Uriyadi (TAMIL)

UriyadiposterStarring: Vijay Kumar, Mime Gopi, Chandru and many more
Editing : Abhinav Sunder
Music : Masala Coffee    Background Score : Vijay Kumar
Cinematography: Paul Livingstone
Directed by: Vijay Kumar

This film is ‘A’ certified and the certificate was procured on 1st of January 2015. Its getting released in May 2016. This shows how low the film and its star cast should be so that it did not acquire any attention from anyone until Nalan saw it and released. Though the star cast may be low but they are new as the story. Lets see what is new in this.

Four friends (Vijay Kumar, Chandru, Jeyakanth and Sivaperumal) have a great time in their college and they booze and eat at a nearby dhaba all the time. Life goes well until their brash behavior earns the wrath of the dhaba cashier and also the son of local alcohol distributor. Meanwhile the dhaba owner (Mime Gopi) uses the undying enmity for his political advantage and sketches a plan to create caste war. The rest of the film is all about whether these four college goers can stand against the wicked politicos or not.

On the surface, Uriyadi might look like a simple revenge story but Vijay Kumar has built the story on multiple layers. The mod-us-operandi is so realistic that you will definitely understand how caste based politics work in Tamil Nadu and the importance of statues in it. Director compensates all the dull moments of the film with the riveting climax that the last twenty minutes will leave lump in your throat. It doesn’t take its audience for granted and never tends to hide anything from them.

Vijay Kumar as the central character Lenin has given a good account of himself with appropriate expressions in all the scenes and especially in the climax sequences. The newcomers who play the three friends as well as every other actor have performed uniformly well. Mime Gopi is apt as the foxy caste organization leader who manipulates every member and situation to suit his ambitions. Special mention to the actor playing the drug addict Ramananthan.

Songs by Masala Coffee neatly supplements the proceedings of the film. Background score is effective and conveys the mood of the film. Paul Livingstone’s cinematography is a big plus for the movie, while editing by Abhinav Sundar Nayak is razor sharp that the short running time is huge plus. Vijay Kumar, who debuts in this film, has played the hero, written, produced and directed apart from providing the background score. Armed with a gripping and novel, screenplay, Vijay  has executed it well with minimal resources that warrants a pat on the back. Uriyadi is an example of how movies should be made – honest and uncompromising story telling..!! 🙂


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