The Revenant (ENGLISH)


The film is set in 19th century where revenge is best served and deserved in the forest. This is the story of man hunting on the Missouri which is attacked by a bear and considered dead by the booth open. When he starts to travel and left for dead by his party of fur trappers. There’s no deeper subtext within the film, even though visually the film poses to present something deeper.

Glass (DiCaprio) spends most of his time in agony, being angry, hungry and thirsty. The Oscar is well deserved because he does it all without any dialogue. The Revenant works as a film on men and their offspring, as a good old vengeance film and man against nature. Lubezki’s sublime camerawork that is impressive. The film is brilliantly mounted, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its flaws; the passage of time isn’t entirely clear, leaving it to look like Glass healed from his wounds overnight.

The film is aimed to create a sensory experience, which it does. If taken at face value, its linear structure could be deemed meaningless. Gore and bloody violence aside, it’s an effort driven by performance and effects. Leo you deserve this at least for this film..!! 🙂


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