Vidiyum Munn (TAMIL)


Starring: Pooja, Malavika, John Vijay, Vinoth and many more
Editing: Sathyaraj
Cinematography: Siva Kumar Vijayan
Music Songs: Girrish Gopalakrishnan
Written and Directed by : Balaji K Kumar

Tamil cinema is seeing a lot of experimental films and new attempts these days, and debut directors play a vital role in it. One such try is Vidiyum Munn which can be labeled in thriller genre which is a very great attempt for a debut film. Hats off to Balaji for his thought. The tagline says 4 Men, 3 Reasons, 2 Women and 1 Day. How all of these has been connected.? All these are answered in just over 2 hours of incidents which takes place mostly in the darky time zones which sets the way for the thriller.

The film revolves around Rekha (Pooja), a sex worker and a 12 year old kid Nandhini (Malavika) who tries to escape from four men who are looking for them for three different reasons. The story happens in a single day, and the film examines their connection, the reasons and the fate of these disparate women during its course. Vidiyum Munn explores the darker side of life and the emotional imbalance it can create in the hearts of those who succumb to it. It’s not the usual thriller flick that you watch and forget as you walk out of the movie hall. Vidiyum Munn lingers on in your head for a long time. The twist and turns keep you hooked through a minimal characters.

Pooja has done a brilliant job, but it is child artist Malavika, who steals the show. John Vijay plays a smart, tricky baddie and he did his best as always. Vinoth, for sure will be reaching places with this flick. His character is moulded with minimum in dialogues and more at expressions. Job very well done by him! Amarendran who plays as a suffering and searching pimp gives some laughs in a otherwise serious film. The director avoids too many characters and throws the spotlight on only those that are linked to Rekha and Nandini.

The film has many perfects viz, casting and technical crew. Perfect Casting for all the characters. Girishh Gopalakrishnan gets full marks for his hypnotic tracks. His background score is good and suits the film to the T. It will be more awesome if one watches the film in Auro 3D enabled screens. Sivakumar Vijayan’s cinematography is apt given the mood of the film and the time the things takes place. Sathyaraj’s editing is good, particularly in the scene where the story of King and Dog was told, but he could have done a bit better, given the fact that the movie is a bit lengthy.

One of the concerns of the film might be its slow narrative that runs a little over two hours. The film could’ve been shorter, considering its genre and the not-so-popular star cast, but Balaji’s grip over the screenplay cannot be underestimated over the length factor. He focuses only on the plot and never wastes time to explain the circumstances that led Rekha to turn a hooker. Overall, Vidiyum Munn is an astonishing thriller, which could be best enjoyed by a true cinema fan than regular audience, who love commercial movies.