Si 3 (TAMIL)

Starring: Suriya, Anushka, Sruthi Hasan, Anoop Singh Thakur and many more
Editing : VT Vijayan – TS Jay
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : Priyan
Directed by: Hari

Sorry guys..!! Couldn’t write out the reviews of few movies which I watched in last one month (not many though). Was held up with few works so I will be writing them now. Adjust please..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The story is set in Andhra Pradesh. When Andhra Police is unable to pin down the killers of Police Commissioner of Vizag (Jayaprakash), the Home Minister (Sarath Babu) brings Durai Singam (Suriya), a cop belonging to Tamil Nadu through a special appointment to crack the mysterious case. During his investigation, Durai Singam finds that Central Home Minister’s son Vittal (Anoop Singh Thakur) who is based in Australia along with his henchman Reddy (Sarath Saxena) is shipping tons of e-waste and medical waste near Vizag. This kills many school students and it was Reddy and gang who kills the Commissioner, who had solid evidence to put them behind bars. How Durai Singam nails Vittal forms the crux of the story.

Hari is a master of commercial films. The writer in him has added all the necessary elements that would satisfy the fans. On the making side, his swift and racy narration won’t give you the time to think much and will take you through a speedy entertaining ride. Hari maintains a sense of urgency in his films from the beginning to end. Suriya, meanwhile, has brought a lot of energy to his character and is only getting better at playing Durai Singam. The average first half of the film is redeemed by the onscreen presence of Suriya.

Anushka reprises her role from the previous two versions. As usual, she has given a very reliable performance but her character could have given more importance in the movie. Sruthi Hasan mostly comes like an eye candy in the film. She plays a journalist who obviously falls in love with Durai Singam and puts herself in the harmโ€™s way. Debutant Anoop Singh Thakur looked perfect foil for the fearless cop Durai Singam. Soori’s comedy was complete let down and acts as hurdle to the proceedings. As usual there is plenty of cast in the film and they have done their part well.

Harris could have worked more on songs and his part in BGM is average. Priyan knows how to work well with Hari and has followed the same here. Vijayan and Jay’s editing is splendid. Even though not convincing to full extent, the film has addressed a serious environmental issue as well, for which the team of the movie deserves a good round of applause. Overall the film can be watched only for its famous franchise..!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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