Aranmanai 2 (TAMIL)

Aranmanai 2 Movie 2016 New Year Wishes Posters


Starring: Sidharth, Hansika, Trisha, Sundar C and many more
Editing : Srikanth NB
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar UK
Directed by: Sundar C

Ok… This is the film which I was forced to see without a cent of interest. When you know how the film will be then it will be tough to watch. As my other choices of movies were not accepted by my friends I was made a scapegoat. Anyhow lets see how the film is.

This is not a sequel of ‘Aranmanai‘ as this is a new story. Murali (Sidharth) and Anitha (Trisha) are happily engaged and Murali’s father (Radharavi) is in coma stage as he fell from the terrace (yes the ghost pushed him). Anita’s brother (Sundar C) finds out the reason of the ghost who is Maya (Hansika). What happens to Maya in the flashback is the reason of the ghost to attack back. What happens after that is the so-called end. The plot is about the restless spirit of a wronged woman yearning for revenge. But this one is more predictable, with hardly any twists and turns.

The first half kind of drags through with a predictable screenplay which is almost similar to the film’s previous version. The comedy portions also makes you to laugh just here and there. The VFX is rather ordinary and the film is loaded with annoying horror clichés. The actors breeze through their performances without breaking a sweat, though none stand out. The second half is trying to find a route to come to the ending which makes you to sleep. Sidharth is wasted in the movie. Trisha’s glamorous side takes over the actress in her. Hansika on the other side is brilliant in her cameo.

Cinematographer Senthil Kumar’s angles captures the scenes well but much cannot be attributed to the songs. BGM’s are good at times. Hiphop Tamizha just passes in this type of film. Sundar C as usual given his best in all the departments of the film. But neither the script, nor its characters or its actors have much to offer in this horror comedy that is totally devoid of any scary moments. Wait for the TV premiere..!! 🙂


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