film. Arun’s dialogs has helped her immensely all through the film. She has worked a lot and made a non-Tamil girl to act like a proper North Chennai girl and she has succeeded in that. Pace may jump at times but to give such a film under 2 hours is really a big task and Sudha is eligible to get all the compliments. A decent sports flick based on women and the treatment for sportswomen in our country. Do not miss it..!! 🙂


Aranmanai 2 (TAMIL)

Aranmanai 2 Movie 2016 New Year Wishes Posters


Starring: Sidharth, Hansika, Trisha, Sundar C and many more
Editing : Srikanth NB
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar UK
Directed by: Sundar C

Ok… This is the film which I was forced to see without a cent of interest. When you know how the film will be then it will be tough to watch. As my other choices of movies were not accepted by my friends I was made a scapegoat. Anyhow lets see how the film is.

This is not a sequel of ‘Aranmanai‘ as this is a new story. Murali (Sidharth) and Anitha (Trisha) are happily engaged and Murali’s father (Radharavi) is in coma stage as he fell from the terrace (yes the ghost pushed him). Anita’s brother (Sundar C) finds out the reason of the ghost who is Maya (Hansika). What happens to Maya in the flashback is the reason of the ghost to attack back. What happens after that is the so-called end. The plot is about the restless spirit of a wronged woman yearning for revenge. But this one is more predictable, with hardly any twists and turns.

The first half kind of drags through with a predictable screenplay which is almost similar to the film’s previous version. The comedy portions also makes you to laugh just here and there. The VFX is rather ordinary and the film is loaded with annoying horror clichés. The actors breeze through their performances without breaking a sweat, though none stand out. The second half is trying to find a route to come to the ending which makes you to sleep. Sidharth is wasted in the movie. Trisha’s glamorous side takes over the actress in her. Hansika on the other side is brilliant in her cameo.

Cinematographer Senthil Kumar’s angles captures the scenes well but much cannot be attributed to the songs. BGM’s are good at times. Hiphop Tamizha just passes in this type of film. Sundar C as usual given his best in all the departments of the film. But neither the script, nor its characters or its actors have much to offer in this horror comedy that is totally devoid of any scary moments. Wait for the TV premiere..!! 🙂

Pisasu (TAMIL)


Starring: Naga, Prayaga, Radharavi, Harish Uthaman and many more
Editing : Gopinath
Music : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography: Ravi Roy
Written and Directed by: Mysskin

Mysskin’s previous film ran without a trace in big screen but the television provided the needed reach and thus there was a very good film which did not disturb the box office. That was the effect the brand Mysskin has and his stories have. His films generally have darkness as a part of the film but when he takes a horror flick just imagine how the film could be. Need to check that.

The movie opens with a reckless car driver knocking off an unknown girl, played by Prayaga. After the accident, the driver flees the spot and that leaves a passerby, played by Naga, with no option but to rush the girl to the hospital. Prayaga dies on her way to the hospital and falls prey to the universes’ ever expanding style of transforming souls and becomes a ghost soon after her demise. The ghost of Prayaga holds on to Naga and chooses to stay at his house and starts haunting him. The ghost is neither seeking revenge nor love and hence the motive of Prayaga’s ghost and her reason to haunt Prayaga who only tries to save her life forms the crux of this film.

There is a sense of “Where is the story?”, “What does the ghost want? “ A number of questions unanswered through the first half. With that said, in the second half Mysskin switches to his signature thriller mode from horror, and then finishes off in grand style. The lesser you know, the more you are bound to enjoy it.

Newcomer Naga as the lead protagonist (though in a weird hairstyle) has given good performance. Prayaga appears for a single scene as a human being, but we feel her presence throughout in the form of a ghost. Her handling of the awkward makeup and hanging from the roof most part of it warrants mention. Radharavi excels as usual as the father of the ghost. His emotions are very good in many scenes and makes us to feel. Just like the movie’s performances, its technicalities like editing and sound mixing adds stability to the movie. Special mention goes to the debutant music director Arrol Corelli whose songs and background score are soul-stirring. Cinematographer Ravi Roy too has impressed with his camera works.

The movie’s crisp editing wraps it up in 114 minutes nevertheless the first half finishes without much impact. Though the script has room for scary moments there isn’t much spine chilling moments. In all Pisasu is an emotional spooky supernatural movie from Mysskin where he shows the humanity side of the ghost that simply doesn’t try to scare you, but surprises your imagination with unpredictable thrills.