24 (TAMIL)

24_(2016_film)_posterStarring: Surya, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Saranya,  and many more
Editing : Prawin Pudi
Music : AR Rahman
Cinematography: Tirru
Directed by: Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar’s last offering was the much celebrated ‘Manam‘ and he was tipped to remake the same film in Tamil with Surya in the lead role. But after many thoughts the duo came out with a scientific time travel thriller and that’s 24. Lets see how the travel has been.

This is the story of a watch, with which the owner can travel to the past and future and control the time. It is invented by Sethuraman (Surya), a scientist and his twin brother, Athreya wants to snatch it from him. Athreya’s quest to get the watch extends to the next generation (26 years in future) as he has to now get it from Mani (Surya) the son of Sethuraman. What happens to the watch, how it changes the lives of the three characters in the course of its travel, and who gets the watch ultimately is what it is all about.

One can easily say that films like these do not come very often. You are bound to appreciate the thought process behind Vikram Kumar’s execution of the whole project. Getting an idea like this and narrating the film in such a comprehensive manner is no joke. Right from the beginning, he engrosses you with ample thrills and entertains you big time. The screenplay is loaded with unpredictable twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The pace never slackens except for the ridiculous romantic angle.

Be it the innocent Sethuraman, monstrous Athreya or charmer Mani, Surya has given his heart and soul for all the three characters. The versatility in Surya’s body language and mannerisms are huge plus for the film. Both Samantha and Nithya doesn’t have big scope in the movie, but are adequate. Samantha is good in some of the comedy scenes too. Saranya has once again justified that she is tailor-made for lovable mother roles. The Research lab set that includes a lot of precautionary facilities created by the scientist with some beautiful designs in it including a multi-purpose cradle for the kid speaks volumes about the brilliant efforts of art direction.

Tirru has beautifully mixed Poland and Pune scenery to create the perfect outdoor action scenes which has been captured well. Prawin Pudi could have trimmed the film a little more. Rahman’s songs are big plus for the film and he scores well in the BGM of Athreya’s sequences, especially in the pre-climax portion. Vikram should be lauded a lot for taking efforts in bringing out such a brilliant screenplay through time travel and made everyone understand with ease. Keep your expectations in check and be ready to bear the lack luster love track, this will entertain you completely..!! 🙂


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