Visaranai (TAMIL)

Visaranai-movie-stills-2Starring: Dinesh, Samuthirakani, Kishore, Murugadoss and many more
Editing : Te Kishore
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: S Ramalingam
Directed by: Vetrimaran

In recent times, Tamil films are very much looked up in the film festival circuit and that is the best medium to promote the film not only to your audience but also globally. ‘Kaaka Muttai‘ did that and from the same producers comes this film which created flutter when it was screened in Venice. Also the director is back after 4 years since his last film which bagged the coveted National award which also added to the expectation. Lets interrogate the movie now.

The movie is about four guys from Tamilnadu who stays in Guntur, Andhra and does odd jobs. Pandi (Dinesh) works in a provision store and sleeps in the park nearby along with his three friends. On a fateful morning, they are picked up by police and taken to the station and brutally beaten up for a crime which they are not aware of. This is because of a robbery which takes place at the Brindavan Colony, Guntur and the police officials are under a lot of pressure to close the high-profile case. Their only clue to this crime is that the miscreants spoke Tamil fluently. But to their luck, a special team from Chennai headed by Murugavel (Samuthirakani) comes to their rescue as they are present in Andhra to arrest a high-profile auditor (Kishore). What happens to these four boys and what is the link between Kishore and Chennai police forms the rest.

What makes the movie truly terrifying is the knowledge that the plot is not the result of someone’s imagination but is based on true incidents. Unarguably, this is one of the most powerful and hard-hitting stories told in recent times. Every scene hits you on the face and repeatedly reiterates that nothing is bigger than the system. The director cleverly exposes how the higher powers use the police force and civilians as pawns for their own gains. Even their own colleagues are being used as scapegoat is what which proves through the film.

Dinesh and Murugadoss shine throughout with their perfect portrayal of helpless guys. Samuthirakani is in his usual element as a police officer and he is emerging as one of the bankable character artist in the industry. Kishore underplays the role of a suave auditor who is caught off guard. Ajay Ghosh as the inspector in Andhra is a menace. Apart from these major characters, all the other people create a lasting impression such as the senior constable Ramdoss in the Chennai station and the encounter specialist. GV Prakash kills it with haunting BGM that sets the perfect mood.

Every moment of their pain, torture and humiliation has been realistically captured by cameraman Ramalingam, which was brilliantly edited by Late Kishore. The film runs just about 2 hours. Vetrimaran clearly says this movie depicts the harsh realities of life and he has made sure that every scene stays with you long after you leave the theatre. The movie isn’t preachy or never tries to debate on anyone, but it tries its best to portray that such incidents happen everywhere and affect the naive. This is an engaging unadulterated cinema at its purest form and is a must watch for all fans of good cinema..!! 🙂


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