Kodi (TAMIL)

kodi-movie-poster_147573311700Note: This is my 200th post..!! 🙂

Starring: Dhanush, Trisha, Anupama, SA Chandrasekhar, Saranya and many more
Editing : Prakash Mabbu
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : S Venkatesh
Directed by: Durai Senthilkumar

This film has marked Dhanush’s entry into the double action for the first time. As the stills and trailer showed, there is not a huge difference between the two characters except the change in the beard. Set against the backdrop of politics, film has Trisha playing the lead to Dhanush for the first time in both of their career. All these add up to a huge deal of expectations. Lets see how the Kodi is flying.

Kodi and Anbu (Dhanush) are twins born to a loyal member (Karunas) who sacrifices his life for his party. Kodi fits in his father’s dream of making it big in politics and he becomes a full-time politician against his mother’s (Saranya) wishes. Anbu grows up as an obedient son of his mother and works as a professor in a local college. Rudra (Trisha) belongs to the rival party of Kodi and she loves Kodi despite being in rival parties. When their respective parties announce Kodi and Rudra as their candidate for an by-election, power game gets intensified between the two. Who wins and what happens to their personal relationship and how Anbu is involved in this forms the rest of the story.

As we have heard many times, content is the king which is once again proved in this film thanks to the director for this. The movie works largely because of the surprise twists and turns in Senthilkumar’s script and presentation. The plot is refreshing and there are no unnecessary twists or excessive melodrama. The first half of the movie travels like a usual commercial entertainer but slowly the film turns into a classy political thriller, especially in the second half. The movie works mainly, because of the gripping good vs evil war. When that is mixed with politics the movie moves on nicely.

For an actor of his caliber, this movie is a cakewalk for Dhanush. He carries both the roles with maturity and elegance. He shines in the mass hero moments as well as the dramatic ones. He differentiates the role very well. It is hard to believe that Trisha was the one who played as Jessie, in ‘Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya‘, is the one who has played Rudra in this movie. Rarely do we see a heroine have a meaty role and Trisha gets that long-awaited opportunity. The actor plots silently and is the face of calm even in the most tense moments. It’s that rare performance that is calculated, effective and one of her career best. Anupama fits the bill as the homely girl while Kali Venkat grabs our attention as a loyal friend. Saranya, SA Chandrasehar play their parts well.

Cinematography by Venkatesh is perfect for a political drama capturing minute expressions of the actors while Santhosh Narayanan’s background score rightly sets the tense mood. Editing is perfect as it slowly paces the film when it moves to the second half. Senthilkumar, backed by his strong cast and crew, has etched the screenplay having all the commercial elements in his mind and has given a strong political thriller which works well most of the time. It is hard to imagine a movie without a strong male antagonist but here that is filled by a female antagonist who is strong enough as hero which is the major twist of the movie. Overall the movie is a well written and packaged commercial entertainer that delivers good.


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