MS Dhoni (HINDI)

msdStarring: Sushant Singh, Anupam Kher, Kiara Advani, Disha Patani and many more
Editing : Shree Narayan
Music : Amaal Malik    Background Music: Sanjoy Chowdhury
Cinematography : Santhosh Thundiyi
Directed by: Neeraj Pandey

I have never seen such a very strong response for a biopic anywhere in the near time. There were few but nothing received such a tremendous opening, thanks to the famous cricket, MS Dhoni aka Mahendra Singh Dhoni receives a splendid opening and rousing reception from the time the project was announced. Lets see how the completed film looks like.

The story moves on from Dhoni’s childhood and how he got interest in cricket, his changeover from football to cricket, his struggle in balancing his work life and his passion, his brief romance, his sincerity to the game and everything he did in life. On the cricketing side, it covers the laid-back attitude of the bureaucrats, politics of the game and Dhoni’s tenure as the captain of the team. This itself comes to three hours of film and that’s huge..!!

Neeraj has cleverly avoided controversies and subjects like his selection as the captain, his movement within the team and team spirit. The first half of the film is totally enjoyable. There are many small instances which works in the favor of the film. The finale part involving the world cup victory is entertaining and nostalgically emotional. The special effects, especially in the finale part is of top-notch. Sushant Singh is riveting as Dhoni. He’s got the body language and the cricket techniques. This movie portrays his fantastic talent as an actor.

Disha Patani looks beautiful her chemistry with Sushant is short, sweet and enjoyable. Kiara Advani is fine in her part but her character could have been developed better. Anupam Kher shows why he is still considered the best in his profession. The friends of Sushant also have performed well. Songs could have been crisp mainly the duets. Editing is crisp in first half but not in the second. Camera work shows that there was more difficulty in applying the VFX for that.

Pandey recreated the script and clearly added few main things as screenplay but it would have been even more interesting if he had got many unknown things into the picture. Given the length and substances, the film should have been a roller coaster but this seems to be like a straight road with many speed breakers in the middle. Can watch only if you love cricket and the man who got us the world cup back, MS Dhoni..!! 🙂


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