Dont Breathe (ENGLISH)

dont-breathe-posterI rarely watch English movies because most of the movies will be of superheroes or else some special power related. Rarely films come either of horror or thriller genre and one such edge of the seat thriller is this film. As rightly mentioned in the title the film does not even allow you to breathe as well as the actors in it to breathe. So there are minimal dialogs and most of the movie just moves in silence and just plain background music.

Rocky plans to rob a house with her boyfriend Money and her friend Alex. They plan to rob the house of a retired army person who is also blind who has stock of money with him. They sketch out the plan and sneak into the house. When the blind person gets up from sleep and they get trapped inside and the entire situation becomes dangerous for the trio.

This movie is a super suspense thriller. While the film manages to smartly get back on its feet, it is clear the director got greedy and extended past its ideal running time. The movie is backed by clever camerawork mainly in the scenes happening in basement. Make sure you get some popcorn and seated up for this roller coaster thriller ride but mind it – Don’t Breathe..!! 🙂