Vetrivel (TAMIL)

vetriStarring: Sasikumar, Prabhu, Mia George, Thambi Ramaiah and many more
Editing : AL Ramesh
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: SR Kathir
Directed by: Vasanthamani

Sasikumar after his daring attempt with Bala gets back to his original avatar, the feel good persona of rural type film. Family, sentiment, love with the right dosage of drama always make up a great ingredient for a good movie and the film’s trailer also proved that all these are plenty in the movie. Lets see how the film has performed.

Vetrivel (Sasikumar) is a carefree young man and his dad (Ilavarasu), a teacher by profession cannot stand him as he is a school drop out but his innocent mom (Renuka) always backs him. Vetri is madly in love with Janani (Miya George) but never expresses out. His younger brother (Anand Nag), is in love with Prabhu’s daughter, the big wig and president of a nearby village. Prabhu convinces Ilavarasu that the marriage between their kids cannot happen. But Sasikumar plans to kidnap the girl with the help of his friends (Nadodigal gang) but they wrongly kidnap another girl (Nikhila). How this becomes a huge issue and changes Vetri’s life forms the rest of the story.

Though deliberately paced, the sheer number of characters and the many twists in the otherwise predictable plot keeps you engaged. The long drawn out climax also tests your patience. Sasikumar hasn’t changed much from his earlier films, he repeats the same mannerisms, dialogue delivery and body language but it suits this rural entertainer. Other than Sasikumar, Vetrivel belongs to the bunch of character artists including Prabhu, Ilavarasu, Viji Chandrasekar and Renuka. AnanthNag comes as a faithful brother and Miya George fills her role with cute expressions. The interesting of whole cast is the use of Thambi Ramaiah and his timely comedy.

Technically, Kathir’s camera captures the essence of rural beauty and Imman’s background score warrants mention. The length, which mars the pace, needs a bit trimming. Though the movie moves with cliché parts, it is a neat family drama which will entertain with its clean content and engaging rural screenplay. Can enjoy once..!! 🙂


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