Thaarai Thappatai (TAMIL)

Tharai-Thappattai-Movie-Posters-1Starring: Sasikumar, Varalakshmi, RK Suresh, GM Kumar and many more
Editing : G Sasikumar
Music : Ilayaraja
Cinematography: Chezhiyan
Directed by: Bala

After the tale of enslaved tea workers of the pre-independence era, Bala takes up the cause of folk artists in this film. The movie released among many expectations mainly because of the maestro’s 1000th film and totally different star cast of the film. Lets see what the film offers.

Sannasi (Sasikumar) is a great folk artist, and he leads a troop of folk artists. The star attraction of the troupe is Sooravali (Varalakshmi), a fiery, bold, outspoken girl with a heart of gold. Sooravali loves Sannasi and she will go to any extent to get his attention. Saanasi is also smitten by her but does not admit it. When he is ready to propose, her mom arranges her marriage with Karuppaiah (RK Suresh), who introduces himself as a driver to the district Collector. After one year, Sannasi comes to know that Karrupaiah is actually a pimp and Sooravali’s life is in danger. What happens later forms the rest.

Kudos to Bala for showing the plight of the folk artists. While the first half promises so much the second half is a total let down as the screenplay does not click well. Varalakshmi is the star of the show with a standout performance. She is extraordinary as Sooravali, as she plays with confidence and doesn’t miss a beat. Sasikumar is completely at home in this self-sacrificing character. GM Kumar acts well and he gives what is required. RK Suresh on debut as the villain is apt and the supporting cast are all uniformly good.

Maestro Ilayaraja’s music is divine. It is the biggest positive of this film along with performances. Chezhiyan’s cinematography is raw and callous. While movie is full of blood and gore, the biggest drawback of this film is its second half, where the climax reminds you of all other Bala flicks. Not sure why he chooses the ending of all his flicks like this. Though the flick does not offer much to think its enjoyable to some extent, thanks to Bala’s writing. The film has all the elements of Bala and even the climax reflects the same which is the odd point of the film, otherwise its a good one to watch..!! 🙂


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