Pink (HINDI)


Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee, Kirti Kulhari, Angad Bedi and many more
Editing : Bodhatiya
Music : Shantanu Moitra
Cinematography : Abhik
Directed by: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury

After hearing many good reviews and the multiplexes adding subtitle to the movie weeks after the release made me to watch this film, finally. Daily I use to hear some nice things about this movie which held me for days in control to see this movie with subs. I saw it last week and lets see how the movie is.

This is a story of three independent girls Minal (Taapsee), Falak (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea who meets Rajveer (Angad Bedi) and his friends at a rock show. Rajveer and his friends try to take advantage of the girls and in order to escape, Minal hits him with a bottle. Days later the girls decide to file a case against Rajveer and his friends. Rajveer belongs to a political family and he files a backdated case and gets Minal arrested. Minal and friends try their level best to come out free and finally get help from a retired lawyer Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan). This leads to a trail and what happens after that forms the crux.

The first half is like a thriller, taut and tense. In a smart storytelling move, the incident is never actually shown which sparks off the chain of events in this film (not until the end credits). We must rely on the snatches of conversations, accusations, and confessions made during the course of the film to piece together what may have taken place which is a smart move. Many things have brought to the light like zero FIR, women can be released in bail though the sections are non bailable, etc. All three girls are excellent. Taapsee has the film on her shoulders and she is consistently, impressively credible. Kudos to the other two too.

Amitabh Bachchan surpasses many of his iconic performances and sets a landmark. Piyush Mishra is fantastic in his role and gives good balance to the towering performance of Amitabh. Aniruddha extracts natural performances from all his actors, and makes a meaningful film without any unnecessary commercial trappings and never once deviating from the core theme. The film is crisp and the camera work is decent as it captures the capital city as it is. Shantanu adds sadness in his BGM. Apart from its great performances, the other boosters of the movie are its taut screenplay and dialogues for which Anirudhha should be appreciated. The movie is a colorful rendering of various emotions and power packed screenplay. Should not be missed..!! 🙂


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