Angamaly Diaries (MALAYALAM)

Starring: Antony Varghese, Reshma Rajan and many more
Editing : Shameer Mohammed
Music : Prashant Pillai
Cinematography : Girish Gangadharan
Directed by: Lijo Jose Pellisery

I had no clue what type movie is this when everyone said that this film is good. Seeing the posters, I could not even imagine what the film will be about. That too with no known faces. As usual went to see this film without any expectations. Read below about the film and you will come to know.

The story starts with happenings which leads to scuffle between two gangs and there we get to see about Vincent Pepe (Antony Varghese), a hot-tempered youth coming from a modest household of Angamaly a small town in Kerala. He wants to have a gang like how he has seen the other gangs in his town and he gets attracted to violence pretty early in his life. Pepe tries to get out of all the shady activities at a certain point but things go wrong, as some unprecedented happenings lead to a rivalry with another gang. In between this we see about his love life and what happens in his story forms the rest of the film.

First thing to see is the movie has 86 new faces that make up most of the casting and you can’t even point one performance as low and they are the one’s who carry the movie on their shoulders. There is a freshness which we feel right at the outset itself. The raw feel is a welcome break. The frames are real and the people in it are real. Antony Varghese, the newcomer has played the role of Vincent Pepe to near perfection. The actor astonishes with his balanced, natural performance.

The artist who played the role of Ravi is another actor who scores with his extraordinary performance in the movie. The actor has successfully broken the stereotypes of negative roles, with his stunning act. Reshma Rajan as Litchie steals the show when she gives the twist in the movie. Comic moments stand out with humor told in the most bizarre of situations and minute details bring out the flavors of life which adds plus for the film.

Chemban Vinod Jose has managed to come out with a convincing script that is based on real events and characters that behave like normal people. A big round of applause for Prashant Pillai for his terrific music and Girish Gangadharan’s splendid visuals. The icing on the cake is the climax scene filmed in a one eleven minute uncut shot. Director Lijo Jose Pellissery proves his extraordinary craft with the excellent portrayal of the Angamaly town and people who live there. He has done a great job by creating a truly raw and realistic movie experience with absolute brilliance. Overall, it is a realistic, brilliantly made film, which is a complete treat to the movie lovers..!! 🙂