Maanagaram (TAMIL)

Starring: Sundeep Kishan, Shri, Regina Casandra, Charlie, Ramdoss and many more
Editing : Philomin
Music : Javed Riaz
Cinematography : Selvakumar
Directed by: Lokesh Kanagaraj

This is one film which got released with very low expectations and gained popularity over the word of mouth publicity by the normal audience. I was waiting to see this film as it had almost every one in the crew making their debut and also with not so strong cast in the film. Whats so special about the film. Lets see..

As the title suggests, movie deals with the different perspectives of people living in today’s fast-moving urban life. A youngster (Shri) with a lot of dreams comes to Chennai to take up a job in an IT firm. Then there is this care-free youngster (Sundeep Kishan), who will go to any extreme for the safety of his love (Regina Cassandra) who works as HR in the firm where Shri is about to join. We also have a soft-spoken taxi driver (Charlie) who has come to the city so that he can give better medical treatment to his son. How the lives of these four characters get hyperlinked through a kidnap that goes wrong, forms the rest of the film. This kind of plot is called as hyperlink cinema.

Hyperlink cinema is a complex theme and narrating it in an entertaining manner needs a lot of work and detailing. Any good cinema will have realism and fantasy in equal proportions. Lokesh enforces audience to get ready from the beginning and ensured they don’t miss out the thrill. All thanks to the director for his gripping and an engrossing screenplay. Shri comes up with a brilliant performance as he conveys, the shock, desperation and dejection without going overboard anywhere. Sundeep Kishan as a rugged youngster is quite apt in the action scenes and does a pretty decent job otherwise.

Regina Cassandra gets a little limited screen space,  but still manages to perform in a way that justifies casting her in the role. Charlie comes in a pretty lengthy character after a gap and he has as usual plays the part effectively. Ramdoss has given yet another hilarious performance as a naive kidnapper. He evokes laughter every time he appears on the screen and the best part is that it is his character and the way he has handled it makes us laugh. The attempt at dark humor is successful as even the way he weeps when his life is in danger, tickle our funny bones.

Special mention to the young technical crew of the movie. Music composer Javed Riaz is top form be it BGM or songs. Cinematographer Selvakumar showcased the nightlife of Chennai in a gritty manner while Philomin’s cuts have contributed for the crystal clear narration. Lokesh Kanakaraj, the man behind the product has oozed his passion and interest towards cinema and the same could be seen and felt in every frame. Finally, a definite watch for all sections of audience and not to be missed at all..!! 🙂


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