Idhu Enna Maayam (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Keerthi, Navdeep, Nasser, Charlie and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Directed by: AL Vijay

AL Vijay’s films usually carry some sorts of uniqueness in most parts of the film and he is one of the newly grown directors who wish to give something new and his romance films are good to watch. He joins with Vikram Prabhu, for whom romance is new genre, and has given the film with his usual crew and cast with few changes. What magic he has created for the film..?

Arun (Vikram Prabhu) and his friends runs a drama troupe but there are none to watch their plays. So they plan to make drama as their profession by starting UMT service (Unnal Mudium Thambi), where they will create a drama kind sequence and they will unite the lovers. Santhosh (Navdeep), a business tycoon, comes to them and asks them to help him by uniting Maya (Keerthi). Arun already knows Maya and what he does and whats the relation with her is the rest of the film is about.

Flashback sequences keeps on going on and never seems to end. Placing four songs in the first half is a real blunder for such a slow film of sorts. Screenplay keeps on to get slower and slower and thus we lose the connectivity with the film. Vijay’s small additions to the film clicks but those are only few but not many. Comedy scenes works well which makes the film to fall under a light-hearted one. Twists are there but those are easily guessable. Arun’s parents and their separation does not add any value to the film.

Vikram looks so brittle for such a romantic film. His face still has that rock hard feel which he had done for his previous films. Keerthi is a new addition to the tamil films but she is a valuable addition. She enacts the scenes good to make it feel as real ones. Charlie gets a good scope and Vikram’s friends like RJ Balaji, RJ Ajai, Balaji and others. Nasser as usual done justice to his role. Nirav’s camera is über cool given the genre and GV’s score is half okay and BGM is passable. Vijay has failed in the screenplay part which makes the film to move very slow and thus make the film to hang loose without any support. Slow magic which fails for most of the time..!! 🙂


Anegan (TAMIL)


Starring: Dhanush, Amyra, Karthik, Jagan, Ashish Vidyarthi and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Written by: KV Anand, Suba    Cinematography: Om Prakash
Directed by: KV Anand

Back to back releases makes Dhanush a notable actor in this month. He comes with a film directed by KV Anand whose last film was a debacle one. He has taken his time and woven a script where he joins with Dhanush for the first time. The nation wide actor and cinematographer turned director together joins with the yesteryear heartthrob along with a debut heroine. What does this team offers..? Thats Anegan..

A complicated story line to describe in words. The film starts in Burma in 60’s, with Samudra (Amyra) falling in love with Murugappan @ Muna Roona (Dhanush). Circumstances tear them apart, but decades later Madhumitha (Amyra) who works for a gaming company, comes across the glimpses of the Burma part in her inner mind. She meets people who are rebirths of the ones she was with in Burma. Eventually, Madhu meets Ashwin (Dhanush), who looks like Murugappan. Again she comes into another episode of Kaali and Kalyani of 80’s (again Dhanush and Amyra) and what happens to her and her past and what happens to the love forms the interesting and tricky link of the film.

KV Anand is one person who always takes the help of the veteran writers Suba in all of his films which is very positive in current period of films where the script gets very much notice. A story with reincarnation and revenge reaches the level of crime oriented novel for which the writers were authors for many. The high point of the film is the strong casting and the support cast. Even though the script and screenplay is interesting the cliche part of commercial cinema is forced back into the climax where it obviously ends all good for the lead pair.

This story highly suits Dhanush and he aptly fits into the multiple role of the film sans those wigs ( 😉 ). Be it a yesteryear labor or the local goon or the current Techie he molds him very well like the clay. Once again the heroine scores very well in her debut. Amyra’s eyes emotes well and her funny mannerisms is interesting to watch. She just acts casually and comes out winning. Karthik still has the same enthusiasm and energy which he had two decades back. He is the surprise package of the film and he comes to the full in the second half of the film. Jagan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Aishwarya all does neat performance in the film’s journey. Antony’s editing is perfect and never loses the momentum from the thrill. Om Prakash varies the color code across all the story of the films and captures the bright colors in the songs. Harris’s songs are a big let down except the Danga Maari. BGM mingles well with the course of the movie.

KV’s films has some sorts of story but here the story is very much clear and crisp and thus are the dialogs by the Suba. That’s the reason he joins hands with them in all of his film right from his debut. The interesting screenplay without even a single dull moment (except it has more songs in the first half) is the plus of the film and thats where the film comes to the front. Even though the theme of reincarnation is seen in many movies this one can also be enjoyed as it has all the needed elements of a commercial fare with more amounts of thrill and suspense. KV Anand takes love this time and mixes thrill with it to give a family entertainer. Guarantee granted..!! 🙂

I (Tamil)


Starring: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Santhanam and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : AR Rahman
Cinematography: PC Sreeram
Written and Directed by: Shankar

The director who directed a love story as his second film and produced a love film as his debut project comes with a thriller sorts full love story with the casting of a unique actor who wishes to portray the character like his life. Thats the beginning hope this film created initially. Slowly the expectations grew after the stills got released and came to a high once the audio was launched in a big way. The actor joins with the director for the second time after giving a blockbuster in their previous outing. How about this.? Lets check..

A top shot model Diya (Amy Jackson) falls in love with Mr.Tamil Nadu Lingesan (Vikram), and together they become the most wanted model pair in the country after a few initial intros. When Lingesan rejects an advertisement of a wealthy businessman (Ramkumar), who gave him the big break into ad world, he plans revenge against him. Now, he is joined by his competitor model John (Upen Patel), lusty doctor (Suresh Gopi) and a transgender stylist who are out to cause massive damage to Lingesan’s life which is worse than death. How Lingesan takes revenge against these powerful people in the society and did Amy knows about all these forms the rest.

At the start Santhanam contributes a few laughs and keeps things light, and Vikram, too, does no heavy lifting outside the gym. He is relaxed, charming, and he draws us to this a small person who wants to be a big with respect to his body. Shankar takes a break from his usual style of story telling and when he writes dialogs in a casual way he makes use of the efficient writers Subha.

Vikram excels throughout the movie and his years of dedication just to make the movie that much more interesting is appealing. Amy Jackson’s performance is kind of okay and one might feel that she should’ve done much more justice to her role, which is very important to the movie unlike many other Tamil movies. But her lip sync is apt and need to appreciate on that. Santhanam comes both as a comedian and as a character of a friend. Suresh Gopi has underplayed for most part of the movie and erupted to T when it’s required. Upen Patel looks classy and fits the bill perfectly as an international model. Ramkumar will remind you one of the famous personality and has provided his best.

I is a technically brilliant movie. The VFX used are executed almost perfectly in many places. PC Sreeram’s camera work supporting such graphics stands out and has an international appeal to it. His way of showing different ad’s is the best of all. AR Rahman’s songs are already chartbusters and when its seen along with the visuals it gives a good feel. Background score will definitely add accolades to his never ending list of awards. His BGM stands out as it converts an usual scene into an interesting one. Antony tried to cut short the film but at few places we can feel few shots could have been trimmed a bit.

Screenplay in the second half gets better but it also makes the audience to easily guess the remaining story. After taking many thriller and expected films, when Shankar takes a love film, its quiet normal many wont enjoy the way film proceeds but on a whole its quiet slow and steady love film where all the love revenge saga wont happen in a haywire. Vikram’s dedication and performance stands out separately in a Shankar film and in most part, certain technical aspects still try to prove its a Shankar film. Can enjoy the film if you watch without any expectations..!! 🙂