Anegan (TAMIL)


Starring: Dhanush, Amyra, Karthik, Jagan, Ashish Vidyarthi and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Written by: KV Anand, Suba    Cinematography: Om Prakash
Directed by: KV Anand

Back to back releases makes Dhanush a notable actor in this month. He comes with a film directed by KV Anand whose last film was a debacle one. He has taken his time and woven a script where he joins with Dhanush for the first time. The nation wide actor and cinematographer turned director together joins with the yesteryear heartthrob along with a debut heroine. What does this team offers..? Thats Anegan..

A complicated story line to describe in words. The film starts in Burma in 60’s, with Samudra (Amyra) falling in love with Murugappan @ Muna Roona (Dhanush). Circumstances tear them apart, but decades later Madhumitha (Amyra) who works for a gaming company, comes across the glimpses of the Burma part in her inner mind. She meets people who are rebirths of the ones she was with in Burma. Eventually, Madhu meets Ashwin (Dhanush), who looks like Murugappan. Again she comes into another episode of Kaali and Kalyani of 80’s (again Dhanush and Amyra) and what happens to her and her past and what happens to the love forms the interesting and tricky link of the film.

KV Anand is one person who always takes the help of the veteran writers Suba in all of his films which is very positive in current period of films where the script gets very much notice. A story with reincarnation and revenge reaches the level of crime oriented novel for which the writers were authors for many. The high point of the film is the strong casting and the support cast. Even though the script and screenplay is interesting the cliche part of commercial cinema is forced back into the climax where it obviously ends all good for the lead pair.

This story highly suits Dhanush and he aptly fits into the multiple role of the film sans those wigs ( 😉 ). Be it a yesteryear labor or the local goon or the current Techie he molds him very well like the clay. Once again the heroine scores very well in her debut. Amyra’s eyes emotes well and her funny mannerisms is interesting to watch. She just acts casually and comes out winning. Karthik still has the same enthusiasm and energy which he had two decades back. He is the surprise package of the film and he comes to the full in the second half of the film. Jagan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Aishwarya all does neat performance in the film’s journey. Antony’s editing is perfect and never loses the momentum from the thrill. Om Prakash varies the color code across all the story of the films and captures the bright colors in the songs. Harris’s songs are a big let down except the Danga Maari. BGM mingles well with the course of the movie.

KV’s films has some sorts of story but here the story is very much clear and crisp and thus are the dialogs by the Suba. That’s the reason he joins hands with them in all of his film right from his debut. The interesting screenplay without even a single dull moment (except it has more songs in the first half) is the plus of the film and thats where the film comes to the front. Even though the theme of reincarnation is seen in many movies this one can also be enjoyed as it has all the needed elements of a commercial fare with more amounts of thrill and suspense. KV Anand takes love this time and mixes thrill with it to give a family entertainer. Guarantee granted..!! 🙂