Kavan (TAMIL)

Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Madonna Sebastian, T Rajendhar, Bose Venkat and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : Abinandhan Ramanujan
Directed by: KV Anand

KV Anand has joined hands again with write duo Subha and new face Kabilan Vairamuthu to pen the story of this film. This adds the curiosity of the film along with the casting led by Vijay Sethupathi and energetic T Rajendhar. When this unusual combo joins together we can expect a cracking film. Lets see whether the film is like that or not.

Thilak (Vijay Sethupathi) is a talented journalist, who wants to achieve big in media, he gets a job in a leading TV channel owned by Kalyan (Akashdeep Saighal). There he meets Malar (Madonna), his ex-flame in college, and love blooms again. Slowly Thilak finds the process is not so interesting, and he is upset. After Thilak’s unexpected honest live interview with a politician (Bose Venkat) where he is connected to issues with student power (led by Vikranth), who is a close friend of Kalyan goes awry, he and his friends decide to walk out. Now Thilak and gang join a little known TV channel owned by Mayilvaganan (T Rajendhar). The rest of the film is all about how the young team unmasks the corrupt side of the TRP driven channel.

The film moves at a rapid pace during the first half and is highly engaging and entertaining taking a dig at the TV channels as how they manipulate everything from reality shows to news to awards to get their TRP’s high. The dialogues are bold and striking and each character has its own distinctive style of speech which enhances the viewing. The ever-charming Vijay Sethupathi does his job to utmost perfection. His natural flair for comedy combined with his earnest attempt, he is a treat to watch. TR is acting in a full-fledged role after long time and he goes over the top with his usual rhyming and timing which is his strength.

Madonna Sebastian does a neat job and looks fascinating in the songs. Vikranth has given a riveting performance. Pandiarajan makes his presence felt while Bose Venkat is a revelation as the ruffian politician. Abhinandan’s cinematography, especially in the second half is excellent in giving the right feel for the different versions of the sequences of events. HipHop Tamizha’s BGM had a good sync with the content but still could have been better. KV Anand has dished out a well researched screenplay on their chosen subject and the powerful dialogues compliment it. Though it has its own flaws it can be enjoyed once..!! 🙂


Aranmanai 2 (TAMIL)

Aranmanai 2 Movie 2016 New Year Wishes Posters


Starring: Sidharth, Hansika, Trisha, Sundar C and many more
Editing : Srikanth NB
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar UK
Directed by: Sundar C

Ok… This is the film which I was forced to see without a cent of interest. When you know how the film will be then it will be tough to watch. As my other choices of movies were not accepted by my friends I was made a scapegoat. Anyhow lets see how the film is.

This is not a sequel of ‘Aranmanai‘ as this is a new story. Murali (Sidharth) and Anitha (Trisha) are happily engaged and Murali’s father (Radharavi) is in coma stage as he fell from the terrace (yes the ghost pushed him). Anita’s brother (Sundar C) finds out the reason of the ghost who is Maya (Hansika). What happens to Maya in the flashback is the reason of the ghost to attack back. What happens after that is the so-called end. The plot is about the restless spirit of a wronged woman yearning for revenge. But this one is more predictable, with hardly any twists and turns.

The first half kind of drags through with a predictable screenplay which is almost similar to the film’s previous version. The comedy portions also makes you to laugh just here and there. The VFX is rather ordinary and the film is loaded with annoying horror clichés. The actors breeze through their performances without breaking a sweat, though none stand out. The second half is trying to find a route to come to the ending which makes you to sleep. Sidharth is wasted in the movie. Trisha’s glamorous side takes over the actress in her. Hansika on the other side is brilliant in her cameo.

Cinematographer Senthil Kumar’s angles captures the scenes well but much cannot be attributed to the songs. BGM’s are good at times. Hiphop Tamizha just passes in this type of film. Sundar C as usual given his best in all the departments of the film. But neither the script, nor its characters or its actors have much to offer in this horror comedy that is totally devoid of any scary moments. Wait for the TV premiere..!! 🙂

Kathakali (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Catherine Teresa, Karunas, Mime Gopi  and many more
Editing : Pradeep
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography: Balasubramaniem
Directed by: Pandiraj

Pandiraj, for the first time, has come out of his usual genre to present a film where action is the main part. Vishal usually known for his love for action subjects has joined hands with Pandiraj for the first time. This itself has raised the expectations on this movie. Lets see what does this film has to offer.

Amuthavel (Vishal) comes from USA to Cuddalore, after a gap of 5 years, for his love marriage with Meenu Kutty (Catherine Tresa). Amuthan’s family has an enmity with the local gangster Thamba( Madhusudhanan) and for this reason only Amuthavel went to US. Thamba gets murdered mysteriously and his wife, gang members and cops suspect Amuthan. The rest is who killed Thamba and what happens to Amutha and his marriage.

Director Pandiraj has delivered a thriller that is quite racy for the most part. Though the second half of the film is racy, the first half though is not as exciting. Most of it is wasted on a meaningless romantic angle with some tiresome comedy thrown in as there is noting else to showcase. The screenplay is very good as it does not give any answer for the thriller till the end. The film revolves entirely around Vishal and the actor gives a decent performance. Catherine does her role pretty well in the love portions. Karunas fits the bill, namesake, as a comedian.

Movie’s another big asset are the raw action sequences, especially where the hero takes a selfie at the bus stand. Although Hiphop Tamizha does not have much to perform for songs, he has compensated with pulsating BGM. Balu’s camera work is splendid in capturing the night with rain as the background. Pandiraj has proved that he is not only best in delivering a children movie but also for a thriller. Do watch it if you like to witness a murder mystery without wasting a minute..!! 🙂

Thani Oruvan (TAMIL)


Starring: ‘Jayam’ Ravi, Nayanthara, Arvind Swamy, Nasser, Thambi Ramaiah and many more
Editing : Gopikrishna
Music : Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi
Cinematography: Ramji
Written by: Suba & Mohan Raja
Directed by: Mohan Raja

Mohan Raja, who is best known for remakes with his younger brother Ravi, has now come up with his own script and once again joined hands with his brother. Adding to them you have Arvind Swamy who is a different addition to the film along with Nayanthara and few more artists. So what is the film about? Lets see..

Mithran (Ravi) and his group of friends are IPS officers in probation. They find out crimes happening in the night-time by escaping from hostel. They come to know the people whom they caught are left out free. However Mithran has his own secret mission. He has already identified that the most of the small crimes are the starting points of a big ones and he decides to destroy the source of one such conspiracy. He discovers Siddharth Ambhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) the Padma Sri award-winning scientist as the mastermind of a huge conspiracy in pharmaceutical industry and also the one having a clout in real estate mafia. Mithran or Abhimanyu, who wins forms the rest.

This is the best film of Mohan Raja who desperately needed a hit to maintain his stand in the industry. He has sketched a neat story and with the help of Suba, the screenplay is the king. Even though there is love in the film it has been handled maturely. The film hardly has a dull moment and the thrill factor gets increasing once Arvind Swamy comes into the picture. Clever usage of songs does not spoil the essence of the action in the film. Though the film is 160 minutes long, the thrill factor leaves you glued to the screen.

Exuding charm and style with an air of subtle menace, Arvind Swamy, as the bad guy, is impossible to hate. He appears to be the perfect foil for the solid and dependable Ravi, who effortlessly fits into the role that seems to be tailor-made for him. Both have given their best. Apt choice for good versus evil. Thambi Ramaiah is a scream as Sengalvarayan. Nayanthara, is well-utilized instead of just using her as a glam doll. Supporting cast of Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Uthaman and Sricharan have played their respective part in an efficient manner. Mugdha Godse debuts in Tamil as the pair of Arvind Swamy.

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi’s background score pumps up the action all through the movie. Ramji’s usage of film for the movie should be appreciated. His wide usage of different shades of color gels well with the film. Despite the technical brilliance and the outstanding performances, it is undoubtedly the clever writing, great characterization and flawless execution by Mohan Raja deserves all the credit. He has worked hard in sketching the script and thus gives a powerful movie which is a classified and interesting thriller. Go for it..!! 🙂

Indru Netru Naalai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishnu, Mia, Karunakaran, TM Karthik, Jayaprakash and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi
Cinematography: Vasanth
Directed by: Ravikumar

Another quirky and thoughtful idea which is made into a film which is backed by a producer whose only aim is to give films which has a strong story than the star power. CV Kumar should be lauded for this as he has produced films in a minimal budget but made it a big success in the industry. One such film is this where the story is based on the time machine. What this film is about.? Lets see..

The movie starts in the year 2065 and a scientist invents a time machine and to prove it he sends it to the year 2015 where it is seen by 3 persons – Ilango (Vishnu), who tries to become in life with his business ideas which goes flop all the time but he has support of his love interest Anu (Mia), Pulivetti Arumugam (Karunakaran), who says that he is an astrologer but he is not and Giridhara Parthasarathy (TM Karthik), a half-mad inventor. These 3 sees this time machine in the middle of one accident, Parthasarathy plans to work on this time machine but he ends in coma. Ilango and his friend uses the machine in order to make money, by going back and cheating the public. On one such incident they stop the death of a local goon and the incidents which follows forms the well executed film.

Time travel films can be either interesting or it can be confusing too. But here the fun elements present makes the film more interesting and doesn’t confuse the concept as it is clear. Comedy is interwoven into the story and makes us go mad at the concept whenever the lead and his friend uses the time machine. Director should be appreciated for not making this movie all scientific and too tech savvy, nothing is there to break our head to find out, for that simple and fun is the movie. VFX effects are clear and doesn’t look like VFX has been used in the movie. Second half makes the time machine to travel in a commercial route.

Vishnu has come a long way and is striving to achieve perfection with each of his films and his choice of stories are improving. Karunakaran’s blank expressions itself evoke laughter. Added to that, his hilarious one-liners are thoroughly enjoyable and he has been one of the integral part of the film. Mia looks charming and her chemistry with the lead looks good. Arya appears in a cameo. Another big boost for this movie is Hiphop Tamizha’s music, the BGM simply spices up the situation especially around the time travel scenes and the little usage of songs makes the movie short and interesting.

Vasanth’s camera work is excellent and in such a theme oriented film he has excelled with the shots. But it is undoubtedly the director, who deserves all the credit. His skilful writing and deft direction, coupled with some fitting music and great all round performances, make his debut venture worth watching. Get set to travel in the funny time machine and soon such sci-fi films may be on their way. Gooo…!! 🙂

Aambala (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Hansika, Vaibhav, Santhanam and many more
Editing : Srikanth NB
Music : ‘Hip Hop Tamizha’ Aadhi
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
Written and Directed by: Sundar C

Sundar’s films has that comedy sprayed across the story which makes the film a saleable product at the end. This was the trend he has followed all these years in all of his films. He has done the same again with a different story and with different and strong cast. Vishal joins with him again after their previous outing has not seen the screen till now. Sundar and Santhanam’s chemistry in comedy is known thing to all. When all these things join together for a film then what we can expect..!! We will take a look..

Saravanan (Vishal) in the company of a policeman (Santhanam) caught in the clutches of fate, falls in love with Maya (Hansika). Due to a turn of events, Saravanan sets out on a mission to discover his father, and also finds his brother and stepbrother eventually. Next mission is to reunite the big family, with his aunts. How he finds them and makes the family get united and marrying their daughters is the rest.

The film would have fallen flat on its nose if not for Santhanam and some witty comedy by Sathish. In fact, Santhanam has once again lifted another film heavily on his shoulders. Usually Sundar’s film wont have much action sequenced but here comes Vishal’s part where he is keeping on beating the goon’s which makes the film a bit slow and boring.

For a change, Vishal is on a role lighter than ever before, keeping you spirited up in his striking presence all through. Hansika in her bubbliest ever charm is a bomb! The beautiful ladies cast as the elder generation – Ramya Krishnan, Aishwarya and Kiran, apart from Prabhu as the father and Santhanam, Sathish and Vaibhav, all do their little but essential part to thread the story together. ‘Hip Hop Tamizha’ Adhi, the internet sensation, makes a delightful debut as music composer with lively, peppy, foot tapping numbers and a pulsating background score. Gopi’s camera has captured everything neatly and pleasantly. Editor has managed to make the film crisp enough.

The film sums up action, masala and romance in the totality of rib tickling humor. There is clean romance, a not so thick story line, packed with agreeable but little over fights, crafted beautifully and delivered on a platter of humour, that hardly a moment skips without laughing. Sundar C and team have launched themselves unshakable, devoid of being overshadowed, on a high entertainment genre, this festive season. Leave the logic and just go for the comedy and you can enjoy it..!! 🙂