Kapoor and Sons (HINDI)

KapoorStarring: Rishi Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhat, Ratna Pathak and many more
Editing : Shivkumar
Music : Amaal Mallik, Badshah, Arko, etc    Background Score : Sameer Uddin
Cinematography: Jeffery F Bierman
Directed by: Shakun Batra

Another hindi film which I watched with the help of subtitles. The only point in seeing this film is that it’s widely been in news on its plot and also on how Rishi Kapoor looks so artificial in his makeup. Man that’s disaster to see him as such. Also this film is one of the many multi starrers that comes in Bollywood. So come lets peep into these Kapoor’s.

90-year-old Amarjeet Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor) stays with his son Harsh Kapoor (Rajat Kapoor) and daughter-in-law Sunita Kapoor (Ratna Pathak Shah). One day Amarjeet Kapoor gets heart attack and his grand sons Rahul (Fawad Khan) & Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra), who are staying abroad, returns back. The family reunites after a long gap and along with the family bonding many other internal issues keep emerging, due to which fights and heated arguments takes place between all of them. Amarjeet’s final wish is to have a photo consisting of all his family members and ‘Kapoor & Sons’ written below it. But quarrels, inner desires, dark secrets and romance come in between Amarjeet’s dream and that’s what the entire film is all about.

There’s a strong Karan Johar impression on the film, but that was expected. With several parallel tracks running through, Shakun Batra crafts a refreshing tale of family problems and the art of sweeping them under the carpet. A special mention for the scene where a plumber gets unwillingly stuck in a family fight and leaves everyone in splits. The nuances in the story are reflected brilliantly in all aspects of the film from the performances to the technical aspects like production design, music, editing and photography.

Rishi Kapoor is cute and charming. Every scene of his enhances the viewing experience. Fawad Khan is intense and perfect for his character. Sidharth Malhotra lends good support. Alia Bhatt is lovable in her parts. Rajat Kapoor is soulful. Ratna Pathak Shah is marvelous. Together Rajat and Ratna acts like the main pillars of the film. Jeffery F Bierman’s camera captures the essence of Coonoor in the best way possible. The music is soothing. This is a decent, neat and a clean family drama which will be loved and connects with everyone who loves films from this genre. Nice watch..!! 🙂


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