Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (TAMIL)


Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Madonna Sebastian, Samuthirakani and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Directed by: Nalan Kumaraswamy

Nalan and Vijay created a sensation in their previous flick which catapulted them to stardom overnight and gave a new lease of life for the young gen people. They are back again with this flick which is based on Korean movie ‘My dear Desperado’. Lets see how they have provided us this film.

Kathir (Vijay Sethupathi) is a wannabe rowdy, whose only aim is to own a bar. He has just now back from prison life and it was for his area councilor, who promised him to provide him a life. Yazhini (Madonna Sebastian) loses her IT job during recession and due to financial crisis, she stays in the small flat opposite Kathir. The rest of the film is all about how these two people with drastically different dreams gel with ease and develop a liking for each other.

Kudos to Nalan for opting for a film as realistic and subtle like this. This is a film that you need to see with a clear mind, with a laid back attitude and a little patience too. One of the main reasons why this film works is because of its central characters. While Vijay Sethupathi turns even an ordinary scene into a laugh riot, Madonna makes an impressive debut. Since the movie revolves around its lead pair, supporting actors have limited screen space and yet Samuthirakani makes his presence felt with a superlative extended cameo.

Santhosh Narayanan elevates each and every scene with his soulful score. Dinesh’s camera has captured Chennai in a different shade. Leo’s editing could have done better. Everything has been handled with subtleness and that seems to be the unique attribute of Nalan. Overall its a classy romantic less rom-com which can be given a miss if you are an entertainment seeker. If not watch it for the lead pairs..!! 🙂


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