Joker (TAMIL)


Starring: Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandian, Ramasamy, Bava Chelladurai, Gayathri and many more
Editing : Shanmugam Velusamy
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography: Chezhiyan
Directed by: Raju Murugan

Raju Murugan is a well-known person in the media side. His debut film ‘Cuckoo‘ was runaway hit and it dealt with human emotions which was said very well through the main characters and the story. After many years of gap comes his second movie which is, well, named as Joker. Who is Joker and what type of person is he to his village people. Lets see how this Joker behaves.

Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is considered as a joker in his village as he treats himself as People’s President and raises voice against corruption in his locality. Mannan is mentally disturbed due to an incident that happened to his wife Malliga (Ramya Pandian), thanks to the government and its system and its loopholes. Due to the negligence of politicians and government officials, Malliga is struggling for life and is in coma. The rest of the film is an emotional roller coaster ride of Mannar Mannan and his two like-minded friends, Ponoonjal (Ramasamy) and Isai (Gayathri Krishna) as they file a petition for the mercy killing of Malliga.

Raju Murugan’s trending dialogues targeting all the political parties and flaws in the system is enjoyable in the first half whereas post intermission, the film turns emotional. This is where the film slows down a bit otherwise the movie moves smoothly which may make you smile first but if you think every smile has a truth in it. Perfect casting makes you to sit tight throughout the film. Salute to Raju Murugan who treats movies too same like as life.

Guru Somasundaram the already acclaimed actor for his performances in ‘Aaranya Kaandam’ and ‘Jigarthanda’ plays the lead and what a brilliant show of histrionics he has displayed. If he has taken efforts of acting to a new level as the suited President, he is equally captivating as the ordinary innocent worker who falls in love with a girl and hopefully pines for her even after she rejects him finally getting her. Mu Ramaswamy plays Ponoonjal the social activist with such natural elan. Ramya Pandian brings to life the local girl who adamantly rejects the hero because his house has no toilet but later slowly succumbs to his charm. Gayathri Krishna as Isai the young girl who believes in the President and Poonjalai is perfect as their spokeswoman.

Chezhiyan ‘s cinematography is a huge strength capturing the tiniest and most insignificant moments and presenting them in all their honest glory. Sean Roldan’s background score enhances every scene and so do his songs with great lyrics that are a part of the storytelling and don’t hamper it like in usual movies. Raju Murugan joins the elite list of modern-day directors who elevate Tamil cinema to international standards. His dialogues are sharp and hard-hitting. Joker is an example of pure cinema and apt example of whats happening in the state now. Hats off..!! 🙂


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