Pichaikaran (TAMIL)

Pichaikaran-Movie-Latest-PosterStarring: Vijay Antony, Satna Titus, Bagavathi Perumal, Muthuraman and many more
Editing : Veera
Music : Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Prasanna Kumar
Directed by: Sasi

Vijay Antony once again have chosen a title which is peculiar and no one will ever even give a thought of. Also he joins hands with Sasi, the expectations were high. Inspired by a real life story he has provided this film. Lets see how the film has fared.

Arul (Vijay Antony) is a multi-millionaire and his only worry is his deceased mother, who is bedridden. After months of treatment, Arul loses all hope. When Arul approaches a saint, he tells him to forsake his name, wealth and securities and beg for a living for 48 days in return for his mother’s life. The rest of the film is all about how Arul adapts himself to the new environment and how his offering cures his loved one. Of course, the film has an other branch of stories like a mental healthcare facility conducting illegal clinical trials on hapless patients, and a money-grubbing uncle out to cheat him off his inheritance and also cute romance with Magizhini (Satna).

Sasi’s forte has been selecting a story with human values and emotions and creating powerful scenes with touching dialogues. He has once again proved it in this film too. The film definitely sheds some light into the real lives of the beggars and also deals with their problems. Getting inspired by a real story, Sasi has packaged the film as a good commercial package, with equal dosage of sentiment, romance, action and comedy. All the areas have worked out decently.

Vijay Antony’s success lies in the fact that he picks up scripts and plays to his strength. Be it the suave business tycoon who later turns a beggar, he gets his emotions right and scores for most part of the film. Satna plays a typical good heroine role. Bhagavathy Perumal as the friend cum manager of Vijay Antony gives a neat performance. The actors who performs as beggars are a scream. Cinematography by Prasanna Kumar elegantly capture the streets of Chennai and Veera’s editing is sharp.

Even though the motherly sentiment touches the border of cliché, it seems like to have worked out in the end. The pace also suffers post interval, but the climax makes it up. Overall this is another neat attempt by Sasi and Vijay Antony which is high on human values. The beggar deserves the penny..!! 🙂


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