Pelli Choopulu (TELUGU)

Pelli-Choopulu-Posters-5Starring: Vijay Deverakonda, Ritu Varma and many more
Editing : Ravi Teja
Music : Vivek Sagar
Cinematography: Nagesh Banell
Directed by: Tharun Bhascker

This film is the one which has created a lot of buzz off late. Even I planned plenty of times to watch this but due to subtitle which was not offered during weekends I had to keep skipping this. But recently got to see this film as they made subtitles available for all days. Thank god that I watched a Telugu movie which was packed full of family. Lets see what the film is about.

Prashanth (Vijay) is aimless and currently jobless in life. His father arranges for a marriage for him and he agrees to meet Chitra (Ritu). On the day of the match making, Prashanth, Chitra and a small boy are stranded in a room, thanks to the door that gets jammed, where they were asked to talk to each other. Prashanth and Chitra talk about each other where each one talks about their past and finally Chitra tells Prashanth that she is not ready for marriage and due to her dad’s pressure she agreed to this. By the end of the conversation, they have bared their hearts, enough to become empathetic towards each other.  In come elders, who announce that they are at the wrong place. The rest is about how Prashanth decides to move on, while Chitra has other plans for themselves.

The movie has no path-breaking story line, but what makes it a cut above the rest is its nuanced narration, and neat sensibilities. Screenplay of the film is excellent in the first half. Tharun should be appreciated for making a film that has a strong female character and that deals with parents and kids issue. In fact everything has worked well for the movie right from the simple presentation of casual things happening in the house. The second half could have done away with some run time. The proceedings slow down here.

The film ultimately belongs to Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma. Vijay lives his part of an affable guy who needs to be asked to doing something worthwhile. It’s tough to think of anyone else in Ritu Varma’s role. She delivers a confident act as a career-oriented woman. Hero’s two friends are ultimate cracker who supports the film very well. All the character artistes do a very good job. Vivek Sagar’s music has hummable songs and a spot-on background score that elevates the film. Nagesh Banell’s cinematography makes the film more cuter. Production values are superb as the film looks quite rich.

A mature rom-com that can entertain both youngsters and elders. Fine performances, neat dialogue, situational humor – you name it and the movie has all. Tharun Bhascker’s effortless direction makes this film take another leap in terms of story telling. This is one film which comes as a breath of fresh air in the heavy pollution of commercial cinema. After a long time felt happy seeing a feel good beautiful movie. Thanks to Tharun. Dont miss it..!! 🙂


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